pop in back of head

Everything seemed fine.

It stared at me for a while then I just passed out. fluid feeling running down my head along with popping and instant pain that's extremily painful. Hi Everyone! We all have nerves and tendons that stretch up our head. I was at the gym using a lat pull down machine and felt a pop in the back right of my head followed by a warm rushing feeling.

A moderator will review your post and it will be live within the next 24 hours. Like 10 secs after. this is your child were talking about.. quit f-ing around! I've just had a similar experience to some of the above posts. I have no idea why it happens but it started like 5 years ago..I use 2 always feel dat poppn it would happen maybe once every three mnths r whenevr it feel like but most of all whenevr I would turn my head real fast I would just feel somethng draining frm the top of my head and it would feel like it will come out my ear but nothn never comes out and the pain hurts like ***l!! Sleeping problems. By using this Site you agree to the following, By using this Site you agree to the following. Didn't find the answer you were looking for? get off the internet! Then just last night my ear on the left side popped. I had a ct scan done and found nothing. Learn more here. (although I'm sure that if it had then I wouldn't be sitting here typing this) Today I can feel a burning sensation on the inside of my skull in the same place I felt the pop. I'm not saying all of this applies to you because I don't know you personally but when I started writing you... the rant began about the parents of the recent past and current generations. Any loss of consciousness? Muscles twiching in my arms and face. I was playing volleyball and the blood vessels in ... Wow, don't ask us, I think you should be checking with a Dr!!!

It looks so strange. As soon as the thought crossed my mind, however, the nausea was gone again. It has been over 4 weeks now that my son has stopped taking his Albuteral Inhaler for his asthma symptoms, and he has NOT HAD ONE single head popping incodent since!

All that stuff can come back and bite him on the ***, you may not think it's a big deal now.. but it could affect everything in the future, in a very negative way... And all because of you.

Then I traced my activity and realized I had eaten fried chicken wings for lunch with no water or starch or carbohydrate, the salt in the food triggered the high bp.

:(, MY 9 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER IS COMPLAINING OF HEAD POPPING. EXACTLY like you described. If anyone can help. I am in excellent health and have chalked it up to one of those weird things that happens. Back of his neck hurts a little when he looks down, lays down. staring into space. The dizziness stopped after massage therapy and chiro care. Neurological symptoms are a clue (vision problems, speaking problems), and often a feeling of pressure, near the location were later the pop will be. See this is the problem with parents and with the internet these days... get the f**k off the computer and call your doctor!

There are days I have hundreds of pops in my head. Maybe be best to consult a doctor to get labs done just to be safe. I think this COULD be the answer in our case? See generally http://www.mayfieldclinic.com/PE-SAH.HTM. what tpye treatment is use to stop this popping in the head due to so called drainage. Sometimes it occurs deep inside. It causes discomfort but I can deal with it and it usually can be managed. I had surgery to fix the hole in my canal and whilst my surgeon was moving my brain out of the way about half a dozen arachnoid granulations burst and I sprung a leak. I too have experienced this "head-popping" sensation. I experienced a near death experience when it happened to me. Now it is happening on the lower back of his head, really all over, but never feels it on his neck, face, ears. Dr Oz: Cesar Millan + How To Prevent Dog Drinking Out Of Toilet, Dr Oz: Cesar & Andre Millan Tips For How To Train Your Dog, Dr Oz Mindful Monday: How To Deal With A Mean Boss + Stress Tips, Dr Oz: Low-Calorie Snacks, Skinless Popcorn & Freeze-Dried Fruit, Dr Oz: Vegetable Grilling Hack + Grilled Caesar Salad Recipe.

I was laying down to go to bed and my head stating hurting really bad like someone was smashing it with a hammer it was so painful I was holding my head and yelling. I haven't felt anything shift in my body and will keep you all posted if anything changes. They want to disregard the burst altogether.

I still live, and even function. So how does the doctor expect me to control them. In the morning I woke up with a slight headache.

Went to neurologist and had MRIs of brain and cervical spine. Most of the popping sounds and feels like a small little toothpick being broken somewhere inside my skull. Can someone tell me if they feel the same as i do. This has been going on for many years. He said my dura was very thin.

I admitted myself at ER and was told the sound was due to be and fluid movement close to the ear canal.

Apparently most people have arachnoid granulations and they are the bodies way of expelling cerebral fluid out of your head where it is usually absorbed by the blood stream. One said it was migraines but i have friends with migraines and trust me i dont feel the pain they feel. neck and head pain.


