naia fee waiver

Additionally, studies show that early decision applicants get accepted at a higher rate than regular applicants.

If you don’t let them know you intend to come, they will offer your spot up to someone else.

STUDENTS ARE THE HEART OF OUR COMMUNITY. High school transcripts, class rank information and fee waivers MUST be uploaded via the NAIA High School Portal. The NAIA Council of Presidents (COP) and other councils and committees continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation and make decisions they believe are in the best interest of our student-athletes. PlayNAIA is also the official clearinghouse for NAIA eligibility. However, applying early decision may not be a good decision for someone who is not 100% sure they want to attend that college, has not done a lot of research into colleges or may need to bring their grades up their final semester.

Getting accepted early does offer some benefits, including saving on the cost of submitting multiple applications, reducing stress and time spent waiting on a decision, and having more time to prepare for moving to college. Every college has different deadlines for their admissions process, so make sure you have a method for organizing those important dates. Our test code is 9876.

So eligible. 9Z� ��mQl�`���O"�M=��9T WA��b%�����$n�b���ְ�rG������D9'^�G� ^X(��� #�E1.�{9�j͸�)hp,�][�E�f�׉�"(Ya���*���Ke��jJ:@�y���lfM*��T4f��:��0�疙����=v�p:ס�4d?l@Ű�Ќ;�4M��n[=��q�3p�q'@'�%��gǞ���ЃN�h�[ʆ�I'i�����%T&���|�{cY@�7�662)�pT��wc�� OC�Y"c�X��!��#�m3�� ժ�� $������ ���>�|2H�f Every student-athlete must register with the NAIA Eligibility Center to play sports at an NAIA college or university. If you’re looking to play Division I or Division II, register for a Certification Account with the NCAA Eligibility Center (formerly the Clearinghouse) and/or the NAIA Eligibility Center by the summer after your junior year. An official letter must be sent to the Eligibility Center by the high school counselor's office, principal's office, or college financial aid office confirming exactly which qualification the student meets. WE PREPARE TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERS through a challenging academic experience within a climate of diverse Christian tradition.

Each of these options has different deadlines. And, even then, if you don’t formally accept, you haven’t made it quite yet. If you can’t provide a transcript with the graduation date included, an administrator at your high school can sign a proof of graduation and fax it to the Eligibility Center. In order to receive financial aid, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Students (FAFSA).

Insider tip: Before you submit your application, ask the college coach to review it.

qualify for a waiver of the ACT or SAT testing fees, qualify for a federal free or reduced-priced school lunch program, or. Insider tip: Fee waivers are available for economically disadvantaged students for both the ACT and SAT. The NCAA and NAIA Eligibility Center registration. There is no more NAIA Terminal Fee! It’s a huge time-saver. To be eligible to compete and receive a scholarship with the NCAA, you have to meet certain requirements. Chicago, IL 60642, © 2002-2020 Next College Student Athlete All Rights Reserved, NCAA Eligibility Center (formerly the Clearinghouse), eligible for financial aid to supplement scholarship dollars, Free Application for Federal Students (FAFSA), Registering for and taking the ACT and SAT, Registering with the NCAA Eligibility Center (for DI and DII) and/or the NAIA Eligibility Center, Filling out and sending in college applications, Requesting your final amateurism certification, Sending your final transcripts and proof of graduation to the Eligibility Center(s), Alien Registration Number (if you aren’t a U.S. citizen), Most recent federal income tax returns, W-2s and other record of money earned, Bank statements and record of investments. Nothing is official until you receive an acceptance letter. This can be especially appealing for student-athletes who have done their college research and have settled on a first-choice school that fits them athletically, academically, socially and financially.

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