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[2009]. Thanks for the update. Love and LIGHT! [32] show that even after the removal of the day-night asymmetry influence from Schumann resonance records, the Asian contribution remains greater than American. I had Alexa on max…sometimes I put shoes in the dryer…God is telling me move on.

The chiropractor did, he adjusted my arm and told me that in a couple days the pain would go away and it did. But that was my dream. I agree. My best friend was thought by a master from Bruce Lee and able to enlighten himself. in many places and they have many layers per hologram… i have no body… im a light when i look at myself somehow? And I feel physique and emotional every time the impact of the peaks. Si vous désactivez ce cookie, nous ne pourrons pas enregistrer vos préférences. Namaste!

~*~ En toute conscience…, « Soyez le changement que vous voulez voir dans le monde. Frequency so loud last night I couldn’t sleep. And a great voice proclaimed, “It is Done”. Thank you,Jana:) And what frequencies do you use and do they help you in these times? Then I read somewhere else that humans at spiritual level are changing the frequency of the earth to make the earth shift and I started to look for references on the earth shift and stumbled upon the Schuman Resonance which is being altered since 2014. They will experience the events more intensely in the personal field.

Swoosh love to u…and thanks for the prayers, I have accepted my gifts…I am back into healthcare…traveling and hopefully healing while giving…I have moved out of an toxic environment…fresh water stays moving…thanks for the help…and prayers. We got cellphones, electric cars, literally 80% of the world consists of electrical appliances, or what I like to call em.. We aren’t so fragile as our clay-like vessels have us appear. Apparently it has mysteriously climbed higher. Specific conditions exist within each “yuga”. Cet article est une explication simplifiée de la fluctuation de la résonance Schumann montrant une corrélation avec la façon dont le corps humain a vécu cela tout en examinant la preuve scientifique de l’augmentation de la fréquence à travers des graphiques trouvés sur un site russe. September 5 2020 - The Man in Blue Flames. !I wished it was live. My conclusion is there are forces known or unknown to mankind at work and the earth is reacting to that. Peak freq’s notwithstanding, is it implied that the same background freq. Anyway, the universe and universal law don’t know the word ‘not’ in the way we do in the 3D world of language. Yet, there are also more opportunities to study Spiritual principles from various perspectives and to embrace oneness among humanity. Historiquement, les anciens et les philosophes de l’Antiquité ont dit que c’est le cœur qui nous permet d’accéder à un degré de plus en plus élevé de sagesse et de courage, ainsi qu’à une intelligence supérieure. Averages in general are not provided, they are not calculated by the data provider.

I can tell because of my heart and energy. My BP drops almost every month. High Heart Hugs!! Why not provide the frequencies shown in the graph along side the information you’re claiming is “more understandable”? There was a sweet person who entered my life and I finally figured out that the different “personalities” I was seeing him display were actually higher frequencied beings coming thru him; I was receiving Information/Silver Energy thru his eyes. of 35hz. Quote: “A mysterious cosmic event might have ever-so-slightly stretched and squeezed our planet last week. Owing to the connection between lightning activity and the Earth's climate it has been suggested that they may also be used to monitor global temperature variations and variations of water vapor in the upper troposphere. Bless our Mother Gaia A person who is in shoes or on an artificial surface for a part of the day would feel that pleasure more succinctly. The tech is what’s causing the Schumann amplitudes to spike and rise, which eventually causes a pole flip that then activates the release of the three groups. The Schumann was stabile all the years he was measuring it.

I just read an article about epilepsy. There can be physical, mental, and emotional discomfort as adjustments to the frequencies are made. I am new to this … How does one go about to learn the measurement of frequency? You’ve explained nothing. I can’t seem to really get s grasp on the charts. Perhaps this is where humans should start looking for life in space?

On the 12th of March it was 97/68/160. 2- ) If this is really the heartbeat of the world, does it predicted earthquakes? My ears didn’t ring @ all on the 21 but its back today the 22. Who turned up the frequency volume?

