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, while at the same time making it feel cliched. On the other hand, I thought there was a terrific UNdressing the part, which would also be the revolution scene in a society story, where in a small act of rebellion Ana leads the other workers to take off their outer clothes and be comfortable. Valerie: The obligatory scenes and conventions of the global genre need to be on the page (or on the screen in this case) and they exist to satisfy audience expectations. Furthermore, the force of antagonism needs to have a point. There were reasons we mentioned in class why she did not want her daughter to go to college, which was not being familiar with the whole procedure or they just want her to stay home.

Her status within the family does shift (from the one who is only fit for sweeping floors for free, to the only one who rising above her socio-economic standing). Did she write about herself, her life, her family? Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Directed Discussion/Reading Reflection (Border Film Project). I was not too thrilled with the love story but I can see it as part of the overall Maturation internal genre. The human need for esteem includes several ingredients, like the respect of others, but I think internal acceptance is a necessary prerequisite for external respect to make a real difference. There’s a theory in storytelling circles called. They dance as they finish the dress order.

Ana’s grandfather also only wants what is best for her but also tells her that “he has found his gold in Ana.”, : The big social problem that Ana has to deal with is class but not other races bringing her down but her own family holding her back, especially her mother, Carmen, who wants Ana to work in the factory to help her sister Estela. Torn between her mainstream ambitions and her cultural heritage, she agrees to work with her mother at her sister’s downtown LA sewing factory. Ana convinces him. The protagonist, Ana, starts in a working-class immigrant family that places a low value on education, and ends up at an Ivy League university. In our research into internal genres, Leslie and I have noticed that when you have internal genre as global, often there is more than one external genre that supports it, and often each individual external genre is less robust than we’re used to seeing. Take a look at the modeling world - most of those women only have "curves" because they've starved themselves skinny and their bones are sticking out. Did she write about herself, her life, her family? Great blog post! If we were to say the two represent all Latina or Chicana mothers and daughters, we would be ignoring the portrayals like the one in RWHC. of Mentor, best suited to, say, an Internal genre story? This tension is perfectly captured in this movie. We have embraced different body types for regular people we see, but when someone is on television we still want them to have the “pretty face”. Create a free website or blog at

The conventional Obligatory Scenes for a Status Story follow the Hero’s Journey, but in this particular story, Ana’s journey  fits within the Virgin’s Promise better. I think the portrayal of the family could relate to different types of cultures, especially the relationship with Ana and her mother. In the Hero’s Journey, the protagonist faces fears and moves out into the larger world to help his community. However, after the factory scene turning point (where Ana liberates the workers), she now liberates herself by making up her own mind about her future. She recognizes that they will both meet people while in college. Get 1:1 help now from expert Psychology tutors Ana works on her personal essay and takes it to Mr. Guzman, but she also starts seeing Jimmy as she continues to work at her sister’s dress factory. Who makes the decisions? Ana challenges her mother’s values and owns her own by stripping down to her undergarments in the heat in the factory. Middle Build –  When offered a scholarship for college, Ana must again decide whether she’ll attend, or whether she’ll continue to help her family by working at the factory. Mr. Guzman comes to the family home and lets Ana know she’s been accepted to Columbia with a full scholarship. ( Log Out /  She was on her case 24/7, whether it was criticizing her sexuality, her body (even though we discussed how “gordita” can be a term of endearment), and her attitude. It represents a tool she can use to grow into her true nature. Ana tells her English teacher, Mr. Guzman, she’s not going to college and that he should help someone else.

Women are placed under much more pressure than men to look a certain way, and to make their appearance a priority. Ana’s mother stays in her room and won’t speak to Ana (Ana is effectively banished from her mother’s presence), but she leaves for college anyway. For some of you this may have been the first time you have seen a movie centered around the lives of Chicana/o-Latina/os in the U.S.

What constitutes a mentor?

