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Are you stunned by his extreme transformation? (First Published in Skin Deep UK) Why do the media insist on repeatedly asking if tattoos have become uncool or too mainstream? Macaroni with Parma ham 300g 27 PLN Italian pasta tubes with Parma ham, garlic, cocktail tomato and rucola, olive base Fusilli with green vegetables 300g 26 PLN Italian pasta in the form of a spiral with broccoli, green beans, green peas and courgette

Politics uses a lot of binaries ‘left’ or ‘right’, ‘us’ against ‘them’, and I think these principles only serve to divide. I can’t really explain why some people think I’m evil for having big hair, being open with fetish and sexuality and so forth, but they do. Read extracts from my articles featured in FOREVER MORE: The New Tattoo, including interviews with Kelly Violet, Miriam Frank, Indomito, the Brutal Black Project and Expanded Eye. He's risen to infamy in the media because of his heavily tattooed body—which is almost entirely shaded in with black ink.

My initial resistance began as I struggled as a teenager against the binary in relation to identity politics - male or female, and gay or straight. I work on Nullo with my partner Salvia, and our departure point was how our gender identities affect our sexuality and sexual role. The principle of nihilism is to deconstruct the way things are and start again in order to create new ways I can experience the world. (VICE online, 27/09/16) "Isaac Comer was heavily tattooed including on his cock. I think at a time when so much of the world is pushing back to imaginary pastiches of the past—politically, socially, and even artistically, it takes bold people to do the direct opposite of that and challenge expectations and conventions in order to move forward and progress. “To a lot of people my very existence is a provocation”—meet Parma Ham: artist, agitator, and curator of London’s Wraith night, Entangled and disembodied: a neuroqueer exploration of posthumanism and tattoo, (NSFW / TW) “Today, I will suffer for your art”: meet the nihilist going beyond the intersection of kink and body modification to produce traumatic works of art, The Huxleys Are Performance Art’s Answer to John Waters, The Story of a Radical Feminist Exotic Dancer who Became a Heavily Tattooed Androgynous Tattoo Artist, First published in Archer Magazine 12/10/19, Our Bodies, Our Voices, Our Marks thoughtfully captures the endurance of tattoo and tradition, Abridged version published in The Conversation 03/07/2019, Tools for torture: meet the dominatrix using tattoo and body modification experts as instruments for pain, On why I think the media should stop asking if tattoos have become too mainstream or uncool, Serious technique paired with childlike wonderment: inside the pencil case of Miriam Frank, First published in Forever More: The New Tattoo, Stories of the human condition told through the dilated pupils of Expanded Eye, Rebels With a Cause: The Indomitable Activism of Indomito, The violent ingenuity of Kelly Violet: A testament to finding what you love and letting it kill you, Portraits of South Africa's Bloodiest Prison Gang: The Number, Radical Physiognomies: Meet two tattooists taking their face tattoos to the next level, From transgressive folk-art to one of MoMA’s most influential “items” of fashion shaping the 20th and 21st centuries, Brutal Black Project Participant Interviews: "My face was double its size, I had black eyes like I was beaten", Inkspector: The Forensic Analysis of Tattoos and Ink, Hannah Pixie Snow and Guy Le Tatooer launch their new grass roots charity project, Love Shakthi Om, Introducing the Brutal Black Project: “No Compassion. I speak to the L.A artist chosen to illustrate tattoo, Roxx, on the paradoxical and multifaceted nature of contemporary tattoo. Their design project, Nullo, uses alien aesthetics to create dreamlike digital visions of sexuality while their upcoming exhibition, The Flesh that Dreams are Made of, will explore extreme forms of body modification.

