my favourite country australia essay

As a 20-year old I wandered into this country just before the tourism boom happened. It was really cool to see.

My recent trip there was special. And, there are few places in the world with the diversity of the US. The obvious attractions are still incredible. But it was worth every second of the challenge. I was really surprised by Poland. I used to focus way too much on the cities. The Pantanal is one of the best wildlife viewing destinations on the planet, for starters. I think that if I spent a bit more time in the Czech Republic it would either go up on the list or start to slide. Food, drink and attractions are all very reasonable here. Though I spent 3 months in Mali, yet it still holds so much mystery to me.

This is still a beautiful country with lots to offer, but I had a different feeling than the first time, for sure. Of all the “unfair” placements I’ve made on this list, this is probably the most unfair. I’d love to see the rest of it. I was so engaged by the history that for the next 5 years of my life I dove into the history and politics of Latin America. Note: Chilean Patagonia is awesome. Indonesia has massive potential, and it’s ranking is based almost entirely on that, but I see this country doing nothing but fading as a destination as word of it’s misgivings starts to leak out. For now, Grand Cayman finds itself near the bottom of the pile. And, I feel incredibly at home in Japan.

Ok, without further ado, this is my ranking of my favourite countries to travel: It’s annoying when I have to add a country to the top of this list simply because it means I have to go down and manually change the number for every other country. Little to no public transportation, over-price everything, and under French control? However, the fact that I really only had a week means Scotland is a little lower on the list of my favourite countries to travel. When I rolled my scooter into Cape Town, I felt that comfortable feeling ever traveller looks for in a destination. However, what makes Colombia special to me is the welcoming feeling you have throughout the country. It is naturally one of the most beautiful countries in all of Africa. It made it a very special experience. Since then, I’ve lived in Lucerne and explored other places like Gruyeres and parts of The Alps region. China was extremely trying. Unless they every get Sapo National Park cleaned up, I see no reason to go back. It’s got a really nice climate for almost the entire year, friendly people, and a diverse multicultural population.

It would be a cool place to live, but I’m less blown away by it as a place to travel. Venezuela is frustrating. But, I’ve revisited so many countries, and added so many new ones to this list since then, that I think it’s spot is still pretty much the same. I’m not sure Singapore can get much higher on this list just because it’s such a small destination in terms of both size and things to do. There’s a chance I’ll be returning in August, so it could move up… or down. I mean, I expected to like it. I can’t explain in words how great this country is. For that reason, the US is my favourite country to travel, and one of the best countries to travel to in general.

I was paranoid there. It’s a place I want to go back and dig deeper. Note: Italy should probably be higher on the list. But once you get past that, the core of the country is amazing, and there’s a lot of diversity to the adventures and sights in Morocco. I wasn’t really inspired to dig deeper. The European discovery of Australia began with the discovery of New Guinea by Portuguese and Spanish explorers during the 1500s. For the most part, they were arrogant, apathetic and unwilling to lend a hand. I saw a lot of Romania, and there was very little that I didn’t like. But, cities like Gdansk completely stole my imagination and I’m already dying to go back and explore some of the other destinations in the country. I’d love to spend more time in Mexico. Throughout the countryside, there was garbage everywhere. Moreover, the people in Jordan are so incredibly welcoming it really is a breath of fresh air. There really is just so much wonder to that country. Senegal and I have a love hate relationship. Portugal is one of the places I think I could probably live. Zambia was my reward at the end of my scooter journey, and has a special place in my heart alone. I’ve only been gone a couple months and I’m already dying to go back. I really only saw Prague and Kutna Hora, so I can’t value it too high. Italian pizzas are the best example of this, as all the countries of the world know it and spread in the restaurants of cities from Australia … But, upon first impression I’m absolutely head over heels for this place. There lots of forest, lots of mosquitoes (in the summer at least), and it almost can feel like a giant swamp. It really is. Guatemala has a bit of a strange hold on me. Of the countries on the list, Italy is the one I love and would like to visit first. Places like Florence and Cinque Terre are some of the best places in the world for photography. In Peru, there are jungles, deserts, mountains, and everything in between. The people of Chile are fun and friendly, but boy is their style of clothing and hair dramatically strange. Getting to places like Matterhorn Mountains for a budget traveller like me is nearly impossible. If there were more consistent electricity in the country I’d say Nigeria ran on stress, but they’ve got enough stress to power the world if they could harness it for electrical current. I have to believe that tourism in The Gambia will jump soon. I was pleasantly surprised by Lithuania, but didn’t really have the chance to see enough of the country to justify putting it higher on this list. All in a week’s work as a travel journalist, I suppose. © 2002-2020 It’s beautiful, it’s really fun for photography, and as travellers, there’s a wealth to see. If it wasn’t so hard on me, it’d likely be up in the top 15.

