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“The poster for 1959’s ‘Crimson Kimono’ even featured him kissing co-star Victoria Shaw, addressing the controversial match-up head-on by proclaiming: ‘Yes, this is a beautiful American girl in the arms of a Japanese boy!’. As it stands, everything seems kind of rushed at the end. Search the latest about Miiko Taka on Bing, A down-and-out American boxer becomes involved in a feud …, An English navigator becomes both pawn and player in the deadly …, Dale Ishimoto (April 3, 1923 – March 4, 2004) was an …. As far as I know, this is the only Hollywood film to even touch on the subject of comfort women during the war and I’m sorry the script is so thoughtless about it. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. “In the late ’50s and early ’60s, it seemed as if James Shigeta was single-handedly responsible for portraying Asian American men as attractive not only to the opposite sex but white women, which was quite revolutionary,” said Guy Aoki of Media Action Network for Asian Americans. The English-speaking Japanese captain is played by Japanese-American actor Dale Ishimoto, who was, at one time, Miiko Taka’s husband. When Lt. Voss returns, Merc looks up at him and says: “Oh hi, Lieutenant, I’m havin’ a ball. He was born in Delta, Colorado in 1923 and was raised in Guadalupe, California. Thanks, Brian. An English navigator becomes both pawn and player in the deadly political games in feudal Japan. (Something I doubt ever happened in the war.) That was pretty amazing as Asian men were usually used as comic relief and/or seen as asexual. to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your contributions. In one later scene in their makeshift jungle camp, Ari is bringing coffee to both Voss and Merc when she overhears Voss insist that he loves Ari, to which Merc responds, “Ari’s just a gook,” and reminds him how his family in Montana would react if he brings her home.

Leavitt said the actor died peacefully in his sleep. (I’m still not clear why they couldn’t take the mother with them, unless she opted to stay with Manders, to whom she seems devoted.). Here’s someone worth rooting for. (According to IMDB, they divorced in 1958, three years before shooting this film together.). James Shigeta and Karin Anna Cheung in a scene from “The People I’ve Slept With.”, “James Shigeta was one of the most handsome, talented, classy and dignified actors of his era,” Adachi said. Ron Foster, who plays Lt. Voss, had leading roles in only a handful of B-movies like this one, and spent most of his career in TV guest shots. Voss is embarrassed by this and lashes out at Merc’s callous behavior and disrespectful attitude only hours after the battle which cost them the rest of their unit. The quartermaster should hand out gals like these to every G.I. After appearing in the Nichigeki Theatre’s “Cherry Blossom Show” in 1958, he returned to the U.S. and appeared on “The Dinah Shore Show” and in Shirley MacLaine’s “Holiday in Japan” in Las Vegas. Ari’s behavior toward Voss changes considerably after this encounter and he doesn’t seem to understand why. Until the team gets to the road they have to blow up in the last seven minutes of the movie, the whole thing was shot in the studio. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account.

In James Clavell’s “Walk Like a Dragon” (1960), Shigeta played Cheng Lu, a Chinese immigrant in the old west who resents the oppression of his people and vies with cowboy Linc Bartlett (Jack Lord) for the affections of Kim Sung (Nobu McCarthy). To celebrate the occasion of her birthday, I found one of her more obscure Hollywood films on Amazon Prime and watched it. Shigeta also co-starred with Robert Mitchum and Ken Takakura in “The Yakuza” (1974) and played Vice Adm. Nagumo in “Midway” (1976), which featured Toshiro Mifune as Adm. Yamamoto. In a later scene at the same locale, they get into a fist fight until Ari pulls them apart. His most recent TV appearances were on “Threat Matrix” in 2004 and the animated show “Avatar: The Last Airbender” in 2005. Miiko Taka is a member of the following lists: 1925 births, Japanese-American internees and American film actresses..

She’s gentle and soft-spoken, but extremely brave and physically tough when she needs to be. Shigeta continued to work mostly in TV, appearing in such ’80s shows as “The Love Boat,” “T.J.

Up until that time Asians were usually Hop Sing the house keeper in the TV series Bonanza or number one son in the Charlie Chan movies. She recorded for Mercury Records, 1955-1959.

In the course of it, however, they free five “comfort girls,” local village women who had been forced into serving the Japanese officers at their headquarters, and must train them in combat to assist in their mission. Shigeta’s birth year is given as 1933 in online biographies, which would make him 81, but according to his family, he was 85. We are proud to have served the Japanese American community from our Little Tokyo office in Downtown Los Angeles since 1903. In addition to guest-starring in such ’90s shows as “Murder, She Wrote,” “Babylon 5,” “Cybill,” and “Beverly Hills 90210,” Shigeta did voice work for the Disney movie “Mulan” (1998) and the animated series “The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest.”.

He was a trained actor and could also sing and dance. I wonder if all this wasn’t intended in order to make Taka’s role stronger and more positive. If any of them had escaped from the places they were stationed, their families and villages would be massacred in retaliation. The San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival (now known as CAAMFest) saluted Shigeta in 2006 with a retrospective of his movies. One can ask why they didn’t hire more high-profile actresses to play these parts and the answer would be that they simply didn’t have the budget for it. See a detailed Miiko Taka timeline, with an inside look at her movies, marriages, children & more through the years. Later, realizing how wrong he was, Voss apologizes to the dead Manders, something he never does to the living Ari. They divorced in 1958. great actor and person who will be missed! He taught me what it meant to be a true professional.

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