papa legba prayer

Can I still call on him an ask for his help? I was told if the ritual is done at night that is a binding of some sort is that correct? Tuesday are dedicated to the Petro lwa. Pennies, candy, black coffee, childrens toys. He stands at a spiritual you crossroads and gives (or denies) permission to speak with the spirits of Guinee, and is believed to speak all human languages. Food offerings can include chicken, beef, spicy foods, breads, cakes, baked bananas, sweet potatoes, etc. Offerings can be gifts for the altar such as items that he likes-pennies, copper, small toys, etc. Finally, dismiss him and thank him for his presence. On it, you should put an image of Papa Legba, 3 keys, 3 pennies, an offering plate and cup and flowers. Just go to a crossroads at midnight and call upon Papa Legba. The Lwas have favorites, but do not like the same thing allthe time. What happen if you don't provide offerings? An altar with black and red cloths, black and red candles, red flowers, and various decorations is welcomed. Papa Legba! This post will talk about Papa Legba, the Lwa spirit of the crossroads. plus all of the offerings you have provided us to give to him. Can I reuse the candles I didn’t take to the cross roads after? You can just say the prayer, play a taped verions, or so on. Here are some more suggestions- A Titan and a Lwa... Legba and hecate are different facets of the same diamond. Or is there help out there? Your children are waiting. Food offerings can include chicken, beef, spicy foods, breads, cakes, baked bananas, sweet potatoes, etc. I never had the call for necromancy, until I started working within it.

If 2/3 land on tails, he has denied your deal. Lwas don't work for nothing :), His offerings do not always have to be extreme.

© Copyright 2018 Solitary Morrigan's Book of Shadows. The practices of Vodun come from an indigenous belief system found in West Africa. Ethereal beings are not bound to single names or physical forms.

A lot of this is common sense. However, strange as it may be , when my mom is with me he speaks through her. Believed to have originated in the kingdom of Dahomey, now Benin, Papa Legba is one of the best known figures in African spirituality. The Deities I work with are not connected to voudou. In fact, the character is more similar to Baron Samedi, the Lwa of death. Begin saying a prayer to invoke Papa Legba. However, he can be summoned at any time. In New Orleans voodoo, they are viewed as spirits left behind by God to watch over humans. Coffee, rum, coconuts, peanuts, candies. His colors are red and black. If the ring itself is silver or better yet copper than it is welcome. Papa Legba, open the gates.

Legend says that if you take your instrument to a crossroads at midnight, Papa Legba will appear, tune your instrument and teach you to play. Sunday is assigned to Bondye. This promise should scale with your wish. When the people of Africa were captured, enslaved, and brought to North America, they brought with them many of their gods and spirits, including Legba. i myself have communed with papa Legba ..and he did allow me to talk to my dead cousin ....but it was in a dream i had that night. Think over which Lowa would ask for it and buy it. You can also place a Papa Legba spirit bottle on it, if you have one. Your children are waiting. Papa Legba, open the gates.

When calling on Papa Legba to either open the gates or to petition him, you want to light the candles for him and always give an offering of rum. Lêgba is known to favors dogs. Papa Legba can be invoked though use of his veve. Many jazz musicians from New Orleans say they learned how to play from Papa Legba. Yes! As long as you are serving your Lwa consistently and passionately, it hardly matters when you do. An altar with black and red cloths, black and red candles, red flowers, and various decorations is welcomed. If you would like, you can build a shrine for Papa Legba. I have nothing to offer papa legba. This is why so many hoodoo rituals are done at crossroads. I've heard the call, and I mean to answer, what should I know?I never had the calling for black magic, until I started practicing it. It's something I always give him. Wednesdays to Ogoun.

When he is assured, he opens the gates to the spirit world. Hold the bottle of Florida Water in your right hand.

not trying to seem skeptical, just in a place mentally where everything is failing me. Hi I went to the cross road to give offering to papa legba how will I know if he receives it?

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