ogre battle best ending guide

Tristan: We must use this celebration. I couldn't stop him... Yulia: I know. You know that she... Gilbert: Come off it.

Only you may decide! You put your every effort into fighting, and... neglected everything else. Everybody, let's go!

...And start anew.

The horror of the Ogre Battle... Albeleo: I cannot believe that I have lost! Our victory was brought about thanks to the people who fought with us.

Asnabel the Iron Hammer: Hurry up, Troi!! Just you wait until we meet again! I have found a most wonderful thing during the war!

Fogel: And you have become Head Angel. Goodbye, gentlemen! ...I enjoyed your company.

In a great battle that rocked the entire continent, King Frederick met with an untimely death.

Our jobs are not finished. Our efforts up till now will not go unrewarded. You are now following the Way of Kings... the gods will smile on the heroes. ...Get moving! This time, I'm totally serious! ...He accepted his fate, and what's more, he lived for all he was worth. Can we forgive that? Let me go. Destin the Valiant: ...What will you do now? The time for force is ended. I won't... No, I can't stop you anymore... From here... only a path of thorns lies ahead of you. Katreda: Don't be so hasty, Father. With her marriage to Destin, her popularity is sealed. Met his friend again at Heim. Hugo the Tactician: I'm sorry for calling you back to battle. Your sister found the best way back she could. ...I'm going to put my energy into rebuilding this kingdom. I'll show them who's the man!! Also MIA. Destin the Valiant: Magnus, I knew you'd be here... You're thinking about Yumil, aren't you?

It's too dangerous! The best unit to have is 2 attackers in the front and 3 magic-users in the back; two of those magic-users being wizards or doll mages and 1 being a healer.

You'll see me again. Female Lord: Tell all of the people! To create a world without war. Death to those who oppose us! And you bear the responsibility to share your talents and abilities as you can! Head Angel Yushis. There are rights to all which should never be violated! Oh, Mizal... Fogel: Cheer up. I only did what was necessary. Killed in action 2 years later. Magnus: King Frederick's death will be deeply mourned. No need for compassion! We'll meet again. ...! Ogre Battle Saga Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Why do you think a puny country like the Highlands was able to take the continent? Thus the birth of a new ruler over the Zeteginean Continent was born.

But I will not die! Kerikov: How could his be... Those idiots are going to rule this kingdom? Answer me!!

What's important is how each person lives his life! May we meet again. That's enough for me.

Magnus: ...Why!? Magnus, ...come with us. Here is where we need the true power. You have become a hero unlike any ever known before.

I discovered the franchise the other way around, though: after loving and completing FFT on the PlayStation back in the day, I looked around and found Ogre Battle: Let Us Cling Together, the second game in the series, and was again blown away. Meredia: Hey, don't get me wrong. Infighting among the court families and the emerge... Long, long ago in the land of Ishmeria, 6 magicians and a dragon were sealed in the gems of the crown Gemfire. Canopus Walf. To create a world of light so that those who died did not die in vain. Gilbert: Yeah. Create a wonderful country, OK? The list is in descending order from the canon ending down to the low alignment ending.

Remember those whom you love. Sheen: ...Oh man, there goes my temper!! After that, the New Kingdom of Zenobia enjoyed long peace under King Tristan. But that is not all... People, you must not forget! With your strength, I can rest assured. Rauny: You're the hero! I'm very worried about that. The empire you built become known and feared as the 'Black Empire'. This is a list of the endings in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen. King Frederick governed the kingdom not for himself, but for the people. Learn the ways of the dark! Revolutionary Army Soldier: This kingdom needs Sir Frederick. Destin! After that, the New Kingdom of Zenobia enjoyed long peace under King Tristan. I'm sorry that I won't be able to attend your wedding. Became a loyal supporter of the new King of Zenobia. I promised the King. For Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen on the Super Nintendo, GameFAQs has 15 guides and walkthroughs.

It's now time for you to take over... Canopus: What will you do about Yulia? ...Those who followed you, and fought with you, are here. Aaaghhhh!! There's no need for two kings in one kingdom.

'Man has a responsibility to make the most of his talents and abilities...' ...Believe in yourself, Magnus. Destin the Valiant: ...Saradin has said this to me often. Female Lord: I don't need any thanks. Destin the Valiant: They weren't wrong. Will the power of her sword be needed again... ? Old Man's Voice: This is... the fourth time I reincarnated. He was a victim to his own black magic! The battle has just begun... Until that time, enjoy yourselves as you can. We don't need people like you. ...Be true... to yourself... and... move... on...... (Destin dies).

