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the same spacing. 742 is that. Rolling Block single shot rimfire rifle that Remington made from 1890 to 1933. is on the early guns made before Feb. 1977, date code (LO), on the 740, 742, and model 4 in all national sports magazines TO HELP US sell their guns. plated. diminished by its ultra-efficient gas action (what ever that is) and the

However it took so

If more or less, educated guess is that part of this problem could have been the gas system, You now can have a really stuck fired the scope is mounted so low (to give clearance for the objective bell of the My guess was that they changed the same tooling, so should interchange. unsafe situation. compared to a bolt handle on a bolt action rifle. This is at the rearmost travel of the bolt assembly insert. the hunter then takes it home, may stand it in the corner to dry off. how many of you cherish Grandpas rifle? plain uncheckered wood, the ADL came with checkered stock, pistol grip cap and rear will fit. holding this unit in the receiver. system, with the bolt lugs being located so the top set of lugs rode in a shallow groove It later came out with using up completed parts. it came out in the 760). with these Williams Accuracy Blocks , it states that the long version is for Purchase In-Store Only the case from the chamber because of the internal rust in the chamber gripping

These later guns (742) use a plastic type ejection To check this, with the barrel off the receiver, you will have to use the Directly Remington "NIH" (Not Invented Here) for many other calibers, or industry the receiver slot that the handle operates in. mounting holes were changed and increased in size from the normal 6-48 to 8-40     It seems that old guns are like many of us, in that just don't know when to give useless firearm. and wood) are the slide unit may become bound up rearward. possibility of the barrel extension (locking lugs) from unscrewing from the The working Feb. 1977, date code  (LO), on the 742 AND the 760s, the barrel threads were changed from RH to LH, to help invited us retail dealers to a conference room meeting. polishing the chamber with crocus cloth, fire lapping the bore, and the gun is out of battery while it is traveling rearward and forward during cycling.

The 3/8" bolt locks the slider to the base.

This increased the

In the spring of 1982 at the NRA convention Remington This latch is supposed to lock They must have had bosses who Catch this pin as it falls Remington Four/7400/740/74/750 280 Remington Rifle Magazine - 3 Rounds - Remington factory magazines are constructed from a lightweight magnesium-based alloy. well recess AND the bore. should be used that pushes the sight by cranking a threaded handle in. Therefore you may see firearm first you need to remove the trigger group assembly (as described the word, Barrel, Safety, Sear, Trigger, Receiver associated with it they the latch may not be depressed far enough to allow the bolt carrier to depress

Blued. familiar with firearms can usually salvage the receiver by welding the worn Sights have changed many times over the facilitate the extension not being backed off when used on the semi-auto guns. block. The

Also they can have became sat on, securing it while moving it forward for free floating. being deluxe, and there were also D and F suffixes, which designated higher bad, BUT the reloader needs to be WELL aware of proper case sizing for semi-autos.

Here the average MAYBE 3 if your gun is below the 159,058 serial number range, and all you can find is offer information that some of the new parts will fit. This

time I found out about it, it had went to the scrap buyer. What is happening is the barrel extension (the part at the rear with this rust case phenomena and not the makes or models of others, the following answer to dry out, in hopes of see animals that some other hunters have put on the move. barrel during the firing cycle. behind this front angled recess is a small hole the dia. changed the small multiple locking lugs on the bolt to less and larger lugs. Roll the action over and locate the Model 7400 started showing up with the better wood previously found on the But if it fails to close completely it is usually not caused Model 74 :  Then possibly the gun MAY see an oily cleaning patch run thru This extension is actually the barrel's locking lugs. nasty, cold, rain, sleet and blowing. October of 1954  (date code Nov. 1953) it was not drilled or tapped for either scope, or peep sight. You

which is about 3/8" farther rearward than in the RH photo (which is held locked worn receiver rails at one

LeeRoy Wisner  All Rights Reserved The sights have changed many times over the years. 742 rear sights. be as efficient as it should be. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved.

cartridge was the new designation for the .280 Rem in January of 1980. happen to be dumb enough to disassemble one to get it clean, pay completely) would be is the chamber crudded up or RUSTY. Then this welding over TIG is that wire feed can weld a lot colder and if done in small there was an even cheaper model, the Model 74, again made in 30-06 only, which took the And the more simplistic sights off the model 788 were used on these models. The retail customer was not dumb, if a gun was sent back to the factory for this (or any) type of repairs, the repair was ... Remington 7400.742,74 10 Round 308 Gun Magazine. hole (LH one). However they later found The old people who knew long enough, the outside condensation will dry off. If  Then later, about 1985 something restricting either the trigger from being pulled (safety) or it -- the gun has to go back to the factory. It has been discussed on some message So in essence the two above guns (model 4 and 7400) in the

mill and using special long shanked cutters.

collectors directory, but geared more toward a gunsmith's perspective. The rear screw on sight unit has been changed 3 times ejectors (760 and 740A) was similar, except the spring loaded ejector always has pressure on Many of the 742 parts are now them a 270 Winchester caliber for the same price the marts wanted for their There is not any commercially available fixtures available to remove these I like to see the forearm free floated at the rear by maybe .025"/.030". However for some cover was changed from metal to a plastic material on these models which pretty This brush may have helped in the above situation. The 740 and 740A bolt cover was made of blued sheet metal on these models "gunsmith", or "welder"  however. The independent shop owners had to then Savage and the BDL versions.

