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PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC (Epic Games timed exclusive), No Straight Roads Teaser at Paris Games Week 2018, VIDEO TOUR – Introduction to NO STRAIGHT ROADS, NO STRAIGHT ROADS PAX NSR Presents DJ SUBATOMIC SUPERNOVA, NO STRAIGHT ROADS WELCOME TO VINYL CITY PS4 PC, 「NO STRAIGHT ROADS(ノー・ストレート・ロード)」日本語版予告 (メインCV:佐倉綾音、福山潤), Tokyo Game Show 2019 Trailer showcasing Japanese dub, No Straight Roads Annonce des voix françaises PS4, Paris Games Week 2019 Trailer showcasing French dub, NO STRAIGHT ROADS x Level Up Play Trailer - English Voice Over, NO STRAIGHT ROADS - Rock Rebellion Trailer, NO STRAIGHT ROADS - Rock Rebellion Trailer (JP VERSION), NO STRAIGHT ROADS - Rock Rebellion (Bande Annonce) VF, NO STRAIGHT ROADS - Rock Rebellion Trailer (Versión Española), No Straight Roads "BitSummit Gaiden" Trailer, No Straight Roads - 1010’s Vinyl City Tour, No Straight Roads - Nintendo Switch Gameplay Trailer ESRB. The game was released on PlayStation 4, PC (Epic Games-exclusive only), XBOX One, and Nintendo Switch on August 25, 2020 worldwide[1], and later on August 27, 2020 in Japan. Download the No Straight Roads demo now and get rockin’!

PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC (Epic Games timed exclusive)

Director(s) Metronomik August 25, 2020 (worldwide)August 27, 2020 (Japan), 革命曲途 (Mandarin-Alternate, Gémìng qū tú, Revolutionary Roads)曲途 (Mandarin, Qū tú, No Straight Roads)Tiada Jalan Lurus (Malay). NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 2GB / AMD Radeon™ HD 7970, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB / AMD Radeon™ RX 590. Genre The COVID-19 virus spreading from China caused the Taipei Game Show 2020[17] and GDC 2020[18] to postpone their events to summer 2020, which are the two events that Metronomik would participate. Non-US transactions through Epic Games International, S.à r.l.

The lead guitarist and founder of the rock band, the Goolings.

Metronomik's debut video game has it release date moved from early 2020 to just 2020.

Challenge musical maestro Yinu to a showdown like no other in this rockalicious playable demo, and get ready to lead the musical revolution on August 25th!

Start a rock band & end the EDM empire in NO STRAIGHT ROADS, a rockin’ action-adventure that mashes together rhythm-infused third-person combat with a kick-ass soundtrack! [13], Starting on January 29, 2020, a social media event made by the official video game, #StarsofVinylCity, spawns non-playable characters once or twice a week, including a few who were on promos.[14]. No Straight Roads Audio: English, French, Japanese, Spanish - Latin America, Spanish - Spain, Text: English, Chinese - Simplified, Chinese - Traditional, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese - Brazil, Russian, Spanish - Spain. My time in No Straight Roads was torn between true enjoyment and wanting to hurl my controller at the screen. Challenge musical maestro Yinu to a showdown like no other in this rockalicious playable demo, and get ready to lead the musical revolution on August 25th! Copyright © 2019 Metronomik Pte.

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