public policy thesis topics

(Jan. 2001), Impacts of Traffic Congestion on Regional Production Efficiency: Cases of U.S. Urban Areas (May 2014), A Mixed Method Analysis of Foreclosure and Local Government Policy in the Washington, D.C. Area (December 2012), The Economic Growth of a Nation: A Spatial Perspective (Aug. 2004), Transit Oriented Development: Does It Provide a More Affordable Way of Life? An Examination of the U.S. Navy (May 1999), Dynamics of Contention: Protest and Resistance in Authoritarian Contexts (May 2020), Grocery Shopping Destination Choice and Obesity: an Empirical Study of Urban Population in Bangkok, Thailand, Tracing Order in Seeming Chaos: Understanding the Informal and Violent Political Order of Karachi, Poverty, Basic Needs, and Political Violence: Insights into the Social Context of Terrorism from Pakistan's Northwestern Tribal Areas (August 2020), Collaboration Program Effectiveness: Comparing Two Community Partnership Programs (December 2012), The Search for Eudaimonia: An Analysis of International Development, Migration, and Gender Equality (May 2007), Worldview and Public Policy: From American Exceptionalism to American Empire (Jan. 2010), The Effect of Computers on the Mathematics Achievement of American 8th Grade Students (Aug. 2005), In Pursuit of Illicit Goals: Structure, Dynamics, and Collapse of Crime Facilitating Networks in Jamaica (August 2016), The Changing Nature of the Feminist Movement (May 2004), Humanitarian and Military Organizational Cultures and the Challenges of Contemporary Complex Emergencies (May 2007), Explaining Achievement Disparities between the United States and South Korea (May 2013), The Positionality of Race in Graduate and Professional School Admissions: A Theoretical Lens and Empirical Contribution for Race Conscious and Race Neutral Policies (December 2018), The Path to Power: The Evolution of Rights Discourse in the Twentieth Century United States (Aug. 1996), Out of the Shadows: An Empirical Analysis of How Civil Society in the U.S. Changed During the 20th Century (May 2000), Why Local Government Employees Choose to Bargain Collectively: The Role of Collective Voice in the Competition For Budget Resources in An Era of Fiscal Discontent (May 1998), A Multivariate Analysis of US Coast Guard Enlistment Propensity (Aug. 2004), Cultural Transformation in the U.S. Air Force (Jan. 2003), Building Social Capital through Girl Scouts (Aug. 2004), Putting the Pieces Together: An Integrated Approach to Moving Poor Mothers from Poverty to Independence (Aug. 1994), West African Merchants in Yiwu City, China: Immigrant Identities and Chinese Immigration Policies (December 2018), Politics, Parties, and Conflict Resolution: The Role of Urban Politics in the Management and Resolution of Community Conflict (Jan. 2001), Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Military Leadership: A Feasibility Analysis of the Military Leadership Diversity Commission’s Service Academy Accession Recommendations (December 2013), It's Never Too Late: Elderly Entrepreneurship in the Aging Economy (Jan. 2008), A Decision Framework for the Adoption of Business Process Collaboration in Supply Networks, Organizational Factors That Affect School Reform: Analysis of High School Attempts to Integrate Academic and Vocational Education (Jan. 1993), Self-Organized Air Tasking: Examining a Non-Hierarchical Model for Joint Air Operations (Jan. 2003).

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