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The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. I never clip my DoTs, I let them wear off before applying again, it's ok to apply them abit late. Yet it still only deals 430 damage — even after some post-Shadowbringers updates. Best used with cool downs, but if CD's > 15 seconds away, use PB immediately. This is even more true in Shadowbringers, since many Monk positionals got damage buffs.

Find out in our FF14 Monk guide to Shadowbringers.

This order allows you to then have a full damage rotation (Bootshine->True Strike->Snap Punch), then have a full rotation of reapplying your DoTs and Debuffs (Dragon Kick->Twin Snakes->Demo). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I'm curious if there is an infograph or something that can help me start practicing a rotation with them while going from ~55-70 so I can get a feel for the job again.

Putting in a question here since I've been trying to follow this guide. That’s all for now, folks! The Monk is a melee damage class in FF14. Like a lot of changes in patch 5.0, this rework makes the Monk easier and smoother to play than ever. ). Less directly, the Monk suffers from just how common DPS players are in FF14. with two rotations finshing with snap punch and one with demolish, demolish should be up with 0 to -1 seconds left (if youre avoiding skill speed like you should). Sorta. The effect of Dragon Kick has changed completely, too, meaning you need to think differently about where it fits in your rotations.

Or is this supposed to be a bootshine? Is this true strike happening under the end of PB? This role-wide skill had its recast time cut in half and gained a second “charge” that can build up independently. That… hardly seems worth it. Kill them before they can kill you. Thinks cute things are good, actually. Obviously, depending on damage checks, you want to alter when you pop your CD's, but this is a case by case basis, For CD's, you generally want to sit on them until all four (B4B, Internal, Steel Peak, Howling Fist) are up and then pop them in between attacks in that order. And that’s exactly why you might need help picking your new main Job or Jobs this time around. We’re here to help with another FF14 Job guide — this time for the mach-speed Monk. Use PB on Cooldown (except on fights where you are guaranteed to lose GL3, then save) AFTER a 'Dragon Kick > Twin Snakes > Demolish' and when Touch of Death > 10 seconds remaining, then: True Strike > True Strike > True Strike > True Strike > Snap Punch > Bootshine [PB END] > ROTATION START. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I'm leveling up my MNK from ARR finally and at first thought I'm honestly a bit overwhelmed at all the new skills. The answer? Also come talk to us on the balance discord #mnk channels! It’s more similar to the Samurai, which focuses on selfishly hitting hard. This is because of when that last tick of damage comes out, and how refreshing it changes the counter for the next tick. We hope it helps you master this versatile DPS Job to the best of your ability.

The new expansion includes major reworks across the board, as well as two entirely new classes: Dancer and Gunbreaker.

This infograph is extremely old in terms of the current state of monk. Press J to jump to the feed. This blazing fast fighter builds up stacks of Greased Lightning to increase their attack speed, eventually unleashing hilariously quick combos on various sides of a foe’s body. The buff doubles the potency of Bootshine (the aforementioned basic strike), and stacks with its guaranteed critical hit (if you attack from the rear).

Most guides don't cover non-endgame rotations, as they're often not important (the exception being BLM because the rotation changes drastically multiple times). A community for fans of Square Enix's popular MMORPG "Final Fantasy XIV Online", also known as FFXIV or FF14.

with two rotations finshing with snap punch and one with demolish, demolish should be up with 0 to -1 seconds left (if youre avoiding skill speed like you should). The only thing the text guide provides is the TK opener and rotation infograph. But what’s the best way to use this powerhouse of potential? the only skill youmay clip is dragon kick.

The overall difference is relatively small in the end regardless. Is this right? I use PB ->Snap->Demo->Dragon Kick->B4B->Twin Snakes->Internal->Snap-> Steel Peak->ToD->Howling Fist. It used to reduce Blunt Resistance (a concept that no longer exists in FF14). I'm looking for something similar to this guide or this image. and for the normal rotation, dont apply dots unless theyve run out. Perfect Balance > Snap > Snap > DK > Twin > Demolish. It doesn't even advise using TK at all.

Meaning opener (with PB) when to use cooldowns etc. Should you end Coeurl Form and reenter Opo-Opo with a damaging Snap Punch, or is it time to reapply your damage-over-time with Demolish? Just read a 5.2 guide for lvl 80, and see what abilities you do have that are listed in the rotation as a starting point. Sure, the game is overflowing with DPS classes and players, but somebody still has to be on their game for all those bosses with one-hit-kill ultimates. And once you get going, you no longer want to use the Monk’s most basic attack without Leaden Fist active. You just need to choose to play as a Pugilist at the start. Thank you! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. Until then, good luck learning the new reworks, abilities, and intricacies of the Monk going forward. or you can clip the last 2 seconds of the dots if you have the damage buff applied. no search needed - a few links beneath yours. I've seen a SAM one that I'd appreciate, and I'd like to have a bard one but have no clue if it even exists. This is the early version of the Monk, and will transform into the advanced Job once you reach level 30.

If anything, you can still start with the traditional, easier monk opener if you're new and TK during RoF+BH like normal within the rotation to get a gain and practice the current rotation. not clipping dots increased my dps by an easy 10 points. "Jahaudant version" - Infographic"Rien Doll version". If anything, you can still start with the traditional, easier monk opener if you're new and TK during RoF+BH like normal within the rotation to get a gain and practice the current rotation.

The current MNK meta is very complicated and TK oriented, but acchan's infografic above contains everything you need to first understand before attempting to map out TK, which needs to be planned out in the context of each fight.

This is even more true in Shadowbringers , since many Monk positionals got damage buffs. in the opener always use touch of death before perfect balance and use twin snakes before dragon kick. It only lasts 10 seconds now, reducing the overall time you can ignore position requirements, but the accompanying buffs more than make up for it. In the PvP section, you will find information about its PvP actions and adrenaline gauge. If you are using Potions, then the potion should be the first one that you use, before B4B.

Tornado Kick, for instance, removes all stacks of Greased Lightning: your most sought-after Monk buff. For main rotation why not just DK-twin-snap, boot-true-demo, adding ToD either before or after every other demo? not quite correct.

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