old town next vs native ultimate

The foremost factor was price and availability of contenders. I may have accidently discovered the Holy Grail of paddlecraft. On the maiden voyage down the South Branch of the AuSable River in Michigan the seat fell out of the track within 3 seconds. It paddles just like a good touring kayak and you can get up to full speed in about 3 strokes. You can spend the day in it and not come out with a sore back or backside. I was instantly impressed by a multitude of factors. Perfect boat for certain situations but choose wisely. I had mine come out at least once every trip. The seats are, in realty, not very adjustable. The boat's hybrid nature is the best part of it.

The seat is comfortable and will ensure that your arms tire before your rear does. The Next has solved my problems.

THANK YOU, Old Town, for creating such a wonderful boat. Came home grabbed the family and headed for Riffle River Rec. Portage, loading and unloading was otherwise amiable. For the old and frail such as I, note that the weight is 53 pounds as now spec'd (different with and without the removable seat, of course). Old Town announced 49 lbs for the Next. What the Next excels at is stability, comfort and room to bring stuff and and have access to it it while on the water. A canoe, especially in deep water is a precarious vessel, one that ought to be as reliable and dependable as reasonably possible. I have paddled mine in swift-moving water and on lakes, on windy days and on calm ones, and found it up to each task, although paddling into strong currents takes concentration to keep the boat straight. Hybrid cars, hybrid vegetables, and from Old Town, their contribution to the hybrid era, the NEXT. It is outstanding! The NEXT represents the future of paddling, with over a century of expertise poured into one truly amazing watercraft. Speed is fine with the Old Town kayak paddle, less effective with a canoe paddle and impossible (for me) with a Greenland paddle. What a rush.

It has a lot of space for load gear (204 kg max.

The Next also utilizes adjustable foot rests, which aid in giving you a comfortable seating position, and allow you to brace in turns. It would take a good bit of practice and good balance to paddle it from a standing position, but I'm sure it can be done. This led me to reviewing the Old Town Next. The tracks the seats are on are not parallel, but bow with the shape of the boat. This boat is very responsive as well. My boat had two production issues which the factory addressed upon request.

However, the price is high for a small solo poly canoe. When I let Old Town know about my dissapointment in this vessel they pretty much said "Sorry, here is our solution, fix it yourself". It is fast and fun. The bottom line is the bottom line. Pedal Kayaks.

The boat is light, good looking and gives you access to tight spaces.

Now for the colors. The engineers screwed up big time on this one letting this vessel go into production without correcting their seat issue. The craft is easy to transport, and can be loaded and unloaded from a vehicle by one person without much trouble. Double paddle; yes and this is great. It's easy to paddle, its shape lends well to efficiency. I will still paddle my other yaks but I will no longer be using my regular canoe. I have had zero problems and have been out in the water for hours and remember I'm fat. I put it back in and tightened the strap that goes underneath the seat only to have it immediately fall out of the track again. I have a little age on me and some lower back issues. One thing to consider if using your Next in an environment which would encourage regular rinsing of the seat before stowage; the seat retains water after washing, thus can't just simply be rinsed, wiped and shoved into the closet without making a puddle. I feel like I will have a fix for this, but feel as though Old Town should've had this worked out prior to marketing this boat. This is more than I've been able to read in reviews so far, so I appreciate it.

I am happy to report that it has exceeded my expectations. They paddle regularly in kayaks, and they are all discussing moving in to a NEXT this season. With a little lean added she will turn much faster than you would expect. Stable, easy to paddle (I was using a traditional single blade paddle) this canoe can be fast. You still have room for apparel, coolers and a dog.

I can't compare it to other single seat canoes because I never paddled one.

The Next tracks well we are paddling, except in in medium to strong wind, but we are learning to compensate for the wind. Will try soon on Class I/II rivers to see if it works as an all around kayak. We are raising the bar on comfort, gear accessibility and user-friendly outfitting. Old Town places the NEXT in the recreation class, which feels right. Still impressive. Men’s Journal has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services.

I looked at all the various fishing kayaks and canoes that were on the market -- and ended up with the hybrid NEXT. The Old Town “NEXT” hopes to straddle the line between kayak and canoe, but does it manage? I'm overweight and have bad knees so I had been trying sit on top kayaks and found them too heavy and sluggish in the water. It caught my eye, mainly because of the color, and I popped over to the Old Town website to learn more. When I decided to turn around I let the wind catch the side then I leaned and pivoted around to get setup for getting shot out from under the bridge. For those indifferent to these matters, the Next is a fine little boat and highly recommended. 60lbs seems relatively light, yet I find it hard to load this boat on my Forester without assistance. It behaves just like a kayak. At times I will move the seat and foot pegs forward and mount a trolling motor behind me with the battery right behind the seat.

If you could share the videos, I would also appreciate that. I am out of practice and would try it again, although I was very wet and cold. The rail and bracket system seemed a bit busy, having a flimsy appearance and feel to me. As of yet they are fine. I had to fix this four different times throughout the day. So yes, I like this boat. We have some great creeks here in Ky to float on.

Bottom line, we wanted a boat that’s easy to use.”.

In regard to the weight of Next, it is much lighter than the SOT kayaks I had been trialing so I am very pleased. I bobbed down some Class II water and stayed dry, but that’s as far as I’d push it. I can camp out of it with lots of room to spare. Skip to content. I like the choices. So off I go to buy one. Paddling time 1 hour. “We wanted a boat that has the feel of a recreational kayak, a profile for low windage, lower seat level, and a hull that tracks nicely. After a couple decades of paddling mostly sit on top kayaks, with excellent primary stability, (the initially feeling of tippiness experienced in paddlecraft), my core reflexes had forgotten what a more rounded hull was like. I've also found that no matter where I position my drip rings I seem to get water in the boat from the paddle due to being slightly higher out of the water than a sit in kayak and also the modified strokes I find myself using to keep it tracking straight. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. An interview with Old Town designer Bob McDonough, The article was originally published on Canoe & Kayak. I was able to get my 3 year old daughter in there with me and plenty of room left. For comparison purposes, my wife and I used to a 17', 47 pound Ally skin and frame canoe.

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