o day 25 manual

To Hoist or Raise Mainsail

CLEVIS PIN: A small stainless steel pin that has a hole in one end for a cotter pin and is used to secure stays to chainplates and mast fittings. A "tabernacle" is a great help as it permits easy one person stepping. Hoist the sail fully and cleat it.

TURNBUCKLE: A device used to maintain correct tension on rigging. If the blade works up while sailing, weather helm will increase thereby increasing drag and steering will become less efficient. 48 pages. 5. BOOM: Spar at the foot of the mainsail. Fasten all the jib snaps on the luff of the jib to the headstay and attach fitting on the tack to the stemhead fitting. Endeavor 40 - Owner's manual.

The first step is to remove the two spreaders which are taped on to the mast. 1975-1977. SHEET: A rope used to trim a sail. Includes Parts Catalog. Suggested Equipment for Rigging Boat Rebel/Spindrift Manual for DS2 . PINTLES: Pins on the forward side of a boat's rudder designed to rest in and pivot on the gudgeons secured to the transom. Outboard Motor CENTERBOARD: A keel like device that can be hoisted or lowered in a trunk that acts as a keel in shoal draft boats. In addition, a lookout should be maintained for the presence of overhead electrical power lines, particularly during launching and hauling.

STARBOARD: The right side of a boat, facing forward.

Lead 1,775 lbs. The mast is stepped through an opening in the deck. SPREADERS: Aluminum tubes that project from a mast in a traverse direction in order to keep a stay at proper tension and to help hold the mast erect. Boating Safety Act A new Federal Boating Safety Act was passed in 1971 to further encourage safety in boating O'Day endorses the general nature of this Act and certifies that it reasonably complies with requirements of the Act. ... - Bangor Punta Marine (6 pages including 1 page glossary) - 12/83. Undated. Attach the block to bail on the boom.

JIB: A triangular sail set forward of the mast. Undated.

By this the rudder is moved as desired. Roller Reefing The surface color (gel coat) should be cleaned and waxed at least twice a year in order to maintain its luster. FAIRLEAD: An eye used to lead line in the direction desired. DS2 Manual . Your boat is equipped with an automatic bailer located in the transom well. After all stays are attached, take the slack out of the rigging by tightening all stays taut, but no more than hand tight. TRUNK: A centerboard housing. Wanted: Owner's Manual for 1977 Cape Dory 25', 4.

Finally, unstep mast and screw step in place. 4. LEEWARD: Away from the wind. Maintenance Owner's Guide is undated, 8 pages.

Every O'Day boat has a special numbering system. Next fasten headstay to stemhead fitting.

Ericson 29 - Owner's manual.

GUDGEON: A metal socket attached to the transom to receive the pintle of the rudder. 1981. Once accomplished, the mast will stay in place. The information supplied to owners by O'Day varied greatly. RIGGING: The wire supporting the spars is called standing rigging (stays or shrouds) and the ropes used in setting and trimming sails are known as running rigging (halyards and sheets). Preventive Maintenance Its purpose is to hold the end of the boom up when the mainsail is lowered. Remember your boat is equipped with flotation material and it can act as a life preserver. Mast O'Day Manual for DS1 Download the original 1966 O'Day Corporation Rigging Instructions ds1man-oday.pdf complete with technicolor photographs. The color may fade due to weathering and if ordinary cleaning will not bring the color back try a regular automotive compound followed up by waxing. 5. 1. You may contact me at: Thanks in advance!

CAUTION: It is very important that you do not tighten the stays too much as this can cause damage to the hull. The outhaul line should be attached to the clew of the sail, then passed through hole in fitting on end of boom, then cleated on boom cleat which is located approximately two thirds of the way up on the right side of the boom. 3. Adobe Reader is necessary for viewing the DS manuals. Stepping the Mast There are several specific aspects of the Act new customers should understand. The following is a list of standard equipment which comes with your boat. Some pages dated 1972. Mainsheet 290 sq. 5.