Ana lives at home with her parents and is dependent on them financially and socially. The shift in Ana is so small, it’s nearly flat and that’s not what you want in an internally-driven story. If you look at pictures of America from the time of RWHC and then at more recent pictures, you can see that societal pressures of being thin have definitely influenced her. Had they taken off their clothes and focused on how each woman is beautiful despite their “flaws”, then I believe that it would have made more of an impact. Ana asks her father for his blessing (not permission) to attend Columbia, and he gives it freely. Mr. Guzman drops by the Garcia family home and tells her parents that he’d like to see Ana continue her education and that she has great potential. So many celebrities are already so thin, yet get the label of being curvy because they have different proportions. What led you to decide this was not a Society/Domestic secondary genre? I love the point you make! This is a story that’s been told throughout all of time. So here we have society-domestic and a small love story subplot. The part in which she got the dress of her own really showed that she was accepted not only of herself but by those around her. Although Leslie makes a great case for it being a mini-plot story, with opinions about Ana’s situation expressed by a range of different characters, the single POV and linear structure retain the feeling of a simple arch-plot, or single, clear arc from failure to success. “Real Women Have Curves” was an interesting movie. The Status genre is a powerful one for “not falling into the same old groove.”. It just showed that Latina’s believed that their own bodies didn’t live up to the expectations of what they had been taught to recognize as beautiful, and instead of setting their own standard, they were defeated.

As the film addresses body image, I think it is important to encourage all people, but especially young women, to take care of their bodies and not allow the “every size is beautiful” thought process to excuse unhealthy behaviors and lifestyles. The story is entirely in Ana’s POV: she’s in virtually every scene and we experience the whole story through her eyes. However, they do have to be there. Also the convention of “the vanquished are doomed to exile” is played out here by her mother who chooses to exile herself, by leaving the room as well as by staying in her room when it’s time for Ana to leave. Raul makes a half-hearted attempt, but backs down pretty quickly. We'll contact you shortly.

Health needs to be explained as a feeling, a wellness, and a way of life; not as an appearance or a way to become “skinny”. I think it goes hand in hand with being part of American Media and the social pressures that are associated with it. 1; Success! How many other sweatshops have been in the same place only to go out of business? Ana’s sister, Estela, also has a nuanced position. I would also be interested in knowing more about Carmen’s life and what events in her life caused her to have such strong and jaded views on so many topics such as the ones that were presented in this movie.

The Status genre runs along a value range of Failure to Success.

When Ana’s mother refuses to speak to her, Ana must decide whether she’ll leave for New York without a maternal blessing, or stay home. Furthermore, though America Ferrara did decide to slim down a little, she was realistic about it. Because girls have the tendency to become their mothers, and it was already mentioned in the movie how Ana and Carmen are so much a like, I wonder how if Ana was to have a daughter if the same values would be passed down? Many children can relate to that, and can relate to the structure of the family. Ana starts out very weak—she’s belligerent, passive, and resentful. Over the summer, she learns to admire the hardworking team of women who teach her solidarity and teamwork. What many may not know is that the film is based on Mexican-American playwright Josefina Lopez's play by the same name. It’s already rough when you think you’re fat, but your mother refers to you as “gordita,” it must be really hurtful.

It’s also the female executive that Estela asks for an advance but tells her she won’t get one and “took a chance on someone like you.” The stronger one is Estela since she got sucked into the family business and had dreams of a better life. Would their appearance matter?

She opts for college and all but her mother support her. We may never know. She recognizes that they will both meet people while in college. But even more problematic is the idea that women are the guardians of tradition and therefore agents of patriarchy, when the men are the ones who embrace change and modernity (things we assume are good for the cause of feminism), as we have pointed out in the class discussion. How do some characters maintain, defy, or resist “traditional” gender roles? Still at odds with what her mother expects of her, Ana realizes that leaving home to continue her education is essential to finding her place proudly in the world as an American and a Chicana. Here are some examples of pro-ana (short for pro-anorexic) sites: There’s a theory in storytelling circles called Chekov’s Gun. The scene in the sweatshop where all of the women strip down to their underwear is a powerful rise up moment that was innovative in its defiance and visuals.

( Log Out /  The filmmakers didn’t pay off the red dress and college essay.

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