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Pauline Hanson has doubled down on her rant against Melbourne’s trapped tower residents, saying they highlight “the failures of multiculturalism”. One Nation's Senate team, including (left to right) Brian Burston, Pauline Hanson, Malcolm Roberts and Rod Culleton. "She will not add another ounce of energy to the party the minute she leaves, because it's all about Pauline, not the party. 2020 US election live results: Who is winning? Julie Bishop has made an exceedingly rare campaign appearance - and blatantly contradicted Prime Minister Scott Morrison in the process. This means the atmosphere cools the surface. In its heyday, One Nation won 11 seats in the 1998 state election and was viewed as a major threat to the major political parties. Pauline Hanson’s mysterious absence amid the One Nation scandal has been explained, with claims an injury has left her “unrecognisable”. The public broadcaster's footprint and reach in regional Queensland has not changed since the last election. The acknowledgement of country ceremony, recited in school assemblies across Australia, finds no place of honour for the British and other European explorers and pioneers for the nation they created. ABC to receive funding "commensurate with the size of its inner city, Greens-voting constituency": "It is time for the nation to break the bias of public broadcasting before that bias breaks the nation. The black armband version of history is firmly in the curriculum, playing on the sensitivities of children and young adults unable to defend themselves.

No, they did not. Pauline Hanson did not mince words in response.

The group also have pet projects, ranging from exposing climate change, to exposing the banks to exposing welfare cheats to exposing the "black armband version of history" being taught in school curriculums.

It’s all your fault, ‘Chaos’: Journo’s question before boilover. That first nation founded the Commonwealth and served the country in two world wars. A tattooed One Nation candidate has been caught out making derogatory comments about women and gay people in online videos. This service may include material from Agence France-Presse (AFP), APTN, Reuters, AAP, CNN and the BBC World Service which is copyright and cannot be reproduced. Priests in Queensland will have to report knowledge of child sexual abuse or face jail and will no longer be protected by the seal of confession. A surge in people signing up to vote in the same-sex marriage survey could have an unexpected impact on the election outcome. But Dr Cockfield said the future was not looking good for the party.

", Amy Remeikis is the social affairs and communications reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, based in Parliament House, One Nation policies: The definitive guide to the views of Pauline Hanson and her senators. Australian companies banned from paying for Halal certification. Pauline Hanson’s dumping from Today has sparked an unlikely war of words between Sam Armytage and another popular TV presenter. Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out.

"One Nation is a one-person party … it's the Pauline Hanson [party].

In the lead up to the Queensland state election Steve Austin and Matt Wordsworth break down the big questions and crucial campaign moments.

", Against the constitutional recognition of indigenous peoples: "The national flag is often ignored or dishonoured in schools, while multiculturalism and Indigenous issues are now part of the curriculum.

The Prime Minister faced a horror day with candidates dropping like flies, and one phrase he let slip in a press conference revealed just how dire things are. An understandable concern for indigenous children has been allowed to crowd out the needs of others. Pauline Hanson’s emotional TV interview sparked an unexpected response, as the embattled One Nation leader reels from her latest scandal. Or Trump refuses to go?

A video of conservative politician George Christensen singing has got him into hot water after it became clear he didn't get permission to use a very popular song. "Democratise" multiculturalism and "restore the traditional policies which forged this nation". Add articles to your saved list and come back to them any time.

These have ranged from the promotion of One Nation by racist groups and their leaders to some of their members holding positions within the party. But there’s only one person to blame for her woes. Official Page. One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has one key strength that makes her practically indestructible. Pauline Hanson has stolen the words of Donald Trump today as her pity party continues. "How would Australians know what is being taken from them, if they were never taught about this great gift they have? The party, which has seen its popularity soar since the July election, is united in its call for 'one nation', identifying those it believes to be acting contrary to that call. The sun warms the earth's surface. Zero net immigration – annual intake to match emigration: "We believe that our country needs to stabilise its population. How then can the atmosphere warm it. As neither the Coalition or Labor holds a majority in the upper house and One Nation potentially have the power to make or break legislation, the speeches also reveal where the minor party's priorities will lie during negotiations. Our nation is still at the heart of Australia's economy, culture and identity but is routinely dishonoured in schools and the media. ", The Trans-Pacific Partnership deal and G20 should have been taken to a referendum: "Did the government take the proposal to a referendum, as demanded under the constitution? Bill Shorten has warned Australia risks becoming an "international laughing stock" if there's one particular outcome after the election. At school assemblies the acknowledgement of country ritual tells them again and again, that their land belongs to Aborigines, whose flag is often flown with equal or superior prominence to the national flag.". Pauline Hanson has been filmed appearing to suggest the heinous mass murder of dozens of people in Tasmania isn’t what it appears to be. Scott Morrison made a political play when he severed ties with One Nation. The party experienced a swing of close to 7 per cent against it on Saturday. "The party will survive after Pauline because it has got a very good candidate at Mirani, Steve Andrew," he said. "She runs the party, and she runs it on her own and she must take full responsibility for its collapse.". Pauline Hanson has claimed vindication for “decades of being labelled racist” after what she’s calling a “stunning backflip” from the Labor Party. Pauline Hanson has finally fronted the cameras to respond to the Al Jazeera documentary that left her party embroiled in scandal. ", Restore patriotic curriculum of the '50s and '60s: "The patriotic curriculum of my childhood has been replaced by the full gamut of political correctness.

It's One Nation's plan to make Australia great again.

A government minister's Facebook page has become a playground for trolls using his own comment against him after was sprung yesterday commenting on his own post. A video of conservative politician George Christensen singing has got him into hot water after it became clear he didn't get permission to use a very popular song. It is also the UN's template and Australia must leave the UN.

Former state party president Jim Savage said he was not surprised by the result. All those contrarians compose a broad church that includes the media, the major parties, the political class, those taking advantage of welfare, anyone who has not "assimilated" or upheld "Australian values", any cultural or religious identity contrary to "Australian values", Marxists, the left, those who refuse to see the "ugly reality" of Australia's multiculturalism, socialists, minority activists, and those who share an opposition to "traditional Australia". Mr Ashby claimed the ABC was "pretty fat" in Brisbane, but coverage was lacking in the regions. No more mosques or Islamic schools to be built; those that already exist to be monitored, Sharia law "should not be acknowledged or allowed". The surface, by contact, warms the moving, circulating atmosphere. ", Welfare support limited to one child: "Get a job and start taking responsibility for your own actions.

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