After a pretty awesome road trip in Turkey, I moved this country up on my list. However, it was missing something to hold me, who knows what that could have been. The Pantanal is one of the best wildlife viewing destinations on the planet, Paris for me was such a brilliant experience, Stress is the name of the game in Nigeria, Suriname might be one of the most culturally diverse places in the world, a lady in Bas-Congo save me from my third stint with malaria. You can just explore endlessly, and there are so many perfect open spaces. But yet the government, the military and the police make it a tough place for tourists. I honestly don’t remember much of El Salvador except for the food, which was my favourite in Central America, and the garbage. The roads are rough, the tours are a bit difficult to organize as an independent traveller, and the weather is extreme. I liked it my first visit, but couldn’t justify having it so high on the list when I really had only seen Istanbul. During his voyage, he visited a landmass... Continue reading this essay As a perpetual traveller, you start to become a bit of a snob. I love mate, asado, and their crazy verison of Castellano. It means that though you get a taste of the local culture, you are mostly guarded from it. I’ll adjust it at some point. The … I really liked how “real” Vietnam felt in the north, but by the time we hit the south it felt overly commercialized and the locals became far more aggressive in their sales. I’m not against certain countries, or people out there.

Still, it was better than I expected, though I wasn’t blown away by the variety of things to do and see, I really enjoyed the country. Note: I’ve now spent extensive time in Spain. Still, the diversity of Argentina with its winelands, waterfalls, glaciers, cities, and Tierra del Fuego makes it one of the most diverse destinations in the world, and that alone is hard to ignore. Australia became separated from this landmass about 200 million years ago. For me, both Death Road mountain biking and visiting the Salt Flats in Uyuni rank among my favourite travel experiences of all-time. An off the beaten path traveller like myself usually hates these places, but Paris is one of my favourite cities in the world. It has some of the most welcoming and friendly people in the world. The tiny country of Swaziland suffers from the fact that it lies in the shadow of major tourism giants South Africa and Mozambique. If there was no Nicaragua, I’d likely be off coaching basketball at some Canadian high school right now. **Note: I’ve since made a second visit to Wales, and it should be higher.

In fact, I think at one point it was in the bottom 5. Sure, it’s more modern and dare I say “American”, but it’s also full of music and light. At the same time though, Ghana has the potential to be better, and better to tourists. It’s not for me, though.

I have no ill-will for Liberia, it was ok to me. I thought I would really dislike the country. It wasn’t Saltzburd that got me either, in fact, I thought it was a bit over-rated. Bali has lots of really interesting sights, but most of them are completely overrun, and the beaches are covered in trash. I’m not sure I got the appeal. Furthermore, this will be an on-going post; each time I visit a new country, I’ll be placing it on this list. I wasn’t disappointed. However, the tiny country really lent itself well to me. The one thing that drives me crazy though is the costs. Nowhere in Africa did I get as warm a welcome as in Congo. I will always love Costa Rica, but just as a friend. Update: I moved Zambia down from #32 to #58 after a return visit. There are loads of things to do in the country. I don’t get it. Crazy!!

I wouldn’t say it’s a favourite or anything, but I enjoy my time there. Australia has a lot of natural attractions like botanical gardens, beautiful islands, the Great Barrier Reef, various beaches, and vast forests to have a look at. The Philippines is the type of travel destination that could knock out the US on my list with another visit from me. I’m just too lazy to change it. I enjoyed my time wasting days away drinking beers with locals by the side of the road in towns like Concepcion and Asunción, but I can’t really think of a reason to return. The country also organizes various music and cultural festivals that one will like to miss. Sure, there’s some amazing natural settings, but there’s also a lack of cultural resilience, and almost a fake “pura vida” game being played with tourists instead. On Java island, anyone in the travel industry seems to be a scammer, and rip-offs of tourist aren’t just the norm, but expected. For me, Hong Kong is a great city.

I want to go back to the Caribbean and really immerse myself in the culture to see what it’s really like. This country has maybe the most beautiful landscape in all of Africa, and though it’s in the heart of one of the busiest tourism destinations on the continent, it’s extremely quiet from a tourism standpoint. Again, I don’t have nearly enough evidence to put it much higher.

Actually, there’s nowhere in the world with the diversity of the US. Moreover, there is a massive trash problem everywhere in the country. Of course, having wonders like The Chocolate Hills, Banaue, and Palawan, and intriguing destinations like Siquijor, and Sagada didn’t hurt.

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