nerite snail not moving

Snails can get as “hangry” as any other creature, so if you do see signs of aggression, targeted feedings may be helpful, especially if the snails are being bullied or harassed by other creatures in the tank when they try to consume algae or other edibles in the tank. Keep the water chemistry within optimal ranges for Nerite Snails, and pay careful attention to dietary intake.

If you only suspect it is not eating then isolate the snail by putting it a clean tank, and place new food in. Nerite Snails are the perfect solution because they have a tiny bioload, and will also consume as much algae as they can find in the tank. Sometimes I don’t see her for weeks. No matter whether you feed them algae or vegetables, it is best to provide them with fresh food. Most of these can be avoided by keeping the snails in hard, calcium/mineral-rich water. I also read this was a sign it was dead. It is also important to keep these snails with other peaceful aquatic creatures that will not harm them. For the most part, Nerite Snails are herbivores. Use algae wafers, or do not remove algae from the tank unless it is approaching overgrowth. It’s now been 4-5 days. Even though Nerite Snails have a robust shell, it is not enough to protect them from being killed by some antibiotics. They will also do fine with caves and overhangs to hide in. It’s completely shut. She always reappears when she’s hungry. They may also reach the top of the water surface, and then float lazily downward. From there, you can set up a nursery tank and then keep a few snails in there for breeding purposes. Alternatively, for step 2, instead of adding the snails to the brackish water, you can move the egg-covered decorations, as they are likely fertilized by the male Nerite snails in the main tank. Minimal, or use rounded gravel that doesn’t have sharp edges. Possible among themselves, but extremely rare. Either do not use any filtration system into the brackish water tank, or put a sponge on the filter. Saltwater Nerite Snails that originate in Pacific coastal areas. Female snails may lay anywhere from 20 to 50 eggs. At that point, you may have some challenges when it comes to controlling algae while keeping stable water chemistry. For example, if you put driftwood into the tank, make sure it is sanded down so that there are no sharp surfaces or splinters that the snail might get snagged on. I'd say it was dead and it's just taking a while to stink. Unlike Mystery Snails, Nerite Snails do not change gender over time. You will need to put the eggs in a brackish tank to hatch, or partition off the parents, since adults will consume the eggs after they are released by the female. Here are the most common disorders: As your aquarium ages, there will come a time when doing a lot of water changes no longer makes sense. If it smells dead: then, you know! If a male is present, then it is likely the eggs will be fertilized. Break the wafers up so that the snails have a better chance of finding them. Aside from being premier algae eaters, they are very peaceful and will always add a dash of color to any aquatic landscape. I usually feed them an algae wafer ever 3 days or so, plus they eat algae from the glass (I only clean the front), and they also eat dead leaves from my plants.

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