peitho and hermes

“So someone was able recognize me. “Oh, hello, Lord Zephyros.” Antheia spoke up in her usual quiet and timid voice, as soon as she saw the man walk in. “What?” Cassandra asked, turning around to face him, but he was already facing away from her, ready to fly off. He had a… placid sort of aura. I hope you all like it! Then her gentle hand reached over to touch one of the enchanting flowers, brushing her fingers compassionately against the delicate violet petals. She is the Goddess of Persuasion. Consort----- Merope, Aphrodite, Dryope, Peitho Parents -----Zeus and Maia Children----- Pan, Hermaphroditus, Tyche,Abderus, Autolycus, and Angelia. I want to speak to you.” He said, before taking off, before the brown-haired girl could reply. Not wishing to further mortify the lovely maiden before him, he removed the grip off her shoulders. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect child… But unfortunately, the Fates weren’t kind to him. Clio put together her cadmium yellow toga; Melpomene decorated her with the finest jewelry; Calliope brushed and braided her hair; and Euterpe along with Terpsichore garnished the braid with vibrant wildflowers. Was this Apollo’s motive? Once the door closed, the redhead’s face fell once more. However, despite her relatively youthful appearance, her amber-colored eyes told a different story.

Perfection.”. First, she walked along a path that at crocuses appearing at either side, almost as of they were magically blooming at her mere presence. @my-name-is-apollo @sweatyspaghettti @ellakay69 @youurelovely @flightfoot @sakuspring. Despite Thalia’s straight-forwardness and mischievous nature, the new goddess felt comfortable around her, and if anything, it brought out her own impish side.

After what felt like a fraught eternity, her fingers let go, as a soft smile graced the intimidating dame’s face. “Then kill me!” She yelled.

“Cassandra.” He replied unambiously, his voice as swift as the breezes he commands. You have to! Calliope wiped away the crystal droplet. “No… NO! “Get some sleep. “Hermes is more fleet-footed than you realize… Now, I don’t suppose you desire to continue this conversation over a hot cup of tea, would you?” The older woman suggested. The longer Cassandra’s eyes lingered on them, the more her growing desire flowered. Argos #2 is the many-eyed monster that guarded Io. I was curious to know what made her worthy of that.”, “If you came here to satisfy your interest, I’m afraid I don’t have an answer for that… I never asked for this, nor did I want this…” She explained, before turning around. At the end of the field, a laurel tree proudly stood, giving quite a large shade, almost as if trying hard to cast aside the sun as a whole. “I… I suppose so.” The Trojan responded, trying to be polite, feeling slightly hesitant to look the person that was speaking to her. It was breath-taking. Cassandra lied on the cold floor of the palace of her now slain lover and master; her gashes and stab wounds, still fresh and dripping scarlet blood; and her two slaughtered infants at her side, who are no longer gasping for air.

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