Thanks again. I have that..It hurts..

Don’t wait until you experience all the symptoms to call for help. I will still have 10 pops or so, but basically the fluids flow by themselves.There is a social dimension to this. At least, that is what other people seem to think. sensitivity to light, sound. Like is this deadly?

Vomiting occassionally. The popping happened to me today as I bent over loading some books into the passenger seat of my car. Both my ears clog then clears up then clogs again. Here are 12 simple – and fun! numbness in left side of my face with timgling yet noone can find a cause. I jumped and waited for another one, but it never came. This is a scary sensation and I hope that I don't experience it again soon. I do not experience the same so far but tickle sensations on the head and random twitching of the head skin. I haven't had anxiety ever in my life until this started happening. All the tests turned out fine. drowsiness often. Ever since my son was two or three years old, he has complained that his "head pops". If anyone can help. Since posting this I was diagnosed with superior canal dehiscence syndrome. I have horrible night sweats, rushes of tingling up and down my body and numbness in my toes.no dr or neurologist has been able to help and all try to tell me it's anxiety/depression. My head pops and i feel fluid running down my head like it is going to come out of my ears. I have this too and what I've found out is we have skull spurs. Similarly, the cranial nerves are also located in the brain … Head pain/pressure, dizziness/vertigo similar to Menieres. In August 2015 I was sitting and felt a sudden "snap" or "pop" in the lower left back of my head, AND my vision spun to the left. Anyway, thought I would share my theory with you and give you all a little update. I'll bet it's nothing. Any help or feedback I'd love too, Thank you so much for you posting your experience. Sometimes in the neck. I feel like I had the same issue that you had years ago, but it happened to me in March. By pushing I can create fantastic pops that range/propagate along a line from the crown of head to the neck.

In this special Missouri Medicine report, doctors examine advances in diagnosis and treatment of this devastating and costly neurodegenerative disease. The pain level can change, but lately he describes it as being a 6 on a scale from 1-10, 10 being crying.

I will still have 10 pops or so, but basically the fluids flow by themselves.There is a social dimension to this. I don't know if this is much help to you or not, but I wish you the best of luck and pray that it gets better for you...I don't think many people can actually understand what we are going through.

I have had them on the top of my head, back of my head, the middle of my brain, and in the forebrain. If it seems like you have even one of the symptoms, call 911. I had a recent MRI which shows scarring in my periatal and occitatal lobes I am also suffering from post concussion syndrome. Be smarter parents... Get off the internet, stop working so much, stop going out all the time, stop shoving electronics and technology down their throats and send them outside to play, spend quality time with your children, teach them to be independent, sufficient, honest, loyal and hard-working human beings! Dr didn't even want to try to figure it out even when I told him about the dizziness and near delirious feeling. When it becomes too much, I go to the bathroom to fix my head. It was the same weird feeling you get when a gas bubble pops in your stomach....but it was in my head!! I can't find ANYTHING on the web about it, and I love doing research, yet can NOT find a thing. It felt like the side of a 25 cent hit the top of my head.

Got an opinion today from a neck orthopaedist who said not possible. Originally Answered: I felt a sudden pop in the back of my head, as if I cracked a joint, is this bad, should I be worried? What happened to me was more of a pain than a popping sound. Night before last I was woken up/startled by a loud 'pop' in my head; also felt dizzy. We offer this Site AS IS and without any warranties. It's a very common occurrence. (My son currently shows NO signs of schizophrenia symptoms. I have no idea what had happened to me. Dr Oz: What To Do For an Aneurysm. Yesterday it happened twice in one day. It was in the left side of my head. Is this normal? I wouldn't freak out too bad about this. I hope we get an answer to this, as everyone seems to be at a loss. Often, other people can hear them.

Maybe I should have been checked on my problem cause now I always thnk dat my problem has gottn more serious and imma die so I'm scheduled 2 take a cat scan of my brain and imma pray everythng is ok I took sevral test urine sample,ekg, blood work and everythng is normal I'm so scared 2 get the cat scan done but I need 2 knw what causes the constant dizzyness do n e 1 experience dis after the poppn in ur head years later?? I have a constant pressure in the base of my skull/neck that hasn't gone away since May. When you buy items through Amazon (or other) links on this site, we may earn an affiliate commission. He started taking Albuteral when he was about 3-5yrs old? You will feel a popping sound in the head (or a snap). Severe and loud ones. He can be happily playing, walking, sitting, and then it happens and lasts for 5 seconds or so.

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