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Zelman, Tompary, Raymond, Holdaway & Mulvihill Reviewed by Jeannie Mayjor, Part-time faculty in the Health and Human Performance Dept., Linn-Benton Community College on 1/15/20, I think this book does a great job of making the material presented easy to understand. However, this...

the process during infancy and chilhood in which caralige is replaced by bone, the soft tissue that filles spaces between bone, a strong, fiberous band that holds bones together at a joint, a condtion is which their is a signifacant loss of bone mass, an injury that occurs when the ends of bones in a joint are forced out of their normal postions, involuntary muscles that causes movements inside your body, involuntary muscles only found in the heart, voluntary muscle that are attached to and move to bones, a thick strand of tissue that attaches muscle to bone, contractions of limited muscle fibers that keep muscles tense but dont provide movement, a condition in which muscles cannot contract or when not used often weaken and shrink, an artificial of male hormones testosterome that is used to increse muscle mass, painful swelling and irritation of a tendon, the basic unit in the nervious system that carry nerve implses, a part of the brain that contains many specialized regions that recieve messages from sense organs, the part of the brain that cordinates movements and balance, the area of brain between the cerebellum and the spinal cord, a thick colum of nerve tissue in the central nervous system, an automatic response of the nervous system to the enviorment, a brusie like injury to the brain caused by brain tisse hitting the brain during a collision, the loss of ability to move or feel a certain part of the body, an infection that causes inflammation of the membrane surronding t he brain and spinal cord, an episode of irradic nerve impluses in the brain that may lead to the loss of conciousness, a condtion in which a person is prone to seizures. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which will be covered in Chapter 11, did not define an EHR, but perhaps the HIPAA Security Rule broadened the definition. One more chapter that I appreciate is the chapter on psychology: the most common mental health disorders that college-aged students encounter is important and the section on resilience in both the psychology chapter and the stress management chapter are greatly needed. So much has happened affecting people's health has transpired since 2015 that it is time for updating. Health is very dynamic so the textbook will need to be updated on a regular basis. The chapters on "Relationships & Love" and "Health Care Choices" were excellent additions to what you find in many health books.

The contributors have done a great job of presenting accurate information but it is now outdated in many sections and chapters which is what happens in textbooks generally. Selected Chapters from Pearson Health Textbook & Classnotes. The text is well organized and chapters flow into each other in logical ways.

There are LOTS of ways that people are abusive, those 5 bullets are not enough.

The textbook covers a variety of topics in a choppy sequence jumping from three chapters on sexuality and sexual health to substance abuse then onto nutrition. It gives a lot of information, but it isn't very "in-depth." Each health skill, appearing once in every chapter, is taught and then reinforced, ensuring that students master these essential life skills. Personalize learning with MyHealthProfessionsLab™ NEW: MyHealthProfessionsLab is an online homework, tutorial, and assessment program designed to work with this text to engage students and improve results. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which will be covered in Chapter 11, did not define an EHR, but perhaps the HIPAA Security Rule broadened the definition.

WHy does it say it twice? The addition of more graphics and examples that cross demographics, cultures, and races would be a welcome addition.

Topics discussed in early chapters might come up in later chapters at times, but the info presented the second time around is consistent with earlier explanations of ideas and terms. The chapters on "Relationships & Love" and "Health Care Choices" were excellent additions to what you find in many health books.

There is lots of evidence of attempts at cultural competence, but it doesn't provide enough of that. For example, page 107, Section 6.6, Sexual Frequency is covered in one paragraph.

Due to the inclusion of many of the mental health disorders that our students encounter, I will fit in some of the sections in the psychology chapter. Mulvihill, Zelman, Tompary, Raymond & Holdaway Thus, everything about a

Larger type on chapter headings would help improve the ability to divide the book into smaller reading sections, it's easy to miss the start of a new chapter when scrolling through the text. Sample chapter is available for download in PDF format. The paragraph spacing was not what I would have chosen. We don't recognize your username or password. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. It can be utilized as an Open Textbook for students taking the introduction to health or the basic health course, such as HED 151 - Personal and Community Health. Today, reaching every student can feel out of reach. I did not recall seeing information on how many calories are in a gram of protein, carbohydrate and fat presented. The structural set up of headings and subheadings were consistent, but occasionally spacing was off. 150–151 Chapter 7: Preventing Violence This text will help allied health students quickly understand the principles of pharmacology, learn how those principles manifest themselves in human disease, and use this knowledge in their careers.

