nestle milk chocolate bars discontinued

Nestlé Milk Chocolate was sold in many countries around the world, including the United States and Canada.

It follows other local treasured treats such as Bar One Peanut, Nestlé Milo, Milkybar Peanut as well as Milkybar Double which will also not be returning to the shelves from next month. The closest Nestlé product to them is the Nestlé Crunch, which is very similar to Nestlé Milk Chocolate, the main difference being that Nestlè Crunch has puffed rice, while Nestlé Milk Chocolate does not.

A similar product, Yorkie made by Nestlé, is not to be confused with Nestlé Milk Chocolate as it is a completely different product, as the Yorkie bar was originally created by British firm Rowntree of York to compete with Cadbury Dairy Milk. Meanwhile, Nestlé East and Southern Africa Region’s head of public relations, media engagement, and content digital Zweli Mnisi said their purpose is to delight their consumers through tastier and healthier products. Zumi Njongwe, Consumer Communication and Marketing Excellence Director, Nestlé East and Southern Africa said for the past 50 years, they have been bringing innovations like the newly released Kitkat chunky salted caramel and the KitKat chunky white and look forward . THE DIGITAL NEXT IN HR AND PEOPLE MANAGEMENT: ANNUAL IPM CONVENTION... Bruised and battered but never beaten – relook your financial goals... Company culture is the holy grail of good service. Nolwazi Khoza said he had already given up when Nestlé stopped making the white Crunchie chocolate and Lee-Anne van Staden believes that Chocolate Log’s discontinuation is simply fake news. Much like a chocolate Pringle, these thin and crisp chocolate delights came in five amazing flavours – Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut, Caramel Crunch, Mint and Orange. “We are making way for new, tastier and exciting products for you to enjoy and fall in love with, because you deserve it.”.

It has now been discontinued by Nestlé.[1]. As South Africans struggle through these unprecedented times, those who have a sweet tooth have been dealt another devastating blow. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Nestlé Milk Chocolate was created as a competitor to the more-established, and North American chocolate bar segment-leader Hershey bar[citation needed], and was even created in a similar form as their competitor. Meanwhile, Amina Nicholas thinks that Nestlé has gone too far. But Zumi Njongwe, the consumer communication and marketing excellence director at Nestlé East and Southern Africa, confirmed Chocolate Log and others will indeed be discontinued.

Nestlé Milk Chocolate bars were available in 1.45-oz (41.1-g) bars, as well as in boxes of 24. to new products hitting the shelves soon.

Netanya Egdes wrote on the social media site that: “I swear they’re just trying to make our lives as impossible as they possibly can.”. While all these Nestlé chocolates have been enjoyed, it has undoubtedly been the discontinuation of the Chocolate Log which has garnered the most attention. NESTLÉ QUALITY STREET Gift Box12x200g & Bag 8x500g.

The original milk chocolate formula was invented in Vevey, Switzerland, in 1875 by Henri Nestle."

“With new innovations, sometimes we need to say goodbye to certain sizes and flavours of our products,” she said. Contents SUN … The bar was made up of milk chocolate, nuts, raisins, crisp cereal and fudge pieces. A 1970s American classic, the Rally bar, made by The Hershey Company, was a caramel, fudge and peanut bar covered in milk chocolate, similar in appearance to a Baby Ruth. “We know one of the main drivers of the chocolate category is innovation and consumers love new products.

Sit back, relax, grab a boring chocolate bar you can still buy in the shops, and enjoy remembering these 22 discontinued chocolate bars. Nestlé Milk Chocolate was a chocolate bar consisting of milk chocolate, produced by Nestlé. Despite the uproar, Njongwe said these discontinuations will give Nestle a chance to expand on their offerings. “Nestle Bar -One, Nestle Peppermint Crisp, Nestle Quality Street and Nestle Milky Bar are here to stay,” the company said in a statement.

She added Nestlé has for the past 50 years been at the forefront of innovation when it came to their chocolate products and listed the new range of Kit Kat offerings such as the salted caramel and chunky white flavours as examples. You can still buy the bars in India. "Taking this into consideration, we do discontinue certain products and introduce new ones to the market.”, © 2020 Independent Online and affiliated companies. Nestlé this week announced that the beloved Chocolate Log, filled with delicious milk chocolate, marshmallow and wafer, will officially be discontinued from next month. Earn a fiver with Sun Savers. “I used to LOVE Caravan and Chocolate Log was a close second after they discontinued that too,” she wrote on Facebook.

This was after it was announced that the 50-year-old, Nestle’ Chocolate Log was being discontinued. There was an outcry of disappointment from South African chocolate lovers when news spread that the Nestle’ Bar One, Peppermint Crisp, Quality Street and Milky Bar were being discontinued.

The 24x150g of Nestlé Crisp Peppermint, the 36x20g Kit Kat 2F White, the 32x200g Kit Kat Mini Bag White, 10x80g Milkybar Smarties, 10x80g Milkybar Krackle and the Quality Street Gift Box 12x200g and bag 8x500g will also no longer be made.

The news of the discontinuation of the sweet treat has been mourned by scores of people on social media, after Aubergine Speciality Foods, the South African supplier, made the startling announcement on Facebook.

This is a dated list of the main brands owned by Nestlé globally. An aerial view of Nestlé's corporate headquarters building in Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland.

Snack bar NESTLE CLUB 70% Extra Fine NESTLE CLUB Original NESTLE CLUB Mint Fusion, NESTLE CLUB Cashew Nut & Cherry NESTLE CLUB Peppermint NESTLE CLUB Almond NESTLE Double Blend Chocolate PLAISTOWE Classic Milk Chocolate NESTLE POLLY WAFFLE bar CHOKITO bar Nestle KIT KAT Dark 45g Nestle KIT KAT Milk 45g CLUB Classic Chocolate 45g - Deleted Product Suggested Alternative BEAR …

For up to date Corona information, visit SA Government’s Covid-19 Portal. Other chocolates taking a back seat include the Milky Bar Peanut and Bar-One Peanut, Milo will not return as of August. © 1999–2020 [citation needed], Last edited on 17 September 2020, at 21:48,é_Milk_Chocolate&oldid=978947972, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 17 September 2020, at 21:48. terms & conditions and privacy policy. function loadDoc() {var xhttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); xhttp.onreadystatechange = function() { if (this.readyState == 4 && this.status == 200) { document.getElementById("pressoffice").innerHTML = this.responseText; }};"GET", "", true); xhttp.send();} loadDoc(); Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in touch with the latest news! COVID-19 has claimed the lives of 74 more patients, bringing the total number of fatalities to  19 539. All rights reserved, Please visit the official Government information portal for Coronavirus by clicking HERE.

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