You never know what you’re gonna get.”, (abridged version published in VICE, 19/03/18) JILF, a self-described nihilist and practicing dominatrix, orchestrates painful and subversive acts with her partners with the aim of eliciting trauma and embracing disgust; her partners regularly refrain, “today, I will suffer for your art.”, “One of the things I love the most is I’ll play with my partner and do things to her that evoke disgust. It’s very beautiful to work on something with others that have a shared interest, while not having any economic goal. It is a vision where unbridled body modification can render the human form quaint and where fantasies will completely efface corporeal selves. Society needs extreme forces of positivity and acceptance in order to balance out the nasty shrieks of negativity and greed. Nullo Sissy Slut AW2020. That stems from the realisation that the built world - society, morality, politics, art, gender etc is the product of white, straight, cis male dominated binary thinking. I think I’ve taken on a similar DIY aspect, mixed with experimentation and willingness to try different collaborations and styles, and have a reluctance to be pinned down. Carol Bonarde, who is an incredible band photographer, is our resident photographer and we are busy creating zines to document the work and the people of our group. The pain in some parts is unbelievable and leaves you speechless for days sometimes. I ask myself “will this benefit the world by me putting it out? He attempted to show off his lack of genitals on social media, however, Instagram was quick to take down the original post. That blows my brain.”.

This maxim is what guides me right now; I know what I need in the world, and if I can’t find something pre-existing I’m going to find a way to create it, so work, objects and events are born out of necessity.

I thought it was suitable as it’s a show about our bodies and how our imagination affects how we see them, and how we treat them.

No Empathy.” This is where mandalas come to die, Abridged version first published in DAZED & CONFUSED magazine, 03/03/17, Milo Yiannopoulos and Sexual Encounters too Gay for Free-Speech, Jak Nola, Erotic Art, and The Power of Orgasm.

The Forensic Analysis of Tattoos and Ink is a pioneering work detailing the methodology of this process.

They also curate London’s infamous nightclub event, Wraith.

Take a look at the gallery below to meet a body mod whose gained attention in the media before for his radical appearance but has recently taken his transformation to the extreme. COTNF is principally a music project that was developed simultaneously with Wraith, the project incorporates large performative elements. I think in these parameters you can make the best and purest art, unadulterated by money and power. This underpins my event Wraith, which is a platform for myself, my friends and the alt scene in London. I spend a day in Malawi’s biggest refugee camp, Dzaleka, where by chance I meet the camp’s tattooist. Their design project, Nullo, uses alien aesthetics to create dreamlike digital visions of sexuality while their upcoming exhibition, The Flesh that Dreams are Made of, will explore extreme forms of … All profits from the sale of these works went to SafeSteps and WIRE, two Melbourne based organisations dedicated to providing support to women and children experiencing domestic violence. We reference historical rituals like the crucifixion and that’s where visually we might share visceral similarities to Nitsch; but the context of queer kids doing it in a London nightclub in 2020 while making industrial techno goth has a whole host of different references compared to an old Austrian man doing it in a field in the 1970s, so yes quite different! The fourth instalment of Wraith is on February 28, 2020. What we find interesting is the way our digital experience impacts our bodies and particularly the way we view and understand them.

I think the desire behind alien aesthetics shares ground with the general body mod community. Let us know your thoughts, opinions and questions in the comments section on Facebook. As curator and creator of the infamous nightclub event, Wraith, Ham regularly brings together a collective of equally provocative and vocal artists. I think night clubs are very focused on music, and the context of galleries is often stale, but since our community and subculture has a wealth of multidisciplinary artists amongst us, it seems only right we should work on these things together. It seems pretty straightforward to me that billionaires, politicians corrupt by money and the hate speech that enforces these status quo’s is the real evil, and it seems a lot of people don’t have the sense to tell apart what is actually a threat to society, and what offends their sensibilities that mean nothing in comparison. He posted a series of photos with his crotch bandaged up and included a video emptying his own catheter bag on Instagram. There’s a link in my bio for tickets to the night Photojournalist Luke Daniels used his friendship with one high-ranking insider to photograph members and their tattoos. In this second installment of the 'Interview with the Editor' series, where editors of some of the most influential tattoo publications share their two-cents, Alice Snape, editor of Things&Ink, talks about her journey as an independent publisher of a female friendly tattoo culture publication. However, the Russian tattoo exhibitionist recently went through an even bigger transformation—this time going under the knife to become what Archaniol refers to as "nullo.". In addition to shading in his skin black, he also has sclera tattoos and regularly bleaches his facial hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.

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