monterey ornate shrew

601 0 obj <>stream �e��(����hXM:M���/ե�*�Ys��[�T�����U,��½5 $-ZK8�{����b� �s�� There are many rare plants at Fort Ord including the federally protected Contra Costa goldfields and Monterey spineflower. The skies are patrolled by vultures, red-tailed hawks, and kestrels while California quail, turkeys and road runners often scamper about on the ground.

Click here for up-to-date information on changes to closures, facilities and services in California in response to coronavirus (COVID-19). Monterey Ornate Shrew So. endstream endobj startxref endstream endobj 378 0 obj <>stream You can type a year (ex. Sorex ornatus  Ornate Shrew is a solitary, diurnal invertivore. Rats and mice and squirrels are actually much more closely related to you and me than they are to the Buena Vista Lake ornate shrew, one of nine subspecies of ornate shrew … 1 & 2, With contributions by Bernadette N. Graham, Adam P. Potter, and Mariana M. Upmeyer, The Smithsonian Book of North American Mammals, Comments: Subgenus Otisorex. Don’t call this beady-eyed, long-tailed, four-inch denizen of the Tulare Basin a rodent. Sorex ornatus (Ornate Shrew) is a species of mammals in the family shrews. In the late winter and early spring, monument visitors are treated with colorful displays of baby blue-eyes, ceanothus blue blossom, Hickman's popcorn flower, buttercups, lupine, goldfields and sunflowers,   In the summer and fall visitors see blooms of sticky monkey flower, nightshade, chaparral current and California golden rod. )n8��֨h^_Ȃ4ƙ*"��Z��B�@?���9�����g�����'7&��,��!��z�awUB��O)��mE�*��&S��Q)��H�}�C���1r8F���9��i ����X�q|�w�-t6�{�Rq�=.����Lo��"#��o����2�Y��rH�!9�,�6���[E�f�%����D cQ�fN��rSKc �� ~�dQS�i21��r���sp���9ׂ.�z��]Z�ܿ���W��֌]^�i�XZ����\{�0��̶LG��*½��u����^�f36g�gP|m�����;�.�]RUh�f ���]N�U�,��0��)���a�5�����%/ѷ^�\�(d7�KK���)I`���!���8�� ���>�� ����}+=���Q07t���9���y������&oԳSV��l_�t��3�zp������f�*�H���.�A�8�K�B���(v�Y�aŠ�U.�Z�F�ڨ�1*u�J�Q/02�6Ҙ�˓C�Q]�%e-fʎȒ���%��p�睻�-�)^���g�&���? UROC student researcher (2019) in the Community College Apprentice Research Experience program (CCARE) comparing effectiveness of 3 types of traps for capturing ornate shrews. Buena Vista Lake ornate shrew.

In the winter, you might see the federally protected California tiger salamander on the move towards vernal pools as they fill with water. ]>���,�q�68M�-G�F^zI��z�D���Hs +�) )U��G�!$u���A"$%��F��^�BJۄ�ҕy���yg%Z%�XԆ%HXR�L����%Pu�R�H�)9��w?I��r/�����&��Hp���� �]�E�I�;��=�� ���ag7���'pt,��u���+�p�&�K�3h�2QgQ��,k�B���$X�j�A��z'p.�6P�H7�n���Q&��M���JS�L��Ono/q)!Q��@�7��Q�{�� G��m����"?���Uq1�tQ͎��V_����O�+1�BNd�s����eQ! )U!���$5�X�3/9�� �(�$5�j�%V*�'��&*���r" (,!��!�0b;�C��Ң2(��ɘ� � I�8/ The project would remove habitat of common wildlife species and plant communities within Del Monte Forest while preserving far larger areas (*���(%�8H����8c�-�� f�ԉd�9�@6_IjH��9���(3=�D����R�1%?

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