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of anger. Your email address will not be published. ἄργμα, ΑΡΓΜΑ. She and the priest step into the ring of participants. pl., of animals slaughtered for food. Protection For this ritual, only Dionysus will be invoked. The contests were athletic, but could also be musical or poetic. © 2010 by These were games conducted as a gift to the God, for which one competed for an áthlon (prize; Gr. For more information:, For answers to many questions: Hellenismos FAQ. Contests of various types were conducted as offerings for Gods, as an entertainment for Gods, at all the major sanctuaries in antiquity. The sweetest, strongest wine is ever your drink; the mind’s release, the body’s loosening, your gift. Dionysus met and fell in love with the beautiful Ariadne, they married and she bore him Oenopion, Thoas, Staphylus, Latromis, Euanthes, and Tauropolus. metaph., of persons. But the examples given in mythology where individuals arouse petty retribution from Gods for actions which, in some instances, are not even done deliberately, are not to be taken literally. Come now to this house, come having one mind with Zeus the all wise-draw near, and with all bestow favor upon my song.”. This may be regarded as ‘UPG’, but makes perfect sense to me. An example of this would be when Aktaiohn (Actaeon; Gr. In front of these symbols is the seven-stringed kithára (cithara, κιθάρα), the lyre of Apóllohn (Apollo, Ἀπόλλων). Πλάτων] Politeia [The Republic; Gr. - Lexicon entry: ἀπαρχή, ἡ, mostly in pl. Zeus’s wife Hera soon learned of her husband’s infidelity. 2. firstlings for sacrifice or offering, first-fruits.

April 2012 You sacrificed yourself and in turn I shall sacrifice for you. There are everyday offerings typically represent Dionysos in some way like: wine, grains, bread, honey, fruits and flowers, spices, common incense (I prefer pine based oils and Indian style incense.)

While these tales are great mystical vehicles containing transcendent truth, they are symbolic and should not be taken literally; a literal reading will frequently yield an erroneous result. ἀγών) and the participants competed for a prize called the áthlon (prize; Gr. Aktaiohn is a hunter, like Ǽrtæmis.

Blessed be! Benjamin Jowett, 1892, as found in The Dialogues of Plato, published in 1937, by Random House (New York, NY USA), where this quotation may be found on pp. Ζεύς). There is no question that such a religion existed in antiquity as numerous examples can be found in the literature. January 2012 July 2011 These narratives are known as mythology, the traditional stories of the Gods and Heroes. Evocation An ágalma can be seen as a votive offering dedicated to the God it represents. A damp cloth may also be helpful, and so should be kept nearby. In our tradition, that of Orphismós (Orphism; Gr. March 2011 You sacrificed yourself and in turn I shall sacrifice for you. Articles II. Come to our Circle, Dionysus Hagnos, pure and holy one, and feel our pleasure. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Further, the inclusion of images, quotations, and links from outside sources does not in any way imply agreement (or disagreement), approval (or disapproval) by of the contents or views of any external sources from which they were obtained. This can be accomplished by making cookies and using cookie-cutters, easily available on the Internet and at some cooking stores. Anáthima is the Greek word for a votive offering, a dedicatory gift set up, usually in a temple, in gratitude to a God. For few are the goods of human life, and many are the evils, and the good is to be attributed to God alone; of the evils the causes are to be sought elsewhere, and not in him."

For flavours and scents, we honour you. We hear…. Agóhn, which also means a "struggle," is the etymological root for the English word agony. All Rights Reserved. = μασχαλίσματα. Panospría - (Gr. The priest covers the goblet with a dark cloth. The idea of offerings as a "business deal" is questionable, and our offerings cannot force the Gods to bestow favors. "Hail, child of fair-faced Semele! The Gods do not need or demand offerings.

September 2010

But the denial of nature and bodily pleasure means His power is often misused in our Apollonian world.

There are everyday offerings typically represent Dionysos in some way like: wine, grains, bread, honey, fruits and flowers, spices, common incense (I prefer pine based oils and Indian style incense.). When He manifests as a man He has long, beautiful, dark, wavy or curly hair.

With any of your offerings, you should research what kind your god or goddess would prefer before giving the offering. 3. οἱ παῖδες (children) σπλάγχνα λέγονται Artem.1.44. ), Osía (Gr.

(Plátohn [Plato; Gr. Divination

only in first sense of ἄγαλμα, delight, ornament. Rituals 647-648.). The golden sunshine in the day and the flickering flames at night; you bless our senses.

I’m not aware of any general taboos against offerings given to Dionysos. The ecstatic cult of Dionysus was originally thought to be a late arrival in Greece from Thrace or Asia Minor, due to its popularity in both locations and Dionysus' non-integration into the Olympian Pantheon. It is called the CESS logo, i.e. An approach was developed to enable the student to easily approximate the Greek words. The suppliant can offer small gifts, pottery or bronze, in the shape of an arm or leg or other part of the body in hope for healing; this was traditional in ancient times in the temples of Asklipiós (Asclepius; Gr. A group grounding meditation will go here if needed.

For your cooling, sensual blessings, we honour you. Priest: Dionysus, we ask you to bless us with wine, symbol of the pleasure You give and the transformations You cause. With this barley I purify this altar and space so that I may give offerings, libations, and speak with glory and respect the gods of Mt. A statue of something dear to a beloved God may be given as a present, such as in the picture on the left, a bronze deer for Ártæmis (Artemis; Gr. How do we know there are Gods? On this page we will outline some of the traditional offerings used in the rituals of Ællinismόs to express our Ǽrohs for the Gods. Books (L&S p. 739, right column, edited for simplicity. Ἀγαθὸς Δαίμων) which Ǽrtæmis uses to hunt down the beautiful souls. ), Thæodosía - (theodosia; Gr. ἄργματα, = ἀπάργματα, firstlings at a sacrifice or feast, Od.14.446. The offering represents the Ǽrohs or attraction to the beauty of the Gods, and it represents the Ǽrohs flowing from the Gods to us, that we receive from them and return to them in order to honor them and express our love and appreciation for them.

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