msc software engineering dissertation topics

Inappropriate or too much antibiotic use in livestock farming can lead to resistant bacteria that contribute to an alarming health risk for society, causing societal commotion and extra costs. We welcome students interested in software engineering, empirical research and modern software technologies to do their thesis with our group! Each topic has a short description and the names of the researchers working on the topic. Can we "build" high-performing software teams in systematic ways, or do they merely emerge under certain favorable conditions? What particular software-related competences are needed (e.g., digitalization, IoT, cyber-physical systems)? A Roadmap to the Programmable World: Software Challenges in the IoT Era, Green IT (e.g., engineering new software with energy-efficiency requirements in order to reduce or limit the power consumption and consequently the carbon footprint), Carbon neutrality goals of software companies (e.g., software development organizations decreasing physical travelling in order to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions), Developing software products or services for measuring climate change related factors. In evaluating the quality of simulation models or experimental results, sensitivity analysis plays an important role. Software is increasingly built-in and ubiquitous.

Two extremes are (1) the rationalist, taking his own decision, not influenced by others, and (2) the imitator, who bases his decision exclusively on what others do.

What are the particular constraints (e.g., regulations) in different domains to be taken into account in software engineering? But if the software has to be used and/or modified by others after the project, special care should be taken in the development process. The topics can be general, based on existing research, or they may require original research and problem solving. Essay about alcohol usage should be controlled, design rationale essay example Msc topics software dissertation engineering. Contact: Petri Kettunen, How is innovation and creativity taken into account in software development processes and methods (e.g., Agile)?

meters and feet or grams and milligrams. References: Guzzi, A.; Bacchelli, A.; Lanza, M.; Pinzger, M.; van Deursen, A. Some vets may be more inclined to prescribe than others. MSc Thesis topics (to be updated) Creating socially intelligent virtual agents. Short description:A supply chain is defined as a system consisting of organizations, people, activities, information, and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer. Contact: Tomi Männistö. See also the wider list of topics from the department: CSM Master thesis topics, We have written some instructions to help the students in writing their Master's theses, and seminar papers and B.Sc. In an existing agent-based model, information goes round in a farmer population, based on which they make decisions. The actual research questions could be some of the above or formulated individually. Using agent-based modelling, a thesis project can be to compare farmers’ decision-making behaviour with respect to compliance. Specific theses in this topic area could be for instance about the following themes: The thesis could be a literature review, an empirical case study or a design scientific work.

We encourage creativity and student-centered insight in the selection and definition of the topic.

Below are some pointers and topics stemming from our research interests.

Descriptive studies have examined, e.g., how the development process unfolds and how the social communication structure corresponds to technical actions in the code.

Aspects of Self-awareness: An Anatomy of Metacreative Systems. Web based Applications for Insurance Services. There is an opportunity for a funded thesis position. Mathematical techniques for model analysis are not readily applicable in those circumstances. When just one or two models have to analysed, it might be feasible to perform the necessary simulations in an ad hoc way.

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