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Explore new ways of predictions using Nakshatra Padas. Aayilyam. He was a mind-born son of Brahma (Brahma was said to be his father)*  and one of the seven great sages or Saptarishis in the first manvantara (Sanskrit for a time cycle). Wish fulfilling ABHIJITH NAKSHATRA DEVI who grants all our wishes. If you do not know your nakshatra or rasi. Since a circle covers 360 degrees, these 27 nakshatrams cover 360 degrees in space. Moolam. The birth star finder tool, Nakshatra Calculator helps you find your birth star in a quick and easy manner.

The Madhyama Rajju is further divided into Arohana Rajju and Avarohana Rajju. Magham. 10 porutham. With 9 grahas, that is a total of 972 combinations or results that can be gotten by using sage Pulastya’s pada system. Poorattadhi. He also made this information available in the form of 3 books published by us in the early 2000s. But we need not take this too literally since the name “Pulastya” has become a title that denotes a function or job; the name taken from the rishi of the first manvantara since ideas are what matter not actual people. Our nakshatra calculator above will also calculate the nakshatra pada for you. There are couple of ways to calculate Rajju porutham. Finding out your Rasi from your Nakshatram If you know your janma nakshatra, you can find out your janma rasi from your nakshatram. Uthirattadhi.

If the count is 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15, 18, 20, 24 or 26, then Dina porutham is given 1 point. Astrograha provides a Nakshatra matching calculator that uses the birth Star and Rasi of the boy and girl and provides a rating in a chart format.

Each such nakshatra quarter is referred to as a Nakshatra Paadham or Nakshatra Pada. This rule indicates the harmony and unity between the boy and the girl. It is calculated based on the Nakshatra count from the Girl’s to the Boy’s. We use the pada to understand the energy, motivation, behavior, direction and goal of the deity of the nakshatra.

In South India, there are 10 different rules (the rules are referred as porutham in Tamil) to calculate the marriage compatibility based on the star and the rasi at the time of birth. Mirugaseerisham (Mrigaseersha, Mrigasira) Birth Star Nakshatra Temple: 6. Using this nakshatra calculator you can: Find your janma nakshatra or birth star; Find your rasi or moon sign; Find your Chinese year of birth and the ruling animal Arudra. Nakshatras manifest on the psychic level.

‘Naksha’ means to approach, and ‘tra’ means to guard. A planet in that house may be in any of the pads, depending on its exact mathematical degree. If both the lords are the same, then the match is mathiyamam. https://Agasthiar.Org/AUMzine/0019-rasi.htm. Asvini (Ashwini) Birth Star Nakshatra Temple: 2. Resonant Syllables: In India, the birth nakshatra is traditionally used as one means of choosing the name of a child. This is a vast topic and has its own complexities and hence an astrologer’s review is always recommended for match making. Basic background information on rasi and nakshatra (birth star). Kettai. However, there is a refined side of Ravana, who revered knowledge and was a devotee of Siva that made him a great scholar and Jyotishi. Chithirai. Here are some possible meanings of the 4 padas. Theyare in the following order: Every Nakshatra will be composed on these four parts  — chatur-purusarthas (the 4 goals). In this rule the rasi count is taken into consideration rather than the nakshatra’s. So the "space" occupied by one nakshatram is 360 divided by 27 which is equal to 13 degrees and 20 minutes. All concepts discussed or projected here may have its own flaws or may lack the accuracy, it is upon the individuals to use or reject the information. If the Girls’s rasi is atleast 6 rashi’s away from the boy’s then the match is uthamam.

Visakam. Nakshatra calculator, find Nakshatram With Rashi Zodiac, birth star or Naalu from your birth date. A manvantara is 306,720,000 years long and present-day humanity is in the 7th manvantara. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu. *A Brahmarshi is a sage who has understood the meaning of Brahman, has attained the highest divine knowledge, Brahmajnana. The fourth and last pada can show a more accepting, resigned, live and let live attitude, that goes with the more detached temperament of the moksha pada. This book was written by the same Ravana who antagonized Sri Ram, the avatar of Visnu, while in exile by kidnapping his wife Sita, setting off a series of events culminating in a war that destroyed Ravana and his kingdom in the epic story the Ramayana. Lord Krishna Avatar Lagna = Rishaba (Taurus). Magham (Magha, Makam) Birth Star Nakshatra Temple: 11. Brihaspati’s nature is to spread knowledge, particularly spiritual knowledge as well as teaching knowledge that results in something useful to society and the betterment of mankind; as for example knowledge that pertains to law, ethics or morals and leads to wisdom and spiritual development. The term Nakshatra is made of two Sanskrit words, naksha and tra. The nakshatra pada of the Moon in Gemini, will give even greater specificity and more details. This porutham is based on the relationship of the Rasi lords. First and foremost we look at the nakshatra pada of the deity from the tripod of life. These books contain detailed Siddha revelations on these temples and also many Siddha secrets on each of the nakshatras. It is one of the most important astrology tools that not only helps you determine your birth chart but also provides you favorable results. Karthigai. The earthy second pada shows a patient, persistent attitude, so they can fulfill big desires for long lasting goals. Astrograha will not take any responsibility and will not provide any guarantee for the correctness of information provided in this website. Hastham. If Brihaspati is affected by the kama of pada three, they may want to join groups,  acquire and enjoy sharing knowledge, or be knowledgeable in order to belong to a group; be part of a group of like minded seekers of truth, an occult secret society, a sangha, mensa, or even say a fellowship of history buffs. {{(horoscopeMatching.StarMatchResult.RuleMatches | filter:{MatchPoint:'1'}).length}}, {{(horoscopeMatching.StarMatchResult.RuleMatches | filter:{MatchPoint:'0.5'}).length}}, {{(horoscopeMatching.StarMatchResult.RuleMatches | filter:{IsMatch:false}).length}}, {{horoscopeMatching.StarMatchResult.MatchScore}} out of 36. This rule provides us with a list of Nakshatra’s that are lacking of fondness to certain nakshatra’s. The syllable of a person’s first name is sometimes used when calculating … Avittam (Dhanista, Sravista) Birth Star Nakshatra Temple: 24. If the boys as well as the Girl have male yoni, then the match is considered to be average. If this match does not exist then the marriage will result in a bad marriage. If the points are less than 18 then the match is not recommended. This article by SueAnn will discuss a teaching that originated from the book Ravana Samhita. If the boy or girl belongs to a nakshtra that is vedhai (lack of fondness) to the other’s nakshatra, then the rating is 0. Pulastya is the rishi that gave the knowledge of the nakshatra padas to the Jyotish world. So with the 27 nakshatras divided into 4 parts that will give us 108 unique places that a graha can inhabit. Om Salutations to Mother Sri Durga Devi. The person’s Geminian mind will have completely different karmas and experiences based on the nakshatra it is located in. The pada carries the energy of the tattva associated with them. This Vedic Based application will help to find your Janma nakshatram with Rashi Zodiac sign and also calculate Male/Female, birth star or Naalu from your birth date. The Moon is our mind, conditioned by birthplace (patra), family, surroundings and culture. Rishi Pulastya’s job was to share knowledge; his greatest accomplishment was to produce some of the Puranas (Sanskrit sacred writings containing Hindu legends and folklore) to humanity, the most famous being the Vishnu Purana. Lots of Siddha articles - Click here. Each house has 9 padas of 3 nakshatras.

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