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A second ice cream machine was brought in for the dessert round. This article is about Chopped USA. The veggie platter contained celery sticks, cherry tomatoes, and romanesco cauliflower. The apple teeth in the dessert round were made from apple slices, peanut butter, and marshmallows. In the first round they had to make "crunchy" desserts, in the second round they had to make "gooey" desserts, and in the third round they had to make "fruity" desserts. Notes: Each basket had at least one bar food/ingredient and all four contestants were bartenders.

Throughout the competition Salma cut herself four times. 'I want a tri-state rager.'. Notes: Guest judge Jordan Andino was a contestant from the Chopped season 15 episode, Heads Up! This was also the second Thanksgiving themed episode that aired in 2019, following the previous episode, "Thanksgiving Champions". Each heat features chefs with a particular specialty, and their specialties would be the theme for their respective heat. Notes: The contestants were all reality television stars and competed for charity. Just like her famous mother, Ava carries a fondness for cooking. Eight years into their married life, the couple decided to separate. The winners of the four previous episodes competed for an additional $50,000.

Appetizer: half-roasted chicken thighs, scallion pancakes, Dessert: chicken skin, Nashville hot chicken paste, sweet potato ice cream, buttermilk biscuits, Jayson Reynolds, Chef & Caterer from Austin, TX (eliminated after the appetizer), Shanice Fleming, Line Cook from New York, NY (eliminated after the entrée), Tyler Henderson, Executive Chef from Santa Fe, TX (eliminated after the dessert), Brandon Peacock, Executive Chef from San Francisco, CA (winner), Appetizer: canned escargot, popcorn shoots, cocktail franks, orzo, Entrée: tilefish, chayote squash, garlic knots, cookie butter chocolate bites, William Gilchriest, Executive Chef from Houston, TX (eliminated after the appetizer), Elisha Weitz, Corporate Chef from Parsippany, NJ (eliminated after the entrée), Kaley Laird, Executive Chef & Pastry Chef from San Francisco, CA (eliminated after the dessert), Aarthi Sampath, Chef de Cuisine from New York, NY (winner), Appetizer: alpaca hot dogs, sauerkraut, carrot ketchup, pâté, Entrée: wagyu beef hot dogs, quail eggs, watermelon radishes, canned chili, Dessert: corn dogs, coffee toffee, chocolate-covered jalapeños, deep-fried cookie dough, Cameron Cain, Executive Chef from Houston, TX (eliminated after the appetizer), Seth Carter, Chef de Partie from San Francisco, CA (eliminated after the entrée), Rey Martinez, Executive Chef from Brooklyn, NY (eliminated after the dessert), Rachael Zavala, Executive Chef from Danville, CA (winner), Appetizer: dill pickle soup, red watercress, lime curd, steelhead trout, Entrée: habanero beer, pork ribs, purple asparagus, fig dragées, Dessert: smoked brown sugar, baby pineapples, empanada dough, French single malt whiskey, Donato Deserio, Executive Chef from New York, NY (eliminated after the appetizer), Pasquale Abbatiello, Executive Chef from Pleasantville, NY (eliminated after the entrée), Tariq Abdullah-Muhammad, Sous Chef from New York, NY (eliminated after the dessert), Veronica Flores, Executive Chef from New York, NY (winner), Appetizer: pork cheek, kohlrabi, Mexican chocolate, chorizo, Entrée: boneless short ribs, spicy gummy peppers, choclo, smoked turkey wings, Dessert: jalebi, sweet/spicy cocktail sugar, habichuelas con dulce, roasted red peppers, Jim Angelus, Chef & Restaurateur from San Francisco, CA (eliminated after the appetizer), Natacha Supplice, Private Chef from New York, NY (eliminated after the entrée), Eric Adjepong, Personal Chef & Entrepreneur from New York, NY (eliminated after the dessert), Matthew Arlington, Executive Chef & Restaurateur from Hoboken, NJ (winner), Appetizer: waffle tacos, yogurt covered pretzels, broccolini, speck, Entrée: capon, purple cabbage, ranch dressing, pizza casserole, Dessert: banana split brownies, avocados, ribbon candy, wasabi peanuts, Nicholas