plunderer all aces

Nana throws a party for the weary time travelers after their long journey through history. When Licht refuses to answer Murdoch decides to torture him, but Lynn steps in and is injured.

Two years later, the war ends when Schmelman, having now retrieved all seven ballots, uses them to create Alcia floating above the ruined planet. Murdoch succeeds in taking Licht’s sword but gives it back. In the land of Alcia, where keeping your count above zero is paramount, Hina searches for the legendary Fabled Ace and finds the wanderer Licht. After she finally tells an unconscious Licht her feelings, she knows he doesn't feel anything for her and urges him to save the woman he loves, Hina. Both Lynn and Hina try to let Licht use their laps as a pillow. Licht is surprisingly overwhelmed and Murdoch reveals he keeps his real number hidden from his superiors to avoid a promotion that would put him behind a desk in an office instead of hunting criminals. Hina's grueling journey takes a sudden turn when she meets a strange masked knight known as Licht Bach with a negative-numbered Count. Lynn reveals the military calls the abyss’ arms Althing. These Counts determine a person's social status and power in Alcia. Sakai refuses to return home because soldier’s families get more food and their grandmother is already ill from malnutrition.

As they chase them they come across an injured soldier from another town which has been completely destroyed. Hina is devastated at losing her memento of her mother. It had the power to force all humans to obey its will following a vote, so humanity voted to destroy nuclear weaponry and ban all war, however, this had unintended consequences that Alan refuses to talk about. Now knowing how Rihito will become Licht they cannot decide how to proceed since both they and their home country of Alcia will never exist unless Licht wins the Waste War. The lake next to the town has disappeared under an enormous abyss. Plunderer is a Japanese anime series adapted by Geek Toys from the book series of the same name written by written and illustrated by Suu Minazuki. Her mother's last words to Hina were to find "the Legendary Ace". [4] Funimation premiered the first two episodes of the series on YouTube in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand on December 8, 2019.[5]. Sonohara suddenly appears, once more affected by her dark personality and shoots Licht. Sonohara reveals Licht’s real name is Rihito and she wants him to revert to his former bloodthirsty personality and kill her, or she will murder a nearby child. Based on her knowledge of Licht’s past Nana explains Sonohara was actually the kindest of the Aces who never killed anyone, but someone must have drugged her to fight Licht, hoping Schmelman would emerge. Jail discovers more secrets about this world through Nana, but is intercepted by Alan during his escape. Learning this Sakai stole a ballot, so Rihito killed him on Schmelman’s orders, but murdering his brother sent him into a coma. Grigorovich reveals that the creation of Alcia must be re-voted periodically, but since Tsukina stole the ballot Alcia is in danger of falling out of the sky. Hina, Lynn and Pele are imprisoned by Schmelman and Hina demands to know why he betrayed his students. This page was last edited on 23 July 2020, at 03:54. Murdoch is summoned by Supreme Commander Alexandrov Gregorovich, his childish but doting adoptive father. He manages to insult her, angering her, causing his count to decrease to negative 1001. Schmelman suggests becoming “soldiers that do not kill” by becoming so powerful they scare opponents into surrendering. Lynn and Pele also catch up to Licht. She shoots Murdoch and begins murdering everybody, revealing she is obsessed with following the last order Licht gave her during the Waste War, to kill everybody. He then passes her to Murdoch who lets him escape. In secret, Schmelman reveals the coming war is meant to kill off the surplus human population so the species can survive.

Their fight collapses a cliff, sending Lynn falling, and a repentant Murdoch tries to catch her, but Licht catches her first. Hina is suddenly confronted by one of the soldiers who reveals he is actually a spy. One by one, they recover from the gloomy atmosphere brought on by what they had witnessed. Following terrible advice from Pele, Lynn tries to help Licht feel better with a pity date, only for Licht’s typical groping behaviour to actually cause Lynn’s count to rise as the groping helps the desperately perverse Licht feel better. It is also revealed Althing sustains Alcia by continuously stealing resources from the survivors on the surface. Licht unleashes his true power, becoming an overwhelming killing machine. A group of warriors known as Aces distinguished themselves with feats of superhuman strength, only to vanish once the war ended.

Centuries ago a Great War known as the Waste War raged across the planet. Plunderer. Licht can't help but be impressed by how peaceful and happy the people in Lynn's town are. Pele almost admits he loves Lynn but a foreign country suddenly attacks the academy, which shouldn’t be possible due to Althing banning war. Ever since her mother disappeared, Hina has been traveling alone. He even overtakes Licht in raw speed, Licht's specialty. I was just wondering which ace is the strongest because on the wiki it said that Licht count empowered is 1.5 million while Tokikaze’s empowered is 3 million so I just wanted to know out of all Aces who is the strongest.

The others chase after him, while Jail visits his adopted father to seek closure. Hina stands up to Doan and insists Licht will save them. If Licht appears by morning he will let them live, including Nana, but if Licht does not appear he will kill them all. Alan realises Nana is trying to change the future and lets Murdoch live. Hina appears jealous Licht was fighting for another woman and scolds him for leaving her behind. He swears he will force the sergeant to give back Hina’s 440. After he finally woke up he learned every member of his class remained on the surface and committed suicide. An injured soldier appears and claims a fire breathing demon flew out of the abyss. Set in a post-apocalyptic world dominated by numbers, every human being has their worth measured by a special "Count" imprinted somewhere on their bodies, which defines any number related to an important aspect of their lives. Meanwhile, the students of Class A come closer to realizing their dream of becoming a military force that does not take human lives.

However, Doan refuses to let anyone become an Ace who did not suffer through the Waste War and kills his own men to set them free. The Waste War begins. Licht easily defeats the soldiers with his super speed, showing that his footsteps contain enough power to shatter the ground. Murdoch, disgusted by Lynn’s failure to punish criminals in favour of her charity work, berates her. Lynn and Pele take the soldier for treatment in the next town where they find Licht, Hina and Nana.

Murdoch promises to see Nana in 300 years but as he is escaping he is caught by Captain Alan who sentences him to execution. Hina kisses him and promises to stay with him and have his children, though Licht insists on waiting for an appropriate time. Nobody knows what it is or how to defeat it, except for Licht, who takes command. Murdoch follows Schmelman to a hidden facility and learns they are trying to replicate Althing’s voting power since Althing got rid of nuclear weapons, but not war itself, and other countries are already preparing for a new war.

Nana reveals she herself is an Ace and, with an unexplained power, sends Murdoch, Hina, Pele and Lynn to modern Japan, begging them to change the past where she failed. Rihito eventually goes insane and severs Sonohara’s left arm. Deciding to honour this Murdoch fights with all his power and creates an iron warrior which knocks Schmelman unconscious, turning him back into Licht.

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