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Unique Nhs Stickers designed and sold by artists. Do not remove this tag until the deletion nomination is closed. If you choose to do this, create the logo using the template provided, ensuring all relative sizing and formatting is adhered to. If you then convert your type to paths and ensure the NHS organisational logo is a vector graphic you will have a complete, grouped vector graphic that can be resized, retaining all of the relative proportions. The following summarises the NHS logo height and margin sizes for standard print formats. Your organisation’s logo can only be reversed out in NHS Blue, in which case the text appears in white. NHS logo height 18mm. 007 png logo… NHS organisational logos are made up of the following components: Each NHS organisation has been provided with their NHS organisational logo in the new standard format by the NHS Identity team.

Our research shows that where NHS organisations are using alternative logos either instead of, or as well as their NHS organisational logo, it creates confusion, mistrust and concern. The bottom of the wreath should align with the base of your NHS organisational logo. The NHS Digital logo should generally always appear at the top right of branded collateral. Although you can use the national NHS logo on its own for icons, your full organisational logo should be applied to app loading/startup screens, login screens, the home screen or a combination of all three.

64 sheet (8,128 x 3048mm) Margin 240mm. Click on a date/time to view the file as it appeared at that time.
See our guidelines on colours for more information.

If you are working in equal partnership with a non-NHS organisation, you would use a neutral visual style, where neither the NHS nor the partner organisation’s identity would dominate.

NHS logo height 13mm.

Note: This template is for requests that may require discussion in order to be deleted. This ensures that the organisational NHS logo is always clear and legible. 96 sheet (12,192 x 3048mm) Margin 240mm. We're the largest royalty-free, vector-only stock agency in the world. You can only use the NHS logo in your NHS organisational logo as shown in the template below. The NHS Blue in the logo helps to maintain recognition of the NHS Identity. How do we change our NHS organisation’s name? Again, you should use discretion to decide where best to split the name over the two lines. At all patient touchpoints of that service, they expect to see the NHS logo, and the identity, applied consistently and uniformly. 40,000+ Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD files. Nhs national health service concept with big word vector, Nhs logo design letter nhs in hearth shape vector, Applause for medical workers who struggle vector, Thank you text and drawn rainbow key workers vector, Thank you text and colored in rainbows pattern vector, Thank you text and drawn rainbow with pattern vector, Rainbow symbol support for healthcare workers vector, Thank you text and drawn rainbows pattern key vector, Stay safe text pattern backgrounds wrapping vector, Thank you text and rainbows pattern key workers vector, Scattered rainbow on blue background pattern vector, Seamless pattern with colourful rainbows on blue vector, Accident and Emergency Information Sign vector, Nhs word text lettering in heart love shape vector, Medical insurance nhs consultants go private text vector, Doctors waiting room Information Sign vector, New Recruitment Rules For NHS Nurses Word Cloud vector, Dental Insurance The Nhs In Dental Shambles text vector, National health center week logo icon vector, Illuminated advertising billboard thank you essent vector, Thank you essential workers tv message vector, Rainbow symbol support poster in house window vector, Rainbow symbol support in house window vector, Representation medical supplies to hospital vector, Representation medical supplies truck convoy vector, United kingdom pandemic guidelines vector, Ministry health official interview vector, Rainbow hearts on textured background pattern vector, Rainbow hearts on white background pattern vector, Rainbow hearts on pink background pattern vector, Rainbow hearts on purple background pattern vector, Tiny rainbow hearts on pink background pattern vector, Scattered rainbow hearts on purple background vector, Rainbows pattern for fabric wrapping textile vector, Gastroscopy stomach medical concept vector, N hydroxysuccinimide organic compound vector, Worker in ppe suit arranging textile product vector, Your health stamp on white background vector, Health insurance it s important to know what s vector, Nh - logo or 2-letter code isometric 3d font for vector, Nh n h brush logo letters with red and black vector, Nh n h letter logo with shattered broken blue vector, Initial letter nh logo template colored blue vector, Nh n h letter logo design with white and black vector, Nh letter logo with black and white negative vector, Nh n h letter logo with pink purple color and vector, Nh n h logo letters with red and black colors and vector, Nh n h lines letter design with creative elegant vector, Nh n h letter logo with lines design and purple vector, Nh n h letter logo with fire flames design and vector, Nh n h pixel letter logo with digital shattered vector, Nh n h colorful letter origami triangles design vector, Nh n h letter modern logo design with yellow vector, Nh n h letter logo with zebra lines texture vector, Letter NH logo monogram decoration design element vector, Outline concord new hampshire city skyline vector, Glossy icons with New Hampshirite flag vector.

If this template was added because you clicked "Mark for deletion" in the left menu, please make sure that all necessary pages have been created. The same sizing guidelines should be observed for your Crown Badge logo as for a standard NHS organisational logo. If you decide that a stacked logo is more appropriate, you should create this ensuring that all the relative sizing and formatting in the logo template above is adhered to. However, you can create a distinctive visual style to differentiate your NHS organisation from others.

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