north paw vs southpaw

Protect your hands! You should be working on your form and perfecting your offense and defense from one stance first. Which one should I choose? If your opponent is putting his dominant hand in back…he will ultimately have the strongest punch in the fight compared to your hook. Hello, still not sure which stance I should take. I think that you’re strong belief of having your stronger and more accurate hand in the back is understandable, but don’t you think that having the strong hand in the front will make your jabs and front hooks more deadly (jabs and front hooks are closer to your opponent and the distance from point A-B is a lot closer). Right-hand-forward has the following advantages though: Floyd lost the first three rounds and it remains the toughest fight of his career. orthodox switching to southpawIt’s most likely because you’re not trained as a boxer and so you don’t know how or don’t have confidence hitting with your left jab. I once had 8, but became ill and am just now recovering much of what I had lost. (f.e i can write better and carry more weight with my right but i can turn a screw better with my left). Read my guide on “How to Find Your Dominant Hand”. My right hand is a little stronger then my left. not getting into a left hand war is the best idea. So i was just wondering what i should do because wrestling is my base and i want to use it in MMA and if i have my right foot forward, i can use my wrestling for efficiently. If you’re not winning, you’re not doing better than them. What if my left eye is dominant, and I’m right hand dominant? You’re able to move faster with your right arm in front because that’s how you’ve been training for fencing. If you bring that forward then you’ve just given your opponent an advantage, chances are if you fight in southpaw and you’re natrually orthodox, your defense or reactions are not going to be as fast, even if you train both sides equally. I’m learning a lot from your website.

Also my right jab feels weak and not really coordinated.. Putting the strong hand in the front makes you a one-armed fighter. first of all, great article and great website overall Johnny!

And at one time, I tried using the Orthodox stance once more, but I’m not that much comfortable with it anymore, especially when my jab is weak and only my straight is strong. I can’t give you any advice for MMA/wrestling positions…that’s not my specialty. This is a fearsome stance when you see it. Also, the front hand punches include the hook to the head, hook to the body, uppercut, and (as a feint) the jab to the body. The reason is because the back hand has more room and distance to throw a harder punch whereas the front hand is for throw fast jabs to setup your bigger punches.

There are endless guides out there and you’ll never know for sure until you train extensively under both stances. However when i fight i am more accurate with my left hand, my jabs and left hooks are always what i am throwing 80% of the time. Southpaws are used to an open position.

Almost forgot, the primary topic is boxing and I forgot to mention that I also kick [TKD]. I like to hit full force. For me, I have spent 20 years learning a multitude of sports; Chung Do Kwan, essentially the Korean version of JKD (to put it way too simply).

If a knee is not legal, as they go in, match their stance with the same leg, and as they move forward hook the heel to whichever direction they are facing toward. I’m righthanded, but my combos and smoother and footwork is better while boxing southpaw. Martial artists are known as confrontationalist, but we are also very much strategists. When he starts backing up, let him. That gives them a couple of advantages: it makes their lead hand, the left, the stronger one.

Another example:

The other obvious answer is that you’re left handed. Inexperienced, or people committed completely to the attack will drive themself onto the elbow, smashing themselves against a tiny point.

Am I too late to get into boxing? You can decide whatever you want but my recommendation stays the same. 200 jabs every morning, 100 on south pawn! I would suggest that you try the one that feels the most comfortable.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. thanks for replying. Being both-footed is such a huge advanatge because it means my balance is excellent, I can move equally as well when I switch to southpaw. This makes me prefer to use my strong arm to make the opening and my weak gets cleaner shots. You would have to be a pretty silly Boxer to switch stances, especially when Boxers half of the time are looking for openings regarding the back hand (the hand that throws the cross). Then you have the left-handed orthodox fighters – De La Hoya, Tyson, possibly Frazier, Kessler, Cotto. strength, endurance, pain tolerance, height and many other variables. If anything, southpaws create pressure on orthodox fighters just because orthodox guys are usually antsy around southpaws. In general, you would always have your strongest hand in the back. 1 decade ago. My right arm feels heavier when I throw the jab from southpaw, however, after doing your test, my left eye is the one that lines up better, so it’s like a trade off. The hand is holding up and I actually have good power in both hands. Love your articles Johnny! the left cross is a very hard game to play with them. On the other hand, orthodox fighters are more accustomed to coming into range because they have to overcome that angled position. I’m going to try out southpaw in the gym to see if i’m more comfortable that way (shadow boxing at home seem to lean that direction). @James – the debate will go on forever about what strong hand goes in front.

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