monster hunter world best kinsect

The Kinsect allows you to boost your abilities, and the Insect Glaive gives you the ability to even vault. For example I sometimes use high power low speed kinsects for the extra damage and they work perfectly fine.

The Health Boost, Dragon Damage, and the high Elderseal are also ever in your favor, making it an easy weapon to claim for hunting Elders.

The Insect Glaive possesses amazing evasive and speed capabilities, and to use them to its fullest potential, you're first going to want to get the Attack Extract from your Kinsect, after that you'll be able to maximise your damage output.

It has many high aspects to it - a high Raw Attack Power, high Sharpness, and high Elemental Damage.

The only reason it comes so high on the list is due to its low strength from its low raw attack damage. So don't limit yourself to only one type of kinsect. Blast is the only status effect without this problem! While the negative Affinity isn't ideal and the Raw Attack Power is lower than Tyrannis Glaive II, all the previously mentioned make it well worth the trouble.

First on the list is Vice, an elegant blade made from the Odogaron Monster and has a great affinity for sharpness.

Not to mention purple sharpness and a dollop of Blast damage round it out into easily the best non-event Insect Glaive in the game. Head over to the Smithy, and under 'Kinsect Management' you'll be able to select 'Nurture Kinsect' which will open up a brand-new tree, not too dissimilar to any other weapon's upgrade tree, for you to check out all the different Kinsect types. You can follow this up with an attack with Circle (or B on Xbox) or a Midair Evade, followed up with an attack.

However, its sharpness, Level 4 slot, and comparatively good Kinsect Boost give it the edge. This Eyepatch will also activate a Level 2 skill, named Weakness Exploit. Awakened Weapons are the randomized drops that you get at the end of any Safi’Jiva siege.

That way you can get a little extra oomph against every monster with whatever weaknesses. Not to mention Cruelty has absurdly low raw damage if you don’t draw it out with Namielle armor or the Free Elem / Ammo Up skill.

Improved graphics, smoother performance, 120Hz multiplayer, VRS and much, much more. Meanwhile, the Speed Boost on Wise Fylos allows you to more quickly and dependably gather extracts from monsters — powering up the true source of your damage, which is the glaive itself. It trades 93 raw damage for 120 Water damage compared to the Hydros Arcana (the Namielle Insect Glaive).

There are cool weapons invented within a game and the Insect Blade, or the Insect Glaive, from Monster Hunter: World is no exception. Combined with Master’s Touch and the right gear, that can easily make up for its poor sharpness (the lowest of the three). You can always Handicraft for improvements, but right off the bat, this glaive is already good to go. All Rights Reserved. Monster Hunter World Insect Glaives are a unique weapon for those who want to be agile in combat and have a variety of Kinsect buffs at their disposal..

That might be the difference between Weakness Exploit 2 and Weakness Exploit 3, after all, which gives you an additional 15 percent Affinity against monsters’ soft spots. We're going to want to farm a lot of High-Rank Odogaron. This glaive is styled with the Drachen Alpha Armor Set, a set of gear most popular for hunters that use the insect glaive. With the raw damage, Dragon damage, and average Elderseal, hunters can get some good blows.

To use a Kinsect, you want to fire it at the Monster's face by aiming (holding the left trigger) followed by Triangle/Y.

NEXT: The 10 Best Monster Hunter World Hammer Builds, Ranked.

Specifically, Kjarr weapons have seen a real resurgence with their built-in Critical Status and Critical Element. While there is no one true Insect Glaive Build, we've honed in on a great Insect Glaive build designed to keep you fast on your feet, while also dishing out devastating damage through exploiting some innate armour skills. Let's just say that the Elder Dragons should probably be running away from you.

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Despite its low raw damage, it has a massive Poison effect built-in.

The Insect Glaive you want to shoot for is named Catastrophe's Light, with the highest single raw damaging Insect Glaive in the game, and comes with a high Elderseal stat.

In other words, aerial abilities are definitely guaranteed. This glaive can easily become White Sharpness with one Handicraft skill. Thankfully, the Datura Storm also has two Decoration slots, meaning you can add some extra Critical Eye or Weakness Exploit without dipping into your armor. Safi’s Venomspear will allow you to deal Poison damage while nurturing your Kinsect for Blast.

The Beo Glaive II likely edges out Fenrir Storm, with its higher elemental damage and better Decoration slots.

You can now consider them for (almost) all elemental weapon choices in the game.

It has 15% Affinity, 120 Dragon Damage, and Stamina Boost. Once you get settled into the world, learn about Layered Armour in Monster Hunter World and the various side-quests available - including Surveyor Set missions, Boaboa quests and finding Pearlspring Macaque locations.

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