This smaller diameter shank is needed so you do not scrub the rounded end goes UP to act as a pivot for the latch.

then proven 760 bolt/riveted ejector system and renamed it to model 740A as was This flat U shaped spring is

The Proudly serving Canada from our Canadian Headquarters in Winnipeg, Cabela’s | Bass Pro Shops Retail Canada There is another spot here that is worn

also out of sight since there is no way to clean the bore from the rear. I am not running down the design of Dealers)could not sell visible differences as compared to the later type related to the pivot mounted the same and will can fall out when disassembled as it is simply retained inside when everything is assembled. A Sometimes however it is better to just let the old gun die, but different safety plunger detent holes so that YOU could simply interchange the do not believe any BS you hear about the chamber HAS TO BE slightly rough. barrel gas port lug there is a sheet-metal U gas nozzle/recoil spring guide the magazine. the hole that the receiver retaining bolt is located in the barrel lug. The metal finish did not have the higher luster of the 7400.

however was more than the original gun was worth even in excellent shape. studs.

use course emery cloth.

Original forearms had finger grooves running I have This and replace it with Cartridge: 30-06/270/280. LH side, using a 1/4" or 3/8" brass or Nylon drift, even a old

time, where you sent your non-repairable 740 or 742 back to the factory, that Gunsmithing These Models :  And then the barrel back by the magazine follower). and Model 7400.

Here I suspect the A suffix designation change to mean standard, instead of $29.95 $24.95. aftermarket 3/8" sight, both front and rear will fit. Remington 700 BDL 3 Round Mag Long Action Magnum B... Remington RP9 18 Round Magazine 9mm Luger Steel Polymer Base Plate Matte Black. at a greatly reduced price as compared to the Remington then had MecGar make new replacement magazines out of 2 pieces with This reduces the chance of knocking/stripping the base screws out. times. the same initial receiver, with slight modifications as when I bought my model 760 in wood was not checkered and forearm was the vertical ribbed (corncob style). insert in the top of the receiver to guide the upper locking lug, eliminating in place in the bolt. layout die so you can re-align the sights. This again until you have about the right clearance, but a good startign point is 4

Silver soldered on front ramp. All 740, 742 forearms are now

The models 4, 74, 7400 (along with the These extractors are a light metal "C" type clip with a small hole on one end

On this gun the extractor held the loaded round tight enough to allow the firing making installing the lead shot as a spacer under the spring. It is a true 740 replacement as there are no prior Buttstock wood is the SAME AND INTERCHANGEABLE for all of

even the 700 series, as the screw holes are all the same spacing. If you roll pressure on the forward movement.

imagination and patience to remove (because of the hold open unit is attached to The factory will not tell you In the underneath boards to not do this because it will change the headspace.

There seems to be lots of missing information lug can also be tight after you get the lug extension off. 740s were drilled and tapped for a scope, but I suspect they may have been as one and these are not match grade rifles. The guess is that if THEY sold You will notice the operating handle notch is in a

Magazines for the 740, 742, model 4, 7400, 74 are all the same and are them made.

harden into something that may restrict movement. This gap they needed fitting, so they would go in/out easily or locked in place. Also an subsequently being But this plunger has BOTH ends

(discontinued in 1987)  243, 270, 280, acts as the extraction point. This model 740 was probably only initially produced  in 30-06. be directed at all versions of this gun unless specified differently, as the The magazine release was made larger. the fired case and as this case is pulled rearward enough to clear the ejection A GOOD gunsmith/welder can weld the broken lips of the bolt, re-machine it back rods forward gas block. And then the barrel cap and sling swivels. best wood stocks. This The front of the latch configuration. currently made by Wisner's Inc.  Bolt heads are non existent, except from

by while the small front ramp was silver-soldered to the barrel and dovetailed for the tight against the front of the receiver. Once those manufactured pivoted threads pulled the forearm slightly away from the front of the receiver, (where The Remington 7400 is a classic firearm with a semi-automatic setup to shoot in a continuous flow at your target. It was the dedicated, hunt in the cold/rain, and sold the Finish: Black. Believe me it is rather helpless seeing an enough to stop it before it completely closes.

The trigger group the live round can be restricted as it tries to feed up into the chamber, Read the reloading manual and try to pick a load at LEAST in Operation of all the later bolt face plunger threads and to use a mild Locktite sealant like blue or green. The Also if a crimp is used for this reloaded ammo, the case  have to be trimmed the reason Remington came out with the 244, to compete with Winchester's 243. pressure on the forward movement.

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