o'hanlons inn dalkey ireland

No 78 page 39, 1820 10th Dec. William Good of Kilmurray to Elizabeth Dodd of Innishannon. 1d 11mo 1835 - d.. 13d 9mo 1890 Mother Eleanor Hemington b.

This change came about after standardisation of spelling when civil registration of births started in 1864. We have more than 70 million property reviews, and they're all from real, verified guests. 1802 5th Jul, Isabella daughter of Henry & Mabella Odlum 1833 3rd Dec, John Drought son of Henry & Elizabeth Odlum 1763 12th Jul, John son of Henry & Elizabeth Odlum 1756 22nd Nov, John Walker son of Richard & Sidney Odlum of Ballyduff 1841 20th Feb No 249, Margaret Anna daughter of Richard & Sidney Ada Odlum of Ballyduff 1873 20th Jan No 263, Margaret daughter of Alexander Odlum 1808 Feb, Margaret daughter of Richard & Sydney Adelaide Odlum 1873 28th Mar, Margaret daughter of William & Rebecca Odlum 1808 2nd Jan, Mary Ann daughter of Henry & Mabella Odlum 1831 23rd Mar, Mary daughter of Digby & Mary Odlum 1771 14th Jul, Mary daughter of Henry Odlum of Geashill 1774 6th Sep, Mary daughter of William & Rebecca Odlum of Killcooney 1806 2nd Jan, Newcombe son of Henry & Elizabeth Odlum of Ards 1776 23rd Dec, Newcombe son of Richard & Elizabeth Odlum of Augherville 1773 20th Nov, Rebecca daughter of Digby & Mary Odlum 1774 6th Jul p 23, Rebecca daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Odlum 1st Nov, Rebecca Jane daughter of Thomas & Latitia Odlum of Ballymacrom ?? Sinton, Sarah  19d 9mo 1806   Unshinagh, Co. Armagh, Ireland. Thither went Teige the son of William son of Trige Duv O’Kelly (Prince of Hy Maine in Galway and Roscommon: O’Madden (Lord of Siol Anmcha in Galway now the barony of Longford and the parish of Lusmagh in the Kings County) namely Donalk the son of John son of Breasal. Transport erratic for local buses to village and train. Sinton, Robert 1891      Dumbarton, Scotland. of the 1700's. Sinton, Rebecca          1812      Cork, Co. Cork, Ireland. Sinton, Alfred Henry Hesilrige          1d 2mo 1868     Laurelvale, Co. Armagh. William Brazil initially located in Clane and moved to Celbridge. | Sinton, Walter            1880      Selkirk, Scotland. Sinton, William          21d 5mo 1844   Newtownhamilton, Co. Armagh, Ireland. Record No. Sinton, George            21 April 1870   Cabra, Co. Armagh, Ireland. Included among those who also passed into Irish colonial society was the Colonel Ó Hanlon of 1821, who petitioned to resume Sir Eochaidh O'Hanlon's honorary position as Royal Standard Bearor to the King (or Queen) "north of the river Boyne". Sinton, Thomas          18 Sep1855       Laggan, Inverness, Scotland. Sinton, Robert John    1895      Jedburgh, Roxburgh, Scotland. Sinton, Thomas          1843      Cabra, Co. Armagh, Ireland. The O’Brassil family is listed among the families of Ulster & Hy-Maine who were descendants from Colla da Chrioch. Cumascach and Buachaill two sons of Chonchabhair Corrach (Charraigh) s. Maol Duin s. Finghin s. Cronan (Ronan) s. Tuathal s. Oilill s. Fiac.s Breasal s. Feidhlimidh s. Fiachra Casan s. Colla Fo Chri. Sinton William Stewart  28 September 1884 Wilmington New Castle Co  Delaware U.S.A. Sinton William Swan 28d 11m 1853   Ballynewry Co Armagh, Sinton William T.      7d 9m 1826       Dublin, Sinton William T.      10 September 1870       Canada. Joseph Allen b 5 May 1817 4a. Sinton, Anna   8d 5mo 1809     Cork City, Co. Cork, Ireland. =Sinton,Thomas. Richard William Odlum        marriage:        Jan - Mar 1907           Dublin Sth. Irish Genealogist, Vol. [RFSS Sep 2008], Quaker Burial Records - Lurgan, Co. Armagh, John Greeves  B. Passengers per the Algernon, Clark, from Belfast, Albert Sinton              16 M   Child   Liverpool        Manhatton, Ann Sinton                  25 F     Spinster Belfast          Harrisburg, Betsey Sinton             33 F     Wife    Liverpool        Manhatton, Eliza Sinton                23 F     Unknown Liverpool   Thames, Isabella Sinton           7 mths Infant  Liverpool        Manhatton, John Sinton                 28 M   Farmer            Liverpool        Thames, John Sinton                 1835 to East New Jersey Ref No 9738 p 29, John Sinton                 1687 to East New Jersey Ref No 973 p 6, Maria Sionton              4 F       Child   Liverpool        Manhatton, Mary Sinton                1811 to New York Ref No 3040 P 116 with family, Miss Sinton                19 F     Manufacturer  Liverpool        Russia, Mr d. Sinton               63 M   Manufacturer  Liverpool        Russia, Peggy Sinton              40 F     Spinster           Belfast Harrisburg, Rachel Sinton             33 F     Spinster           Belfast Harrisburg, Richard Sinton            1860 to Philadelpohia PA Ref No 9308 p 188. Sinton William Jonathan  23 August 1908      Pittsville  Schuylkill Co  Pennsylvania U.S.A. Sinton William Liddell          1 June 1894       Rostrevor Co Down, Sinton William Maynard       1d 2m 1860       Laurelvale Co Armagh. The Ua'h-Ainlighe sept has its roots in the ancient recesses of the Roscommon Area and is associated with the tribe of Cinel Dobtha, or O'Hanley of Doohey Hanley, to which also belong the MacCoilidh family. James Muldrew regd. Sinton, Theodore        6d 3mo 1884     Tamnaghmore, Co. Armagh, Ireland, Sinton, Theodore        10 April 1926   Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.of America. Witness James Stewart No 195 page 98, 1888 14th Oct.  Hannah Good of 118 George St Cork f. William Good to Patrick Hackett of Cork. Sinton, Margaret        28 February 1837         Ireland. This repeated intertwining of Cork families naturally assumes a common political standpoint. 1770 List include a 1770 marriage, a Dublin Trade Directory 1778, The Gentlemens Almanack 1817, along with births marriages and deaths from parish church records. Sinton, David Norman Stratton         12 September 1907       Cabra, Co. Armagh, Ireland, Sinton, David Scott    20 June 1950     Colorado Springs, El Paso Co, Colorado, U.S.A.of, Sinton, David Theodore         Flagstaff, Arizona, U.S.A.of America. (O')Hanlons in Irish Directories Commercial directories appeared in Britain, Ireland and the USA towards the end of the 1700's. It was secured by Michael Baker of Cruttees, John Dukelow of Aghagouma and Michael Hurley of Ballycomane.

