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Most of these types of cultists also sought to crush their rivals with said magical power, and gained the ability to deflect and absorb magic through the deal. Much later, he unveiled his true form, revealing that "Molikroth" had been a ruse. Book of Vile Darkness (Wizards of the Coast, 2002), Olson, Dave. Domains They returned to Toril and banished Mephistopheles back to his old domain before he could destroy the City of Splendors. [2][4][18] Aside from that and other magical items,[1] the laboratories in his home citadel were filled with spellbooks containing nearly every known arcane spell, allowing him to prepare almost any he pleased.

"Heart of Hellfire Mountain.

[17][22] Even after their self-exile to Cania's relatively warmer fringes, they were still the most common devils in the plane. A good draw from the deck can grant free castles, character levels, and even several uses of the "wish" spell. Unless Mephistopheles became the official ruler of Hell, their loyalty would always be tenuous. A Greek name meaning "Not Loving Light," Mephistopholes is the demon associated with the Faust legend. | d20PFSRD | Fudge SRD Likewise with temporary and arbitrary increases like this. Mephistopheles' ego is his biggest flaw. © 2016 All Rights Reserved. In the 3E supplement Book of Vile Darkness, he is nine feet tall, with red skin, white eyes, horns, bat wings, and straight black hair. Wikipedia:Mephistopheles (Dungeons & Dragons), Fire giants were known for their attempts to become hellfire masters,[4] and Mephistopheles was known to try to appeal to frost giants as well. Eerie bursts of hellfire, were becoming signature characteristics of Cania, and the inherent risk of Mephisto's hellfire strategy had to be growing more and more obvious, even atop the Cold Lord's slowly melting throne. [13] Millenia ago, he had entrapped a race of mercenary fiends similar to the mezzoloths in Hell, keeping them in a state of perpetual servitude and giving rise to the gelugon baatezu. The testing of new spells, magic items and other supernatural techniques regularly caused local devastation, and the libraries and data storage areas of the plane were spread out enough so that one unexpected cataclysm didn't accidentally destroy other research. Your Charisma score increases by 2, and your Intelligence score increases by … Hutijin - 2 companies of pit fiends (MM2), Testaroun - Lord Testaroun is mentioned in the.

He has huge muscles that befit his great strength, and his speech is whispering wind. Mephistopheles displays to the public world a face of charm, wit, and civility; however, he is infamous for flying into rages when in private and hides a terrible temper from public view. Mephisto is a minor antagonist and a servant of the Ice Apostle. Pioneer Cdj 2000 Nexus, Until recently, the subtle, fiery Mephistopheles operated cults for Asmodeus as part of his vassalage to the greatest of the archdukes. [17][3], The icy hellscape suffered from violent snowstorms seemingly brought on by Mephistopheles himself,[10] the blinding, howling wind spraying ice and dust that stung at best and tore flesh from bone at worst. Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry Sequel, "From the Sorcerer's Scroll: New Denizens of Devildom" Dragon #75 (TSR, July 1983), Greenwood, Ed.

For Spellcasting lists, use > to reverse-indent. She mirrors her "father's" appearance which further cements these suspicions. [1] Because this plan was as much a method of gaining souls as it was of increasing Mephistopheles's influence on the Material Plane, being lawful evil wasn't a barrier of entry to join the cult. Unknown Firstappearance He sees himself as the rightful ruler of Hell, superior to all of his peers.

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Unlike the other Masters, he cannot be recruited after Lucifer is defeated. Given his sense of self-importance, he believed anyone who dared attack him deserved no less than utter obliteration, and so let loose a barrage of offensive magical destruction from the rear of the fight, teleporting away and leaving his allies to their fate if met with a real threat.

Once it was only being explored by curious adventurers, but after recovering ancient texts, Mephistopheles learnt that his unfaithful duke's tomb may have been hiding several ancient relics invaluable to hellfire research, the Duke of Brimstone's anger once again undermining him and forcing him to organize expeditions into the forgotten, warded keep. The rest of the divinity cheated from him was still down there, but no matter what he used, whether it was the power of hellfire, legions of furious devils, or teleportation, he couldn't enter or even scry what lurked beneath the shadow-leaking ice. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [31], Were Mephistopheles to become the King of Hell, it would take him less than an hour to start wondering why he wasn’t also ruler of. This page was last edited on 3 September 2014, at 12:45. [10][1], Even uninhabited cities in Cania housed many secrets now buried under ice and only visible as distorted shapes, and when unearthed appeared prosaic and alien in architecture. The following beings are among the most notable subjects of Mephistopheles. Unlike the chaotic evil demon lords of the Abyss, the Lords of the Nine (and all the baatezu of the Hells for that matter) are arranged in a strict hierarchy. Anyone who attempts to lie when responding to a direct question posed by Mephistopheles must succeed at a DC 41 Will save or take 1d3 points of Wisdom drain and be unable to speak for 24 hours (Mephistopheles can end this enforced vow of silence at will as a free action). [10][17] Any warm-blooded creature could only survive for a few hours by wearing cold-weather clothes, and going to sleep (or otherwise being unable to move) was a death sentence in most cases. Stack Exchange Network. [3] Also notable for his treachery, although not exactly directed at Mephistopheles, was the harried dean of the school of Hellfire, Quagrem, who tried to obtain useful insights from mortal magic-users before killing them in order to take sole credit for their discoveries, thus depriving Mephistopheles of their future usefulness. Titan Travel To Italy, His symbol is a flame made of copper and gold, or a red hand with black fingernails shrouded in dark flames. Mephistopheles is also the patron deity of characters Komiyan and Gort in the Keenspot webcomic Darken. Each mortal who thinks to master this fell power is yet one more fool offering his soul to the Lord of the Eighth. Mephistopheles counts himself the enemy of Belial and Baalzebul; should they ever ally against him, he will attempt to use Fierna against her father, either as an ally or a hostage. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. His schemes are also always flamboyant and flashy. 3rd Edition Statistics[4][2][1][13] He and his harvesters specialized in luring skilled wizards and cunning sages into making deals by playing on their curiosity and ambition, the offer of magical might by itself often seen as proof of that mortal's greatness.

