redapple net mod sims 4

3)  Tell a Joke to the Boss - I would.... except I don't seem to have one. Fixed LEUI which was generated when talking to Boss, Fixed Boss's  icon on the relationship panel, Fixed LE which was generated when Sim asked Boss about career, Fixed all leftover text from Doctor career (hopefully), Fixed empty text of Boss phone call when your Sim is late for work, Offer Massage interaction should appear and work for everyone now, The problem with a missing headset was fixed. By and if you still do not find the solution to your problem, message me on the Discord in RedAppleNet_channel.

Extract files from the .zip file. This mod overrides a few in-game CAS and Build items, but it shouldn’t conflict with anything. I placed the RedAppleNet Venue into the game, but the lot shows incomplete. I tried just hand making a male and putting them in the non managed households list but no luck. Well Flitter! So yeah, first day on the job went poorly. hello, However, this company doesn't have the best reputation, so climbing career ladder will be virtually impossible. This mod overrides a few in-game CAS and Build items, but it shouldn’t conflict with anything. - Fixed compatibility issues with new Patreon version of Wicked Whims. 'Clean' interaction for the desk should be available only on the first level of the career now. So If you use one of these mods delete their VenueList and keep just KsuihuhVenueList. But my Lounge and Photography Studio venues are now messed up. (Player can sit at it and use it). one of my sims asked him about his career and now his info card is gone but that was no big deal. EDIT>>> I did remove KW to test this, but only because I did not want the distractions while I figured this one out. Yes, there are other mods which seem to be breaking due to the new version of WW.

But during the day's objectives while messing with the boss, my toon can never give a massage to him.

Does this still apply with yesterday's LL (public) update of WW? Okay Thank you for saying that. Unfortunatelly I have to give you a not very good feedback about what's happening... your RedApple mod stopped to work properly after I updated wickedwhims (maybe could it be a coincidence, but I guess it stopped after that). 'Offer  Massage'  Task was replaced with 'Ask Risky Question' task, Fixed problem with inability to go to work with Sim. Now there should be just one Video Chat Operator on the lot, so the one office with computer will always be free for your Sim. Any ideas? From screens I see in this threads I presume the front desks does not have a computer but adding one for each of those side offices would make it 11/10. The only way for me to make the lot complete is to remove EVERYTHING, which, I imagine, would make it hard to participate in workday tasks. Make sure that Script Mods are enabled in your game. You can find all objects required in the venue requirements, BUT you need to use specific chairs since some NPCs are anchored to them! Fixed some grammar and spelling mistakes that were pointed out to me. Interaction 'Ask for bigger Salary' will improve your work performance and give you a money bonus if successful. - Fixed compatibility issues with new Patreon version of Wicked Whims. On 5/3/2020 at 5:41 PM, l0ngdickj0hns0n said: RedAppleNet 1.1.4c -Part-time Active Career - October 14, 2020. When it's fixed, will I still have access to ALL of Little Ms Sam's venues, including the holiday home? I love this one,  only needs big payments xd, thats why girls do porn money.. usually a rent from a big mansion its 72.000 per week. completely empty, no boss or employees, so someone can tell me how to get a boss and independent employees. DO NOT PUT THE .TS4SCRIPT FILE MORE THEN ONE FOLDER DEEP IN YOUR MODS FOLDER!!! Ideally if there is any limiting criteria that needs to be met for the boss to spawn, I'd love to know. ( I hope...). I've placed the venue, and while it HAS all the required components, for that venue type, the build menu insists it doesn't. Trash cans will always contain the trash during the workday of the first level of the career. unfortunately MCCC has now decided to have that guy marry my sims sibling causing the game to lockup when i open the family tree. And it's not just those items, it's basically everything--computers, workout equipment, fridge, microwave, etc. It's up to you to discover all of its features.Some installation steps are quite intricate so, please check out Important Notes or ChangeLog. EDIT >> Did you just go to build mode, and pick a I think 30x20 lot and I guess do the "bb.enablefreebuild" and drop it furnished and all, and was it shown as venue is RedAppleNetOffice? I couldn't access the Discord server mentioned in the first post for some reason so I'll try here! Tiny House Residential or whatever it is called from Tiny LIving doesn't appear with this mod installed. It also lists the only "problem" as 9/10 computers, from what I can see the only desks that do not have them are the front desk and the two side offices, either side of the boss room, 1 being in the shot above. Updated for Patch and 'Discover University' Expansion Pack. Hello, first I want to congratulate you for the awesome MOD, and thank you for it, I already had a lot of fun with it. So here's my problem.

'Take the Day Off' interaction was moved to the Work category on the phone. This is a short description of the mod and its features. Fixed bug which caused white and red skin because of missing headset. This one, this mod, and this one are another among the incredibly useful, must-have mods within the greater umbrella of Sims 4 mods. To do this, go to Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods. And don't forget to put computer on the front desk for Receptionist! This is the information I get: Broken/Outdated mod is importing the 'turbolib2.wrappers.interaction.interaction_data' module. I hope it will solve your problem. At first I clicked go to work and my sim disappeared as if they were going to a normal job, so the next time I actually traveled to the Lot before work and then clicked go to work, and that was when I saw no employees were there.

Did you enable bb.moveobjects cheat before placing? I hit 'go to work' button, but my Sim don't do anything. 6. I got that issue as well, but the only missing PC was at the reception desk in front of the entrance where one of the junior office coordinators sit.

Make sure you have only one VenueList in your Mods folder. Finally getting around to trying this for the first time, using the premade custom lot. You can download the Venue in download section or.

You can download the Venue in download section or here. I 'm not sure if this is going to work, or why I'm getting that message. Compatible Version of the Game somehow my game really doesn't like the Boss.

RedAppleNet 1.1.8 - Update for Game Patch - June 4th, 2020, Compatible with Game Version Didn't notice it until I installed the new update. Hello. DO NOT USE VERSION 1.1.2c WITH PUBLIC VERSION OF WICKED WHIMS. Is this the problem? I will add it back later. I reread the rules and the issue fixed itself. I had the script one layer too deep. Failure: 'WW_RedApple_Strip_OnlinePerform' (WW_RedApple_Strip_OnlinePerform) (ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'turbolib2.wrappers.interaction.interaction_data'; 'turbolib2.wrappers.interaction' is not a package). It's all my fantasy and fanfiction. When the time to work comes, it asks me if I want to send my sim to work or go with him, if I send, it works normally, but if I want to go with him, the menu of work appears, but he stay at home, and won't do anything until the work time ends. This mod adds Part-time Active Career in the cybersex company. Mods is a shortened term for game modifications. You will spend your day having sexy conversations with clients in the chat rooms and on the phone and maybe even have personal video sessions. I am wondering is it exclusive to game version, and could some people be having problems using a slightly older version. They just work at home.

However, being a highly customizable game, The Sims 4 gives its players an opportunity to add mods … 3. However so far I have not seen a LE yet! It's easy! This mod adds Part-time Active Career in the cybersex company.

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