Mental Illness and Cognitive Disorders, 16.

The comprehensive nature of it topic coverage does come at the cost of not being comprehensive within any single topic- this book... References looked similar and were all summarized at the end of each chapter. I would have liked to see more photos, although there are plenty of graphs, and I enjoyed the interactive quiz called The Big 5 Personality Test, I would have liked to see more. There is a better way to phrase the point they are getting to. Some topics fit in multiple categories, so there should be some in-document link to information.

How can we dig deeper and fact-check? The text is well-written and contains no grammatical/spelling errors that I noticed.

Time was taken to decide which chapters and topics should be presented in which order. While the book includes many of the main points related to each topic, it does not go into too much depth. • The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services The book was limited in depth and many areas needed additional explanation. Organized by organ system, it contains completely rewritten chapters on cancer, the nervous system, mental illness and cognitive disorders, the urinary system, the respiratory system, heredity, the endocrine system, cardiovascular system, and blood; as well as an entirely new chapter on the eye and ear (special senses). The text is not culturally insensitive or offensive but it could include in-depth analysis of health status in relation to one's race, culture and zip code. Chapter 15 Mental Health. For some reason, some topics (that don't seem as important in relation to other priority issues) have much more text and information, while other topics lack in comprehensive quality to a large extent.

Personalize the learning experience and improve results for each student with Mastering. I like the section on sexual health/identity/orientation in the Sexuality chapter. I found no factual errors but did question the notion that gluten-free diets can assist with anemia and wondered if research about the resilience gene in children might be referenced. MyLab Health Professions with Pearson eText -- Instant Access -- for Human Diseases, 8th Edition, Instructor Resource Manual (Download only) for Human Diseases, 8th Edition, PowerPoint Presentation (Download only) for Human Diseases, 8th Edition, Image Library for Human Diseases, 8th Edition, Test Bank (Download only) for Human Diseases, 8th Edition, Mass Communication / Public Relations / Film, Social Work / Family Therapy / Human Services, Construction Management & Civil Technology, Engineering Technology & Industrial Management, Downloading and using instructor resources, Engineering, Computer Science & Programming, Choosing the Right Solutions for Your Redesign, Teaching humanities, social sciences & English, Teaching Microsoft Office Application courses, Engaging students with interactive figures, MyLab IT: preparing students for certification, Pearson author roundtable on digital learning, Pathophysiology / Pathology / Disease Conditions, Download Test Bank for Blackboard Learning System, Download Test Bank for Blackboard CE/Vista, Human Diseases (Subscription), 8th Edition, Human Diseases Plus MyLab Health Professions with Pearson eText -- Access Card Package, 8th Edition, MyLab Health Professions with Pearson eText -- Access Card -- for Human Diseases, 8th Edition.

| There are enough chapters to spread this out over a ten or 15 week term/semester. The Security Rule established protection for all personally identifiable health information stored in electronic format. It reviews the main topics I currently cover in my course and has less limitations than many overly-priced books.

Reviewed by Sonia Tinsley, Assistant Professor/Division Chair, Allied Health, Louisiana College on 4/28/20, Covers a variety of health topics that are typical to a personal and community health course. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. SE/TE: Prentice Hall Health Textbook: Chapter 1: Making Healthy Decisions Section 2: Identifying Health Risks pg.

(0.2MB), Download Sakai TestBank (application/zip) The language and presentation of material appears unbiased. There are biases in the information. The organization follows the same logical fashion as all of the top rated professionally published Health Education textbooks.

Physical Activity for Health, Fitness, and Performance!

While the book includes many of the main points related to each topic, it does not go into too much depth. Reviewed by Robert West, EMS Program Director, North Shore Community College on 6/7/20, Health education is an enormous subject area but this text does an excellent job covering the most important topics.

(0.4MB), Download Test Bank - Word (application/zip) Health information is dynamic and no text can always be current, but there are sections that are clearly too old to be considered useful unto themselves. Diseases and Disorders of the Endocrine System, 13.

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