names of jannah hoor

Such female Boss or teacher can black mail their male students and lower service holders to have sex with them. when u mention about men major about sex 60% than women. Even if you see in this World….how many women have simultaneously more than one husbands or how many of them like to have four five husbands together?

If any person, who writing my name, sends darood Sharif to me,then for as long as my name remains in that book, Angels will make Du'a of mercy for him. " Prophet Muhammad SAW said anything in the quran is for both men and women. And a woman will have only one man touched by countless women. Therein they shall have Azwâjun Mutahharatun [purified mates or wives (having no menses, stools, urine, etc.)] The problem is not because hell or heaven. then our knowledge is pretty useless, isn’t it…? they keep it for themselves. ), HOLY HADITH COLLECTION HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H. “A cup will be passed round among them from unsullied springs.” (37:45), “With goblets, and ewers, and cups filled with water from unsullied springs.” (56:18). In this world have BLACK n WHITE. The Prophet (s.a.w.) You be good or too good. Hoor al ayn are women that are not worldy women. Bad won’t be for ever. Still this is called jealous ! It’s things like this that cause Islam to be looked down on as a backwards, sexist and violent cult. LOOK at the surah al rahman 55 these stupid people mistranslate it and put it in the brackets : WHAT????

Let them think that men are stronger than women, men have stronger sexual desire thats why they think that they will have many wives in jannah and all women sharing husband. when they said 40 % women dont masturbate. Where did adam’s son goes when he got killed? If god and husband wants that way it is fine.even they or parents want me as boy I will be a boy. Everything in the Qur’an and Hadith is right, with knowledge comes understanding, which you clearly don’t have either of. and then the matter of going to heaven or hell will come only. Yep god will eliminate ur jelousy in jannah thats for sure wkakkakakakakakakakk, I bet u are so damn worry what ur wife or ur girlfriend inner selve desire. They are not. But common people how many. and how many women or wives cheating with other men that hotter than their husbands. He owns me. “Therein you shall have (all) that your inner-selves desire” (Surah Fussilat:31-32) Only men can think this is justice. Don’t misjudge ISLAM. THe translation also can be wrong, since the al quran is old arabic words, human can mistranslation the quran. It is a different world that has nothing in common with this world except names only; the realities of things are completely different. Sorry to them, but imams talks about a lot of women but will go mad with anger if somebody talked about their women. Since muslim men allow to marry upto 4 wives and women not. Nonsense ..All this Adam and Eve stuff ..Why on earth did god make Adam First ? ), Jalaluddin al-Suyuti(d.911A.H. there is no ayah or hadith forbidding this, and this is how Allah created men different then women. According to arab muslim guys that is fair. Khamr has also been qualified as delightful for those who drink it (47:23). All the islamic books I have read about sex guide they only talk about men. Older ones who claim to know are so miserable how young naive ones will know. Not even an ant. Therefore, men and women have different needs and wants so obviously rewards would differ. Me and my brother are only one brother and brother always wished he had a little brother too. A male that has not had sex in 20 days feels the same way as a female after more than a year without sex.

WOW, this is a answer by a female scholar i think that will help u understand the concept better. Both men and women are 33, both are very good looking (the men in jannah are described as having faces brighter than the moon and having eternal erections), so this shows that men and women are going to fulfill each others sexual needs in paradise. Allah is not one EYED. Open your eyes they leave all to a man. But will that keep happening after death for ever.

Allah wont give some thing that they dont want it. So have this firm belief in Him, and have blind trust in Him, Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ala….He, who knows us women and our nature best and He, who will give the women of Jannah whatever will please her the best. r u talking about islam and janah or lasvegas??? All these actors will be forced to sleep with these ugly people, I have been reading all your posts and would like to answer you in a breif way; women will get whatever they want in jannah.

But it is discouraged by putting conditions on it. Her wife will ask again to the husband “r u done baby” and the husband will say ” honey u are female.

THank god i will be cure in heaven but still sharing husband. Or if the woman translate it to hur , she can put male fair for hur in. And I believe that in Islam Allah SWT has given women more rights than men to compensate for their hardships on planet Earth such as the man to be the one who gives a dowry to the woman at their marriage not the other way around unlike in many societies, women to be the ones who have sexual pleasure nearly 100x that amount felt by men in addition to them being given the ability to control their sexual desires, women being given the blessing of greater levels of intelligence to compensate for men’s excess amount of physical strength, Allah stating in the Qur’an that paradise is literally under the feet of ones mother, and not to mention children being commanded in Islam to be obligated to their mothers 3x as much as to their fathers. I want to ask u what is WIFEs mean in arabic words?? The World War 1 and 2 how many men, women, and children died knownly and unknownly? Where did the baby boy go after pharaoh killed them?

Only u can have those nice fantasies not ur sisters, not ur daughters, not ur grandmother. The first and foremost thing to remember is that this is Allaah, Rab ul Aalameen we are talking about here. * A houri’s face is more radiant than a mirror and one can see one’s image in her cheek. ” (5:100), The blind and the seeking are not equal; nor are the depths of darkness and the light; nor the shade and the scorching heat; and neither are equal the living and the dead.” (35:19-22), “The inmates of the Fire are not equal to the inhabitants of the Paradise.” (59:20). In Arabic, it means spouse. (Surah al-Ahzab: 56) So the point is allah will punish people who leave islam because they dont have faith and the people that gives wrong preaching about islam PERIOD thats what i have learnt.

“And their Lord responded to them, “Never will I allow to be lost the work of [any] worker among you, whether male or female; you are of one another.” 3:195, “Verily for all men and women who have surrendered themselves unto God, and all believing men and believing women, and all truly devout men and truly devout women, and all men and women who are true to their word, and all men and women who are patient in adversity, and all men and women who humble themselves before God, and all men and women who give in charity, and all self-denying men and self-denying women, and all men and women who are mindful of their chastity, and all men and women who remember God unceasingly: for all of them has God readied forgiveness of sins and a mighty reward.” (33:35), Qur’an – 25:16 “For them therein is whatever they wish, abiding eternally. All he says that scholars are humans. And can’t see it. All of this happens on the unconscious level – we do NOT realize what’s going on. they talk about women because women dont be rude to men.

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