open book exams pros and cons

Thank you! And subscribe to our blog to read answers to the trending GD topics. Cons: Express your point of view through the comment section below. . Delhi University conducted online open-book exams in 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic. Many are of the opinion that students will just copy the content from the textbook. repetition is better than learning; it makes the brain connect and explore better, Great article! And this is great for remembering the whole picture. It’s a psychological thing that makes you want to study more as it will be more difficult. You will get good content & we will get a subscriber.

Complete Literature is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to For example, my open book exams are not "closer to real-world problems," and there is debate in math education circles about whether that is helpful anyway. For those students that learn on a slower curve, you can spend a bit more time on a focus group with them. Accomplish all of this without costing you tons of valuable classroom time! Keep in mind that I love to read anything I get my hands on. 4 0 obj And then I opened the encyclopedia back up and started with the first paragraph. So that could be a big drawback which scare the student. The more they do it, the more second nature it becomes. Mastering this definitely helps them as they move up levels as well as in their future careers. People wouldn’t study and then they spent way too much time looking for answers in the book and bam…. I have no experience with open book exams, but as a student I used to take good notes . They will think that since they will have all of the resources with them that they don't need to do anything to prepare. I pretty much loved the open-book exams when I was in school. We respect your privacy and will not inundate your  inbox. You are still forced to study and make notes - however, Using notes, Reference materials and equipment, You are able to formulate more in-depth answers, Show ability in knowledge searching, Understanding and application of this knowledge and formulate critical answers. The trade off here is that you still have the same amount of time to finish the test--one class period. And then it follows them into their adult years. I actually became excited because for the first time I realized I could do it! Some of them may never pick up on the right cues. such exams were my favorite.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Open Book Examination Advantages of Open Book Examination 1. Subscribe to our newsletter and learn about new book releases and other helpful information about classroom management, curriculum, and lesson planning for your club, class or homeschool. Green Jobs are essential for sustainable development.

While I believe there are more pros than cons regarding open book exams, I will go over them here and let you decide. I will let you read about it, then you can weigh in on your own thoughts after. Saying, "write this down because it's going to be on the test," is something I heard teachers and professors stress all the way through college. Unless, of course, you are point blank telling them what notes to take. With open-book exams, students, Memory training is also important, especially for children. I used to study the pages, even with large material, so that I would be able to dig in better on test day. <> Not just open-book exams, but testing different kinds of exams as an alternative to memory-based exams is much needed to improve the quality of our education system. Karnataka state too tried implementing open-book exams.

Middle School Block Scheduling: the Pros and Cons.

Corporate Social Responsibility – Charity or Marketing gimmick? I sat down at a nearby table with my encyclopedia and folder with assignment in hand. Either the student needs to translate the text to their own explanation/answer on the test. If students are not guided well to give open-book exams. It’s a win-win for both of us. It will teach them what they have to do next time to do a good job. Exactly, Brianne. I think that it is one of the best tools for learning in a classroom or real-world setting.

Open-book exams may discourage students in memorizing even the basic things. It’s good that open-book type of exam encourage children’s research skills. Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription. So with an understanding of exactly what constitutes an open-book exam, lets go ahead and explore some of the pros and cons of using them in schools. But they were always my favorite! But when I opened up the appropriate volume and found the information I was looking for, I was so incredibly intimidated by the information I found.

have also had a few times these open book exams they are really very beneficial according to me..indeed glad you analysed it more…, I think that memorizing does not help at all; it is better to analyze and understand each situation. But you have more ability to answer them in a way that earns you more points rather than being only right or wrong.

How has it worked for you? As the evaluation in open-book exams will be tough, it may put even more pressure on students. The following are some of the most talked about benefits of open book exams that I found when researching but also experienced in my own school settings, both as a student and a teacher. Many of them can easily be worked around. Definitely took a lot of the test anxiety away too So clever! But sometimes teachers used to make them especially hard to make up for the fact that we have our materials with us. I would doubt they were thinking of it as plagiarism. According to a principal of a Delhi-based school, “Open book tests must be implemented in a systematic manner. ), then talk about it in class, do related homework assignments, possibly do a report, and maybe even a peer discussion on it, they are now pretty close to the seven times they need to apply it to be able to remember it well and long. I looked in a couple of encyclopedias, but the information was sparse and not enough to finish my report. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

They are intimidating to the middle schooler who has to find one piece of information to answer a question. It can also eliminate cheating & copying.

And going back to deliberately find particular information is going to help students retain that information better already because it isn't random information they are taking in anymore. Your analysis is spot on! This was pretty interesting. Well, good job for sharing this! It’s so much better to have resources at our disposal. It’s funny because the answers are not in the books! Start at the level you are already working at. Are Open-Book Exams a Closed Case?

And I love the title! Should betting and gambling be legalized in India? Then I could remember the words based on where they were located on the pages. It is  exposing them to it one or two more times for the sake of making it easier for them to find when they need to.

In an Open book exam, students can check the books. As a student, having to dig deep to remember where that paragraph was located that you are now looking for can bring so many other things to mind. Cons of Open Book Exams So an open book test made that process even easier. I am sorry, Bindu. Exams would have been so much more fun. No need to make it so difficult just for the sake of difficulty. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. I believe its a great way for students to build up their research skills. I always thought open book exams are more aligned to real life situations. If some of your students continue to have difficulty in this area, you could always sit down with them and ask them if they need help.

I wish that some of your teachers could have worked through that with you. And they have to sift through 50+ pages of text plus their notes for the past several weeks. Learning and knowledge retention really varies. There is a definite need to memorize facts in order to retain them for life. It would be better to take out a period or two from your normal schedule to work on these concepts so that they will be well trained in such an important concept. It is the same way with open-book exams. No need for that. I had a lot of open book exams through school and for the most part really enjoyed them. And you will be satisfied with a job well done. endobj It is not really doing the work for them. Open-book exams can bring a revolutionary change in the Indian education system by reforming the method of teaching. As time went on, it became a game for me. They will quickly learn that this is not the case. You still have to read the book prior to the test to know where to find the information! But that is something that generally happens in the preschool, elementary,  and early middle school years. And some others are against this alternative to normal exams. And all of a sudden it was no longer beyond my reach. So, I hesitantly walked over to the Encyclopædia Britannicas. Once I broke it down, it was no longer too hard for me. I’ve always loved open book exam though I also believe that we don’t rely on this type of exam. Besides warning them that they need to take note of what you just said, it will also bring them back from daydreaming or other distractions that may have grabbed their attention. And there should be enough classroom practice that the vast majority of students should be proficient at it by the time it comes to taking an open-book exam.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'completeliterature_com-leader-1','ezslot_9',119,'0','0'])); If you find that your students are having difficulty with this concept, having a quick refresher on it would definitely save you time in the long run. That is very true, Gervin. An open book exam is one which students are allowed to bring their notes and textbooks along with them  to look up any information that they need to answer all of the test questions. I experienced Open-Book Exams. I did love that I could always find the answer and I wouldn’t lose points based on not being able to come up with something in my head! Inspiring Ideas for Every Teacher. �̽��ɞO����/H"���X����$(��P��@hF2/��œ�h�"������ss_��{,E�-޹�:�'��UJ9�j�-k\��1zWK����!cc�+���+ All Rights Reserved. But then, as with all things in life, everything has its pros and cons. Is it something you have capitalized on in your classroom or homeschool? It sounds like a good way to take a test but in reality, maybe not? Unfortunately, not many students will have time to read all of their assignments 7 times in order to learn them well enough.

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