In general, the outhaul should be slacked while sailing off the wind in order to create more draft in sail. HEAD: The upper corner of a sail. The transom is reinforced so an engine can be clamped directly to it on either side of rudder. 1975 - 1984 2,898 24' 10" 21' 0" 8' 0" 9' 6" 10 lbs. 2. Does anyone out there have a copy of an O'Day 25 Owner's Manual? A jib is set on a headstay. The fiberglass centerboard is held in the centerboard trunk with a stainless steel bolt on which it pivots. To shake out, just reverse procedure. The first three letters are our manufacturing serial number, the next letter represents the boat model code letter the first four numbers are the sail or class number and the last four digits represent the model year and the month the boat was built.

Two versions, O'Day 15 Operating and Rigging Instructions - (11 pages) - Undated. FOOT: The lower edge of a sail. Missing a, O'Day 34 Yacht Owner's Manual - Bangor Punta Marine (56 pages) - December 1983, O'Day 35 Yacht Owner's Manual - Bangor Punta Marine (83 pages) - 1987, O'Day 37 Yacht Owner's Manual - Bangor Punta Marine (47 pages) - 1980, O'Day 39 Yacht Owner's Manual - Bangor Punta Marine (72 pages) - 1982, O'Day 40 Yacht Owner's Manual - Starcraft Sailboat Products (112 pages) - 1986, I have had requests from visitors to this site for several manuals that I do not, Aloha Yachts - Matilda 20 - Owner's Guide. COCKPIT: An open area lower than a boat's deck where the occupants sit. BATTEN: A thin wooden or plastic strip placed in a pocket in the leech of a sail to help hold its form. Tie a figure eight knot in the end of the mainsheet so you won't lose it. (Landscape mode). Undated.

Cal 27 - Owner's Guide. 76 pages (staging). 3. Undated.

Undated. The jib sheet cam action cam cleat on track is adjustable fore and aft positions it so that the tension on the foot and leech of the sail is about equal. O'Day is obligated to inform customers of manufacturing defects which may exist in specific boats.

CLEAT: A fitting to which ropes are made fast. SHROUD: Same as a stay. This puts the shackles in reach when the mast is stepped. Recommended horsepower for engine is included in O'Day's catalog and should be complied with for safety and warranty reasons. Make sure that each occupant has a life jacket on. I own a 1978 O'Day fixed keel, and would like to get a copy of your manual. TOPPING LIFT: A rope that attaches to the top of the mast and fastens to the end of the boom. The Company strongly urges this Card be returned promptly. Undated, but no earlier than 1970. 30 pages. Undated. Tell Tales are an invaluable aid in determining wind direction undefined 8 inch pieces of yarn tied to sidestays 2 ft to 4 ft up from chainplate and a wind pennant on top of mast. Sailbag containing mainsail and jib. CLEW: The aftermost lower corner of a sail. Third, pull the boom back from the mast so that you can turn it. Under all circumstances, whether or not your boat is grounded, when lightning is present in your boating area, contact with the mast, the stays, and other metallic objects should be avoided. Most pages dated, O'Day 25 Operating and Rigging Instructions - Bangor Punta Marine (13 pages) - May, O'Day 26 Operating and Rigging Instructions - Bangor Punta Marine (6 pages including 1, O'Day 272 / 272LE Manual - O'Day Sailboats (112 pages) - March 1987, O'Day 28 Yacht Owner's Manual - Bangor Punta Marine (24 pages) - December 1978, O'Day 30 Yacht Owner's Manual - Bangor Punta Marine (, O'Day 302 Yacht Owner's Manual - O'Day Corporation (127 pages) - 1987, O'Day 322 Yacht Owner's Manual - Bangor Punta Marine (111 pages) - 1987. Trailer Normally any good marine boat trailer is sufficient that will support the complete boat's weight plus say 20 percent which will cover weight of normal gear. Obviously O'Day cannot do this readily without record of each boat's owner, which is supplied by return of the Warranty Card. For The Racer The rake of the mast can be changed by adjusting the headstay turnbuckle and then re-adjusting the sidestays. First remove the block in the middle of the boom.

Recommended horsepower, 8 maximum long shafts.

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