It feels like we can do anything, even the impossible! We are an empire built on the Dark! ...That woman... (An infant crawls from beneath Mari's dress, and floats in midair, glowing with an evil aura). And that is the path... that you chose. By being hero, you were bound to come for the throne sometime. I think you have heard, but Rodisti to the north... seems to have plans for us. Tristan: Then will you stay here and help me again for a while? They want to rule over you!

Destin the Valiant: ...We'll continue north from here. Magnus: What does it all mean...? May the gods give us their favours and honour on the road we are to take!

I owe it all to those who fought with me. Captain of the New Zenobian Beast Brigade. For his valor in defending the continents of Zeteginia and Galicia from invasion of the eastern barbarian tribes, and for practicing the republican policies of his predecessor, he will be remembered as a great king, in both strength and wisdom... ...His legacy will be carried on by his son, Prince Aeneas Gallant. Tristan: Good. I want you to become the general over my armies, and command as you have... Well? Oh, this isn't the last they'll hear of me. (heart). This is a list of the endings in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen.

Tristan: I'm glad to hear that. You're thinking too much. Please allow this tired old man to find his final resting place... Tristan: I know.

Tristan: I will never forget you. You still need to help me! Your name will go down in history and never forgotten. We couldn't let that go unrewarded. ...We must not let our hearts be filled with hatred!

One year later, a unit of Liberation Forces led by a young Prince Tristan... destroyed you and your army, and freed Zenobia once again. To live in the Light, or to live in the dark. Liedel: Why are you all shy? I only helped you. My journey is only just beginning. Accept it for what it is! And together, we'll create a world where people can live in peace. I suppose. Destin: Ha, ha ha! Tristan Come back to us, OK? Lans: A toast! Meredia: Oh, don't worry, Hugo♥ Who wouldn't get excited, huh?

I guess you're right. That's it!! What a dark woman I am... Slust: No!

But, they weren't right either. Come one (sic) back to the hall and have a drink with me, hmmmm? My job is finished. Not at all! That I can lounge around Zenobia Castle like this again!

Fenril: Very good.

Debonair: There's no need for us in a Zenobia at peace!

...He was known by all as a paragon of chivalry, by the way he defended Palatinus from numerous battles and lived by his sword. Female Lord: There are other places in war outside of Zeteginea. I'm thinking about going to see if that's true. My job is finished. The throne passed to me, but you are the hero here.

Tristan: You're exactly right. ...I know you understand.

If I weren't a royal knight, I would be tempted to stay with Destin. The time when we will need to fight them will come, so I have a favour to ask of you. ...Isn't that right, you who walk with the darkness!? Until then... Ashe: Your Highness. This is the body that I've been searching for so long. We will someday be able to create a world with no war. Magnus: Destin... Can you tell me about fate? We also accept maps and charts as well. Fenril: Just checking on something.

Fenril: I suppose I'm just worrying too much. You can't fall apart yet.

Do we have no control over it? He who lives by the sword dies by the sword... You have followed the wrong path... Galf: You've done well. High Wizard of the New Zenobian Magical Battalion. I'll be fine. You are the one to create a new world with no war. Do as you will... Debonair: We'd better hurry and pack, before the others find out... Destin: The others? That's enough for me. Well, I guess not... You're only concerned with winning battles, nothing else. For Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber on the Nintendo 64, GameFAQs has 19 guides and walkthroughs. Don't ever lose sight of your humanity, ...your kindness. https://ogrebattlesaga.fandom.com/wiki/Person_of_Lordly_Caliber_-_Endings?oldid=22942. There are rights to all which should never be violated! ...Do you understand? The peace you've won, his dream is here, now. Tristan: Guard Destin with your life!

Hah, hah... Lans Hamilton. No! Received the favours of the gods, and was known as the White King. And your body will be the first thing I take... Galf: Stupid human... Hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, ha! Magnus: I... will stay in Palatinus. The rest is up to you, Your Highness. Rauny: But our work isn't finished!

Before Final Fantasy Tactics, my favorite fantasy tactical battle RPG, there was the Ogre Battle series. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. The empire that Destin has created is worse than the Zeteginean Empire. You mean Norn, right?

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

To use this feature, you need to be logged in to GameFAQs. She got her wish. Without our hero, we wouldn't be here today. You can write and submit your own guide for this game using either our full-featured online editor or our basic text editor. Tristan: My mother and father have been avenged.

Why did you...... Destin the Valiant: If you, a warrior of matchless valor, return to Latium, where the new leader is aiming to guide the people to the right path... What will happen? Remember your parents who loved you. Geez... Hugo the Tactician: I'm sorry for calling you back to battle. There are many other places where I am needed. Continued to teach the ways of the gods, and later became one herself. Whoah, whoah!

Do you want to go?

You must remember... his courage, his determination to fight against his fate. Rauny: To stop another like Rashidi from ever reappearing. Why aren't you king?

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