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If you have any questions concerning the information in the notices published, you must contact the preparing law firm. DailyDAC’s Opportunistic Deal Database curates hard-to-find information about distressed companies, and select assets of distressed companies, that are for sale. Reproduction or distribution of these notices is strictly forbidden.

You will be able to start the vehicle and are free to have your mechanic come to do an inspection during your scheduled time. is home of thousands of articles published by users like YOU. 105A Self Storage Lien Law.


VIN: 1GNDT13S682221234 Minimum Bid on this vehicle is $4,200. Notice of Public Auction Save Share Facebook Twitter WhatsApp SMS Email Print Details for Notice of Public Auction Updated 9 hrs ago In accordance … By clicking, “I agree,” you acknowledge you have read and accepted these terms. Additional disclosures will be provided prior to the auction.*. The U-Haul Company of Providence, R.I., demands full payment from the following storage tenants storing miscellaneous household items and owing the following : Julio Soto #7000 $ 1,879.60 , Vanessa Howard #2100 $ 1,674.45 , Maximo Santos #7120 $1,304.65 , Fisha Haddis #5104 $1,744.55 , Nathan Silva # 5005 $2,029.35 , Andrew Tumber #7103 $1,684.20 , Vanessa Howard # 2108 $1,714.15 , Marshawn Wilcox # 2610 $684.45 , Melissa Pike # 4251 $ 2,789.15 , Anthony Alvarez # 4404 $1,591.30 , Jose Luis #6114 $1,099.65 , Russell Johnson # 2514 $ 1,179.50 , Kirsi Costello # 6110 $1,384.55 . U-Haul Company of Boston Self- storage facility operator’s sale for non-payment of storage charges pursuant of the power of sale contained in M.G.L., Chapter 105-A, Section 4, and for the satisfaction of the facility operators lien. Visit our homepage, or search for whatever you were looking for….

The editors and editorial board of DailyDAC include preeminent restructuring and insolvency professionals, journalists, and editors. If payments are not made , an auction will be held at U-Haul of Pawtucket , 125 Newell Ave.,Pawtucket, R.I.,(401-724- 8573 ) on January 25th,2021 at 11:30A.M.,pursuant to the contractual lien set forth in your rental agreement and in accordance with R.I. lien law Chapter 34-5 . All household furniture, trunks, books, clothes, appliances, tools, antiques and miscellaneous items held for :#C079 ANNA SMITH, #I226 XIOMARY LUNA. The following property will be sold at public auction at 10:00 AM Friday, November 13, 2020 on the premises of U-Haul Moving & Storage of New Bedford, 415 Mt Pleasant Street, New Bedford MA 02746. Because of its reach to a large universe of interested purchasers, DailyDAC is the venue of choice for assignees, auction firms, investment bankers, law firms, secured creditors, trustees, receivers, and others who have a fiduciary or commercial duty to maximize the sale price of assets. It is updated constantly throughout the day, seven days a week, much more quickly than any other similar resource in existence. Tuesday November 10, 2020, on the premises of U-Haul Moving & Storage of Malden Center, 124-126 Eastern Ave, Malden, Massachusetts, 02148 All household furniture, books, tools, clothes, appliances, antiques, bric-a-brac and miscellany held for accounts of; Susan Cummings Unit#1362, Sophie Mengestu Unit#2315, Hannah Bettes Unit#2210, Steven Osier Unit#1508, Richea Smith Unit#88, Olivia Nguh Unit#2228, Jordan Shapiro Unit#93T, Jorge Ortega Unit#251, Halleandro Vieira Unit#211, Louimann Francois Unit#221, Jennifer Sarro Unit#61, Nina Beygelmakher Unit#223, Miriam Gondwe Unit#2313, Jordan Shapiro Unit#2213. You can search through this database to find notices important to you, your family, or your business, and also sign up to have these notices e-mailed directly to you. The sale shall be held at 2343 Edgewood Ave North Jacksonville, Fl. Monday December 7,2020, on the premises of U-Haul Moving & Storage of Route 16 Medford/Somerville, 600 Mystic Valley Parkway, Somerville, Massachusetts 02144.

DailyDAC Weekly is a once-per-week e-newsletter with more than 10,000 subscribers that highlights’s newest educational articles, its newest public notices, and the newest additions to its Opportunistic Deal Database. Auction 105 Procedures Public Notice.11 No other payment method is acceptable for this auction.12 Each applicant is reminded to provide its FCC Registration Number (FRN) on the Form 159 and to submit the same FRN with all future payments for Auction 105. Public Notice of Auction: 191,075 lbs. Pursuant to M.G.L. Other assets, whose owner has an urgent need to sell, are also listed. Explore our complete election coverage here. Ad placements starts 890/- onwards. 32254 904-781-2376, commencing at approximately 10:00 AM. is a database of public and legal notices published in newspapers throughout the state of Florida.

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