Mephisto is fought twice in quick succession, with Dagda intervening in between to break Nanashi out of Mephisto's grasp. [6], Mephistopheles's most powerful, and dangerous, allies were the pit fiends aristocrats of Cania who, along with many of the cornugons, dwelt on the rocky spires and pits of its borderlands. [1][11] He had the advantage of having the lowest quotas of the archdevils but with the limitation of the highest standards. The forces at their disposal are listed, where appropriate: Mephistopheles appeared as himself, Lord of Cania, in the computer role-playing game Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark, where he planned to invade the city of Waterdeep and lay claim to Faerun and later Toril. Lord of the Eighth[1] Lord of the Citadel[2] Lord of No Mercy[3] Lord of Hellfire[4] The Cold Lord[3] Duke of Brimstone[4] Archduke of Cania[1] Baron of Cania[5] The Archdevil of Contradictions[6] Serves Favored weapon The agents of Mephisto carefully avoided statements about their lord's behavior and actions, and the clever clauses in the signed soul contracts allowed him to destroy the tricked sages with a word. Archdevil, Medium damage + Panic status (1-8 enemies, Mind-type), Causes a group of enemies to enter a Panicked state.

Pokémon Servers Down, Mephisto meanwhile, was undermined by the sheer instability of his court, relying on Hutijin to keep his great number of pit fiends in check. Portfolio 3e

[7], As Molikroth, he specialized in ice-related magic so powerful that no known spell could fully protect one from his frigid powers.

In the 3rd edition supplement Book of Vile Darkness, he is nin… None were entirely truthful about the specifics of this, but kept their delightful deceptions minimal so as not to tempt punishment. Alignment Realm Mephistopheles is named for the Mephistopheles of Christian mythology. [1][17][13] On top of that, Mephistopheles's court had to be on constant alert for Dispater's agents, as the secret-loving archdevil was pained by the idea that Mephistopheles knew something he didn't. Mephistopheles is allied with Dispater.

Alignment He wears flowing black capes and wields a three-pronged ranseur. In the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, Mephistopheles is an Arch-Devil of Hell (Baator in later editions of the game), also known as the "Lord of No Mercy" and the "Cold Lord". [27], One of his infamous schemes was before the Reckoning, when he donned a secret identity as the archdevil Baron Molikroth.

Origin [11], The most famous example of these was the lost cities was Kintyre, encased between two icy mountains thousands of feet under the several ton glacier T'chemox. Filling the wild, frozen expanse[1][11] were jagged, cyclopean mountains and colossal glaciers that emanated a dim blue-white light, the only natural source of illumination in the entire layer. Even when the waddling baron was swathed in clothes made from only the most ridiculously expensive materials that were the height of Sigilian fashion styles, all his foppish finery couldn't hide his ultimately foolish appearance. Bifrons - 26 companies of gelugons (DR76).

Riven attacked and nearly decapitated the archdevil, and told him that if he ever stepped out of his domain that Riven would utterly destroy him. This diabolical, nine-foot-tall fiend had crimson skin and handsome-yet-diabolical features: white eyes with red irises and pupils, long, straight, black hair, broad leathery wings, curling horns, and sharp talons, all of the deepest red, and sooty black scales. Given the nature of baatezu politics, Mephistopheles rarely traveled alone, often bringing two bodyguards with him anywhere he went and able to summon a few gelugons or pit fiends, often choosing the latter, while his accompanying servitors kept the enemy busy. Mephistopheles is also the patron deity of characters Komiyan and Gort in the Keenspot webcomic Darken. [17][22][2], It was from within this fortress city that Mephistopheles held court over ice devil legions as well as spinagon and cornugon staff all ceaselessly following strict, scheduled activities. He appears alongside the angels invading the earth, kidnapping children for their plans. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Despite the blatancy of his rebellion against Asmodeus, he was perhaps the archdevil that suffered the least, not cursed like Mammon or Baalzebul, cast down like Zariel, Belial, Geryon or Moloch nor left to stew in his own paranoia like Dispater. Mephistopheles as portrayed on the cover of Dungeon Magazine #140.

A flame rendered in copper and gold A red hand with black nails shrouded in dark flame

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