Sep. 2nd…..crying like a baby today. Bluish grey translucent. Today, Friday, 9/20/2019, the Schumann Resonance (SR) level is “99” from yesterday’s high of ” 66″ . Guess we will see. I personally think, despite what is going on World Wide, this is a Great Time to be Alive! Also, in that time your guides, and who / whatever You connect has to leave you alone so that you can search your inside better. I see entities everywhere, but not all .. but then I feel them. 08/12/19 And to do that, you must have a sincere heart to heart with the Universe, and anyone else you pray to. Thank you for that, that’s helpful. Il est évident que nos organismes dépendent de cette fréquence de Schumann à 7.83 hz puisque par exemple les cosmonautes souffrent lorsqu’ils sont privés du champ magnétique terrestre et sont soulagés quand on place près d’eux un générateur d’ondes calé sur des ondes alpha, donc autour de 7.83 hertz ! – Spirit guided me last night to wear the Jolnea he started making for his late wife and then he finished making it for me. While Earth is receiving such high-powered frequencies is when we need to relax more in order to acclimate to the energy. Wake up & learn to save her, save our species and create a Brave New World with peace, love, unity, understanding & forgiveness. Does anyone have the same problem? We just have to surrender to it, embrace it and just hold the light best we can ..its what we’ve all been waiting for. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. We all need as much information as possible. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil; May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; And do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all evil spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls. FOLLOW the FEELINGS of your Heart ~ it is much easier to navigate! 1 Hz. I can, and that’s the Part that is WILD to my Mind! But who knows??? Ces gens, y compris moi-même, ne souffrent plus lorsque d’énormes vagues déferlent, car nous avons essayé beaucoup de choses et comparé nos notes les uns aux autres. Oh, that explains a lot, in the past few days frequencies have been “sleeping” and i’ve got all sorts of strange stuff happen. Tina, the hum is not there to make us suffer, its a symptom of the shift in the energetic frequencies currently emanating from the center of the Galactic plane. Not dust. and that the amplitude is now registering these heightened emotive responses.

I am recieving so much energy from my future self.. At this time portals are opening, we are being activated with as never before energies from deep in the cosmos . Thank you Kathy, some say it’s Kundalini energy/enlightenment. times of peak toxic electromagnetic field transmissions? and scars won’t matter, when the battle is won. I offer my knowledge as my “Mahavrata” ( “Great Vow”) as a service to the planet and the galaxy for its elevation. Site pour lire la « résonance Schumann » (Cette résonance s’appelle. 3 – ) Where is the station of Schumann Resonance and what exactly it is? Listen to the truth your heart speaks. It is 8:10 AM on 11/2/2019, and I see that the “SR” is “98” . Hi, i’m relatively new to this stuff, In this way, each level of the collective human thought process can be taken into account because collective consciousness tends to affect the vibrational frequency of Earth. Please research the mass meditation held last night april 4th and 5th worldwide!!!!

I was listening to James Gilliland from Eceti Ranch the other day and he shared something very similar … he mentioned when we get these rolling SR waves along with the sun activity. Creation is being transformed and upgraded.

[32] On the other hand, there are numerous days when Schumann resonance amplitudes do not increase at sunrise or do not decrease at sunset. Namaste! The cosmos is certainly a blueprint of possibilities, and a new Earth can be constructed. That’s how far I’ve gotten in my research on earth and humanity. Often the word “CONSCIOUSNESS” is defined as being aware of one’s surroundings — the sights, sounds, smells, etc. Symptoms for the first time! and scars won’t matter, when the battle is won. As far as I can tell, many are misinterpreting this info, believing that the SR is rising from 7.8hz to 99Hz etc…, The Schumann Resonance is beyond the “scientific materialism”, it does not make any difference if Hz or Kek. I am beginning to see a second layer of reality inside my illusion of what I thought was real. :.I think he wakes me to try and make me angry…he’s not gonna disturb my inner peace…not getting my power…I just keep saying Jesus take the wheel…, I think my emotions or energy sometimes trigger the weather…I am meditating and grounding more…still see the lightning. L’axe supérieur indique la date. With Ed Lawrence’s message to us regarding his noticing of SR levels looking like angel wings, this could indicate that the SR elevations are Divinely-orchestrated as signs of the rise in human consciousness. – attachment to the “highs” of transcendence can also impede ongoing, integrated transcendent awareness.

I take my msgs where I can get them. Dear Italian Admins, is there an update today??? Sur l’axe de gauche, vous verrez le hertz et sur l’axe du bas vous verrez l’heure en UTC +7. I magnificent, horrendous, terrifingly beautiful and wonderous journey that I look forward to continuing in 2020. Love the new Bubbles! Namaste! May this be the other earth y’all looking for at this point? Whether this shift is caused by increasing Galactic energies or Gamma ray energies directed from energetic portals, doesn’t really matter ..the result is causing a shift in Human consciousness ..which naturally increases proportionally to Gaia’s energetic frequency.

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