playnow technical issues

It should be obvious to you given the reduction in players you now have on the site. Also their poker is soooooo rigged. I don’t expect a huge win, just entertainment to try to make a small profit, or not. So then it freezes right as the next card would show the dealer card…. @NOWTV nowtv on roku stick no longer working not saving progress then after 10mins stops and says oops something is wrong. However, dare go into the CASINO and all you will be doing is making withdrawals from your CC or bank account!! I’ve had better wins and payouts from sketchy Malta casinos than I do at this one. We spent and lose our hard earned money from this government owned online casino, but we never seem to get the kind of treatment we are hoping for. Making $2-$5 bets you’ll be playing for HOURS just trying to build up to $100-$200 if you’re LUCKY. @DMaxwell79 Hello Dan. 62. If they have an Ace and don’t blackjack, you can almost bet that they have a nine in their hidden card. Wow! #AmazonPrime. The $530 tournament is set for April 13th and should run without a problem. Games are great because I play them in the casino however the payouts, almost no bonuses and lack of promotions really upset me especially compared to other online gambling sites or real casinos for that matter. @edlategan Now I’m not able to register an official complaint because its a weekend, yet they will take your money on a weekend. PlayNow is a high-quality regional service. Used credit card to buy tix and got $5 service fee. Daniel can I ask are you still having issues applying this voucher? 12. In the all-ins I have lost when this happens, I am a 72% average favorite on the 37 hands. If not can you try directly through the website using a browser and not on a nowtv device to see if it allows you to do that? So I start playing my favorite game again and its paying me out, then BOOM – crashed, unplayable again. I f you don’t know how to turn off Java, you will run into the screen being refreshed all the time. @FrankApproach

If any of you were told to contact Now TV, as if the issue had nothing to do with our eirhead friends? same players 24/7 and usually the same 3 names win every game.Even when there are 10,000 cards sold Can you say scam!!!? Given in consideration the fact this is a regional platform, PlayNow BC offers more or less limited opportunities. Yup that’s about it if you think it’s bad it because it islisten/ read this be from themI played keno now ever since it turned off the whole machine on meMy numbersThey know my numbers, your numbers, everyone’s frkin numbersBecause we play them reg rightOk. His specialty is analyzing the odds and probabilities of casino games and providing marketing and technical advice to the global gambling industry. Stay away and don’t throw your money away. Second, Play Now Poker is full of collusion and glitches too. 59. I have been playing poker for 10 years and have made in the six figures playing casually.

Have yet to hear back. You can file a complaint at their website. The games are not rigged. In the first few weeks of playing I won $4700 profit by hitting $100 profit and calling it quits for a time. btw, I bet 4 – 10 dollars, but mostly $5. I noticed the downward spiral in our chances when they introduced the live table games. They should be audited but with the fox guarding the chicken coop that ain’t never gonna happen, buy scratch and wins, at least then you will win some money.

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