Capone (age 15), from Parsippany, NJ (eliminated after the appetizer), Myla Njai (age 15), from Queens, NY (eliminated after the entrée), Jared Goldberg (age 17), from Scarsdale, NY (eliminated after the dessert), Kamryn Kohler (age 16), from Yardley, PA (winner), Appetizer: saucisson en croute, quinoa, white harissa, seaweed salad, Entrée: squid, lemon candy, Kusa Squash, shrimp cocktail, Dessert: French pastries, citrus soda, strawberries, pirate's breakfast (eggs and bacon), Nathan Spiro (age 17), from Bedford, NY (eliminated after the appetizer), Tommy McMonagle (age 17), from Swedesboro, NJ (eliminated after the entrée), Samantha Haas (age 16), from New York, NY (eliminated after the dessert), Lyanna Cintron (age 17), from Queens, NY (winner), Appetizer: Korean short ribs, apple green tea coolers, Brussels sprouts, Gorgonzola dulce, Entrée: Skate wing, rainbow pasta, bok choy, Giardiniera, Dessert: Pate a choux, cherry tomatoes, balsamic jelly, chocolate milk, Brittany Matteson (age 17), from Boyertown, PA (eliminated after the appetizer), Mukanjo Mukuka (age 17), from Valley Stream, NY (eliminated after the entrée), Remmi Smith (age 15), from Tulsa, OK (eliminated after the dessert), Gabriel Chirinos (age 15), from Jackson Heights, NY (winner), Appetizer: double-yolked eggs, pickled pork skins, broccoli rabe, crawfish tails, Entrée: peas in a pod, crown roast of pork, root beer float, Japanese sweet potatoes, Dessert: ya pears, fennel pollen, pate sucree, Brazil nuts, Tammy Lakatos-Shames & Lyssie Lakatos, Nutritionists from New York, NY (eliminated after the appetizer), Pamela Drew & Wendy Drew, Chef & Restaurateurs from San Francisco, CA (eliminated after the entrée), Charlie Kalish & Michael Kalish, Instructors & Restaurateurs from San Francisco, CA (eliminated after the dessert), Matt Romine & Mike Romine, Chefs & Restaurateurs from Imlay City, MI (winner), Appetizer: porcini mushrooms, verjus, linzer torte cookies, rabbit in a can, Entrée: bison skirt steak, snap peas, guanciale, chocolate-covered potato chips, Dessert: seedless red grapes, building block candy, bee sting cake, sparkling cider, Jeffrey Heilman (age 18), from San Jose, CA (eliminated after the appetizer), Jonas Park (age 16), from Ardsley, NY (eliminated after the entrée), Shawna DeLima (age 17), from Augusta, NJ (eliminated after the dessert), Eliana de Las Casas (age 15), from New Orleans, LA (winner), Appetizer: blood sausage, crosnes, cranberries, naan, Entrée: pad thai, oyster mushrooms, finger limes, dover sole, Dessert: guava, baby bananas, rum raisin chèvre, pistachio twists, Surbhi Sahni, Business Owner & Chef from New York, NY (eliminated after the appetizer), Brittany Eaden, Business Owner & Chef from Houston, TX (eliminated after the entrée), Joel Lamica, Executive Chef from Berkeley, CA (eliminated after the dessert), Florian Wehrli, Executive Chef from New York, NY (winner), Appetizer: mussels, cipollini onions, confetti popcorn, merguez sausage, Entrée: prime rib, funnel cakes, dried crabs, okra, Dessert: gelatin fish bowl, mangoes, graham crackers, cream cheese, Gabriel Chirinos (age 15), from Jackson Heights, NY (eliminated after the appetizer), Lyanna Cintron (age 17), from Queens, NY (eliminated after the entrée), Kamryn Kohler (age 16), from Yardley, PA (eliminated after the dessert), Appetizer: frog legs, red finger chilies, bok choy, pig face roulade, Entrée: hanger steak, baby corn, tequila, lime curd, Dessert: bosc pears, black currant dijon, cocoa powder, brown sugar cinnamon pita chips, Amber Brauner - Season 5 Winner (eliminated after the appetizer), Genique Freeman - Season 6 Runner-up (eliminated after the entrée), Kristen Redmond - Season 6 Winner (eliminated after the dessert), Jamie Thomas - Season 5 Runner-up (winner), Appetizer: pork secreto, asparagus, kefir, truffle flavored potato chips, Entrée: black sea bass, yuca, flat runner beans, blueberry grappa, Dessert: knafeh, passion fruit, pistachio paste, brown bread in a can, Enzo Neri, Executive Chef from New York City, NY.

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