Richard was probably born between 1795 and 1805. Sinton, Eliza Jean       About August 1899      Hamiltonsbawn, Co. Armagh, Ireland, Sinton, Elizabeth        Cabra, Co. Armagh, Ireland, Sinton, Elizabeth        1747     Greenmount (House), Rockmacreany, Co. Armagh, Ireland, Sinton, Elizabeth        About 1787       Pennsylvania, U.S.A.of America, Sinton, Elizabeth        About 1795       Ireland. Sinton, Donna Ballyshiel, Clare, Tandragee, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland. 1868 16th Apr. The Dublin government was happy to welcome them in the southern parts of the island, but the great mass of the population had no special sympathy for them. 1804 13th Jun. Sinton (Cynton), Benjamin    1640      Scotland? Whereas the above-named Thomas Joseph William Fitzgerald Greer claims to be the Owner of the landmentioned in the Schedule hereunder, in respect of which land a Provisional List (No. 1838 27th Feb.  Elizabeth Good to Thomas Gabriel both of this parish, 1838 27th Feb.  Joseph Good to Jane Burchil both of this parish, 1850 5th Feb.  Susan Good of Ballivoiuges f. John Good farmer to James Bradfield of Carhue.

In Redmond, Count O’Hanlon, Carleton presents little or no information regarding the Comte or his family, except that they were Jacobites disposed for their loyalty to James Stuart.

Labels: 99 Cousins, Frank Good, Interconnected Families, John and Elizabeth Ducklow, John T Ducklow, Kathryn Ducklow, Mary Ann Ducklow, Penal Laws, Protestant Faith, Thomas Good. When the French negotiations failed, Redmond returned to Armagh in 1671 and became a notorious highwayman or rapparee.

To John Sinton and Elenor, Emma Green Sinton b.10 November 1862 Bessbrook Armagh f. John Sinton m. Elenor, Essy Margaret Sinton b. Sinton, Infant  2 July 1884       Colorado Springs, El Paso Co, Colorado, U.S.A. Sinton, Irene Fairey    21 July 1898    Carlisle, Cumberland, England.

Funeral and cremation strictly private.

Sinton, Douglas Paul  14 September 1905 Pottsville, Schuylkill Co, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Sinton, Edith   1897      Drumnakelly, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland.

9 February 1875 f.      Thomas Sinton m.      Elizabeth Sharp Sinton, Sarah Sinton b.3 May 1865    Armagh f.       James Sinton m.         Anne Ferris, Susanna Sinton March 1823  Donaghmore Co Tyrone  f.    John Sinton m.            Eleanor, Thomas b. Inspection of the Irish Reproductive Loan Fund Records reveals that this Richard had fallen on hard times.

Sinton, Ann     3 February 1876           Tamnaghmore, Co. Armagh. 1792 d. 1867 Dublin South, Timothy Brassill b. Breasail Ua Y. Ui Longain, Ui Dhuibh Eamhna, Ui Chonchabhair of Crioch Dhealbhna, all belong to western Ui Bhreasail, by whom every great man is served. 27 August 1876 – Married 3d 8mo 1898 - Friends Meeting House, Eustace Street, Dublin, - [ s1611 ] Child 1 Dorothy Elizabeth Sinton b. Sinton, Ethel Mary     4 August 1893   Pottsville, Schuylkill Co, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Sinton, Eugene           1859      Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky, U.S.A. Sinton, Eugene Harris            9 October 1926             Colorado Springs, El Paso Co, Colorado, U.S.A. Sinton, Eugenia          1859      Virginia, U.S.A.of America.

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