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i reckon i could guess these two without hesitation. Random tangent (blog) Ameel Khan's personal blog. Fifty States in One Minute.

[14], At the end of the 1988 season, Victoria Football Association (VFA) club Prahran enticed Dermot McNicholl, who had starred in two previous International rules series, to move to Melbourne. Clarke was Collingwood's first Irish recruit, and was very successful upon debut in 2007. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

The second player to have played for both GAA and AFL teams to win the GAA Medal as Irish Player of the Series in the International Rules Series (2013). You’re not truly Footified until you have a team. Kevin Sheedy in particular conducted a series of his own experiments with overseas players from various sporting backgrounds, but did not include Ireland or Gaelic football. Over the years the Irish experiment has attracted media and public interest in both Ireland[3][7][8][9] and Australia.[10].

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2000s Catchphrases Quiz. So next I would have looked at each brand's annual revenue and marketing spend as a proportion of annual revenue and tried to undo some of those effects. Not-so-intelligent AFL Media articles, comments & viewpoints - post 'em here. Next Last. It was all caught on shock CCTV footage released by a court. Mark and Ty are still more alike than different. Even the recruitment of Jim Stynes' brother Brian yielded just a handful of unimpressive senior games and McNicholl's returned home after only 3 matches. Despite the Melbourne Football Club's enthusiasm for the Irish experiment and early success with some Irish players, the majority of players from the Irish Experiment did not fare as well. Oh well. Irishman Tadhg Kennelly was a key player in the Sydney Swans 2005 AFL Grand Final victory. He played three senior games[17] before returning to Ireland to complete his university studies.[18]. While Stynes captured the Melbourne reserves best and fairest that year, he also involved in an embarrassing event which cast doubts on the Irish experiment. Bee Norm Smith Medallist. However, despite high expectations Melbourne was convincingly thrashed by Hawthorn, then the dominant club of the era. In the same draft, Melbourne recruited two more Irish players, Jim Stynes' brother Brian and Tom Grehan. AFL player manager Ricky Nixon set up recruitment networks in Ireland to complement those already in place by clubs such as Collingwood, Carlton and Brisbane. So those two pretty much cancelled each other out. [13], Wight and Stynes both featured in the 1988 VFL Grand Final. Go figure.

As a result, other clubs began to show a much keener interest in Irish talent. JavaScript is disabled. for which I'd be a 'passive' on the NPS scale), I then added each team's +1s and -1s and gave them an overall score - a ', They're all over social media and even have their own mobile app - though I suppose this is pretty standard for sports teams in this day and age, There's nothing untoward about them in the news - at least nothing I could find when I searched for 'Sydney Swans controversy' on Google News, They have two clubs for their female supporters - one in Sydney called L@SS and one in Victoria called LOL (both names I like), They have a blog series called 'Swan Songs' in which they talk to past great players called, They have player blogs, one of which was actually updated in 2014.

The following players have been connected with a VFL/AFL club, but never played a senior game. So, let's find you one using a series of short questions regarding football, lifestyle and boardshorts. Nov 6, 2000 8,753 75 In your bonnet! Broke his leg playing Aussie Rules and returned to Ireland in 1991.

[12] The infamous Preliminary Final incident in which he ran over the mark before the siren made him and the Irish experiment the focus of Melbourne media. With a media circus surrounding the recruitment of Karmichael Hunt to the Gold Coast Football Club and Israel Folau to the Greater Western Sydney Giants focus began to shift to other sports, particularly rugby football as a potential source of talent. [6] Nickey Brennan, GAA boss spoke out against the recruitment activity in June 2008. This is a blog about life, technology, the internet, science, skepticism, feminism, books, film, music, and whatever other random stuff I come across or happen to be interested in today. Here we document our lives in Melbourne, Australia. Had a serviceable career at Melbourne. As a result, wealthy Victorian clubs were scouting the country far and wide for new talent to gain an advantage in the sport's premier competition. craffles Brownlow Medallist.

Several Irish players cancelled their rookie contracts to return home, others were delisted after brief bouts in the various state leagues. Guess the top 50 AFL players based on form, very hard to choose.

I need to learn about their players, their coaches, their history, and so on. AFL Live Pass is required to view AFL.TV & Match Replays.

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