most hated mlb teams 2020

Fans love to hate players. To millions of fans who didn't like him even before the BALCO scandal, it was bad enough that Barry Bonds had set the single season home run mark a year earlier. They have the always exciting Ronald Acuña Jr. and his best friend Ozzie Albies. Drew, two extremely high-priced newcomers in Daisuke Matsuzaka and Josh Beckett (by now, Boston was almost indistinguishable from the Evil Empire Yankees) and the increasingly mouthy Curt Schilling. While it didn’t work out this year, throw your lot in with another team where it did. And since that A's team won the World Series during the tragedy of the earthquake, everything about that victory was bizarre. Although they hadn't reached the postseason since 1987, The Tigers had been a proud franchise. But the team's other NL MVP, Jeff Kent, wasn't all that likable either. He spends a lot of time thinking about walk-up music and believes stirrup socks are an integral part of every formal outfit. It’s hard to pitch in Coors Field.

The Steelers are the most “hated” team in eight of the 50 states. Or that Rafael Palmeiro was the most potent bat in their lineup. According to the map, the most hated team was the Yankees, taking the top spot in 28 out of 50 states (even Alaska hates them), but the Cubs came in second on the list with eight states saying they hate them the most – and especially in states surrounding the Cubs’ home of Illinois. Each has endured long postseason droughts -- briefly broken up when generational talents have filled their respective rosters. What makes baseball fans and non-baseball fans across the country hate a team depends on many factors. Jason Giambi had already admitted to taking PEDs. They dealt away Harold Baines, Danny Darwin, Tony Pena, Darren Lewis, Wilson Alvarez and Roberto Hernandez over the next few weeks. Hometown fans love a team no matter what happens or what dirtbag is on the roster...for the most part.

Rockies fans could be forgiven if they sometimes felt like games in Colorado were a little more like a slowpitch softball game. fans to jump on their bandwagon. What makes baseball fans and non-baseball fans across the country hate a team depends on many factors. So that season was an embarrassment. So, this October -- sorry, Rocktober -- throw your lot in with a team that can’t help but stumble upon good pitchers. You obviously want to have someone to root for this October -- some team to stake your entire emotional investment on, giving you another reason to stay up late every night.

Sometimes, the choice is easy: A favorite player is on another team, or you can root for whoever is playing your most hated rival. But since the Brewers backed in with a loss -- having never been over .500 for a single day all year -- they'll get a pass. We can always use an excuse to watch more baseball, Who to root for if your team is out of it. It had the very unlikable J.D. So, your team isn’t in the postseason. You may as well add "Trust the Process" to the Philadelphia city flag. The fact that Roger Clemens hadn't yet been labeled a steroid user doesn't quite matter. The hatred for this team should be redirected at two men: general manager Ron Schueler and owner Jerry Reinsdorf.

But sometimes it’s a little harder. There was nothing particularly dislikable about the players or manager Alan Trammell. Sure, you're rooting for Royals great Zack Greinke to get his World Series ring. And everyone knows that when the Rays acquire a player, it's because they see something everyone else missed. They’re a great underdog story, reaching the playoffs even after moving into their Triple-A affiliate in Buffalo at the start of the season. Oh, and letting a three-year-old (manager Dusty Baker's son) serve as a batboy only to see him run onto the field during a play is pretty bad. The Mariners and Padres face off a lot in Interleague Play.

The thought of those two winning a World Series (six outs away from taking the title over the Angels in Game Six) was hard to swallow, especially since Bonds completely wiped away the stigma that he wasn't a clutch player, hitting eight home runs in just 45 at bats. No team ever bought a championship quite like the 1997 Marlins. They’ve faced the Yankees six times in the postseason -- five Division Series and one Wild Card -- and they’ve lost every time.

They lost 17 of their first 18 games, were shut out 16 times and allowed double-digit runs 21 times. Spending millions on free agents Bobby Bonilla and Eddie Murray wasn't nearly enough to make the Mets respectable in 1992. Sure, there might be a few Pirates fans who decide to cheer for the Yankees because of Gerrit Cole, but really, after 27 World championships (and a fanbase that makes sure everyone knows that fact), it's pretty hard to recommend the Bombers. Maybe this is somewhat retroactive hatred, but any team with Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco has to be hated, right? The Steelers are the most “hated” team in eight of the 50 states. They've lost three consecutive Wild Card Games -- the most heartbreaking of all postseason appearances. Times are changing. That team also cost Joe Torre, who most people really liked, his job. Paul Goldschmidt leads the D-backs in career WAR among position players, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, walks and is second in home runs. The Red Sox's second World Series title since 1918 wasn't nearly as "magical" as the first.

Nevertheless, he did, hitting 102 during his 17-year career. Roger Maris was on that club, just six years removed from breaking Babe Ruth's hallowed single-season home run mark.

To Cubs fans, Red Sox fans, and especially fans of the Cleveland Indians (who the Marlins beat in the World Series), that city didn't deserve a World Series title.

Pittsburgh Steelers: 8 statesGreen Bay Packers: 6 statesSan Francisco 49ers: 5 statesPhiladelphia Eagles: 4 statesLas Vegas Raiders: 4 statesAtlanta Falcons: 4 statesNew York Jets: 4 statesNew England Patriots: 3 statesSeattle Seahawks: 3 statesKansas City Chiefs: 2 statesNew Orleans Saints: 2 statesLos Angeles Rams: 1 stateChicago Bears: 1 stateCleveland Browns: 1 stateDallas Cowboys: 1 stateBaltimore Ravens: 1 state, Map Shows The Most Hated NFL Team in Every State for 2020 (PIC). After 24 seasons, plenty of people didn't like him. Somehow, the labor issues should have been resolved to avoid the work stoppage that cost baseball dearly over the next few years. Google it! There may be some Pirates fans who will never be able to cheer for the Braves after Sid Bream slid home in 1992. That's how much the fans there have embraced the slogan around the then-rebuilding 76ers. Both are located in charming coastal cities on the West Coast. Thrill whenever Dan Vogelbach steps to the plate and marvel at Devin Williams' changeup that leaves batters completely befuddled.

But plenty of people didn't like the fact that the championship for "America's Game" went to a team in Canada. Power ranking the most hated teams in baseball history is not easy to do. Because he was so utterly dominant as a pitcher, any team that Bob Gibson faced naturally made him a hated man in National League cities across the America. Umpire Don Denkinger blew a call at first base, the Royals scored two runs, won Game Six, then won Game Seven. And then there was Carl Pavano, the free agent making $10 million to make just two appearances. Well, the Twins know what it’s like to lose to the Yankees, too. Make the enemy of your enemy your friend, and root for the Dodgers to win the World Series -- which will be played in the Rangers’ home ballpark, by the way. Sometimes these players even play for the team they cheer for. Instead, with Detroit sitting so close to the Canadian border, the two teams seem to have developed a friendly relationship over the years, with plenty of Jays supporters hanging out in the Motor City. Power ranking the most hated teams in baseball history is not easy to do. If you are a Tigers fan from the ‘80s, you’re probably throwing up in your soup at the mere suggestion of the Jays. By the mid-1980s, George Steinbrenner's wackiness had started to get annoying to everyone, not just Yankee fans several years removed from a World Series championship. Less than two years before, Reinsdorf would oversee the dissection of his Chicago Bulls dynasty. A map put together by shows the most hated team in each state in the USA and it shockingly shows that a team being led by Tom Brady doesn’t even make the list.

But for one reason or another, there was a reason they deserved the ire of sports fans.

Two teams have absolutely no love lost for the Astros: the Rangers and the Dodgers, who were defeated by Houston in the 2017 World Series.

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