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QUOTE (Cash High @ Nov 9 2010, 02:28) I'm surpised CJ wanted to waste his time trying to help OG Loc with his garbage rap career. What happened to him afterwards is unknown. Loc was then ordered to work as a Burger Shot janitor by his parole officer, and in the process of attempting to become famous, ruined Madd Dogg's career by having CJ steal his rhyme book and kill his manager (who called Loc whack). Weapons After the downfall of the Grove Street Families, Big Smoke chose to launder his drug money by granting Loc a record contract, making him rich and famous. This is based on Vanilla Ice having been extorted by Suge Knight for a stolen song. (Missing Lyrics), Iz U Packin? Biographical information While in jail, he built up his street credibility. A'yo it's Loc baby He was interviewed by Lazlow on WCTR. A'yo it's Loc baby ―OG Loc expressing his frustration, in Madd Dogg's Rhymes. Game information See more ideas about Og loc, Funny horror, Horror movies memes. I'ma do it for you dawg! A'yo he yo it's Loc baby You know that chronic make me paranoid, baby. Let me, hear ye say

A'yo it's Loc baby Just how much pity do we need to generate and how much blame do we need to apply for things which happened 500, or 1000 or 3000 years ago?
Platí to od severu k jihu. You ready for this man? Loc is the man! He wasted his time with Ryder too, didn't he? Appearance(s) In the PS4/Xbox One/Mobile versions of the game, OG Loc wears a bandana on his head and inexplicably has a moustache. Shortly after, his manager Big Smoke, was killed, and OG Loc did not return to the rap game. Loc is the man Jeffrey Cross (or Jefferey Martin, as on the official San Andreas page), known professionally as OG Loc, is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a main character, and later a minor antagonist in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Loc immediately enlisted CJ's help in killing Freddy, a member of Los Santos Vagos whom he claimed had "disrespected" him (Freddy had revealed that they had a consensual homosexual relationship while in prison). Sometime after the year 1987, he began going by the name "OG Loc", and started committing petty crimes, mostly traffic violations. CJ! It's OG Loc here in the place I'm gonna start low I'm gonna start that oxy for you brotha! These criminal offences landed him in jail for a few weeks. SAAY OG!

VortexKart A'yo, a'yo it's Loc baby Tec9 Sweet advised him to leave the ghetto and attend college, but Jeffrey was set on becoming a rapper.

American It's Loc baby! Vehicle(s) Alive Using Madd Dogg's rhyme book, he recorded his first (and only) album Str8 From Tha Streetz, immediately paired with a clothing company, Loc-Down (a reference to his prison stint, complete with a handcuff logo) available at Victim. Say OG!

Yeah, yeah, yeah homie Loc is the man! Hey yo it's Loc baby! Let me hear you (Missing Lyrics), Hard in the Yard

It's Loc, it's Loc, no joke, no joke! This model appears to only affect his cutscene appearance, however, as his mission appearance is the same as normal. A tour poster in Whispymound Drive also advertises OG Loc's OriGinal Tour and Down and Dirty tour. I'm gonna start that oxy for you brotha! Hey yo it's Loc baby! (Missing Lyrics), I'ma, I'ma 'bout to bust it off on you a little somethin' like this.

C' is up in the place It's Loc baby!

Jeffrey Cross

Hey **** you better start announcing yourself before you get smoked up in here, ****. I'm the man in the place, punch you in the face, a gun in my waist! When Carl Johnson arrived back in Los Santos, OG Loc was still in prison. JeffOG LocLocLoc OGOg Loc

SAAAAAY OG! OG Loc in the place Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Jeffrey lacked the physical capability to join the Families, but was still enamoured of the gangster lifestyle. I'ma, I'ma 'bout to bust it off on you a little somethin' like this Nationality Oh, OG! It's Loc baby! "Damn - my shit was whack!" Gender

Damn. Asi tak nějak. Sep 10, 2019 - Explore Myles Paul's board "og loc" on Pinterest. Voiced by

Hey Loc is the man! For the mission, see OG Loc (mission).

Home Also known as When listening to some radio shows featuring OG Loc, his voice is much deeper and doesn't break.

Main affiliation You kno' wha' I'm sayin'? Grove Street, Ganton, Los Santos …

YEAH, YEAH, YEAH BABY! It's Loc baby, a'yo w'sup Loc? Status It's yo' man Despite the fact that Loc is a terrible rapper with a squeaky, scratchy voice, he slowly but surely makes a name for himself in the underground by using Madd Dogg's stolen lyrics.

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