meowgik vs helix? : archero

(Actually, this is the Vest of Dexterity version of Bolt and scales with attack as well. Right now as I've seen, many believe Meowgik is the best hero, or would be if they just fixed him being unable to get rage. Meowgik. Helix is the save choice you probably won't regret. Meowgik is the way to go.His cats are fantastic.

Thanks for the video or I would have spent my gems on obsidian chests. Her ability spawns Shadow Clones, and while it does fairly well in wave chapters, it's useless against bosses and weak in standard rooms. I would have to honestly disagree. This is why Onir is only a B tier; everything else is pretty good, but his Holy effect very rarely connects with enemies as it requires them to be standing next to each other. Save for in game merch?

To us, it is important to do things right rather than do things fast. ARCHERO: Sylvan First Look | New Spring Challenge Gameplay, Meowgik Rage Fix & More!

Teeds:I've played both and these are their pros and cons,I know I sound biased I'm sorry but these are the numbers (whilst not sounding biased)..Digital millennium media:man I hate this stupid cat,it sucks. | Best Hero, ARCHERO: Crit Guide | Crit Bow Build Comparisons, MORGENSHTERN – главный шоумен России-2020 / вДудь, Вернулись С ДОЧКОЙ В ШКОЛУ НА 24 часа челлендж, КАК СДЕЛАТЬ ВЕЧНУЮ БАТАРЕЙКУ - ЭКСПЕРИМЕНТ, D3 Чечня Lamborghini Reventon Aston Martin One 77Q Mercedes-Benz SLR Stirling Moss Spyker C8, Честный обзор ресторана Моргенштерна KAIF provenance / Алишер, сорян / Золотой бургер за 777 рублей, Это ПРОВАЛ?! | Who Should You Use? ). I see great potential to Ayana. And u can always buy the other hero later anyways His lightning arcs a pretty large distance, plus it looks awesome. The majority of my chapter 13 and 14 wins have come with Helix (although 13 is pretty easy with anyone end-game). Is he really worth speding 1800 gems rather than Helix or chests at my current state of game and why. Slightly better stats than Phoren, but otherwise doesn't stack up against him very well. I agree with catz that Helix is more consistent and just better overall. Urasil features bad base stats and fairly poor stat growth. However, her Freeze ability is highly situational.

ARCHERO: Chapter 11 Guide BOSS Guide | Double Archer Boss, End Boss, Best Abilities & More! Also I listed both as cons to farming easy chapters but disregard this con if they're your only "high leveled" heroes.

ARCHERO: Golden vs Obsidian Chest | Best Way to Get EPICS?! The cats are also homing (though, oddly, not 100% of the time) and can run through walls so they will likely connect. Enter a world where existence itself is out to eliminate you!

Your equipment is already awesome. #7 – Rolla ($18.99) Rolla has very solid HP and exceptional base attack and her ability adds a Freeze Arrow to your attacks that have the chance to freeze the enemy for a short time and deal some extra damage. Not only does she have strong base stats plus growth and good perks, but she also has the single highest attack potential of any Hero. Helix: He is consistent, and has one of the best abilities in the game to start with. Sylvan features the best stat growth in the game and is the 2nd Hero to gain 12 attack per level and the only one to gain both 12 attack and 45 health. Ayana: She has good DPS, however, her portals are unpredictable and can make or break a run. Blaze damage up to 35% attack per tick from 15% with standard Blaze. When a lot of nameless Archero Tier List roamed the whole internet, we’ve been keep silent. Added in the December 2019 update, Meowgik takes a spot in the S tier despite its weird nature. I've been thinking if I should change my main hero to Meowgik since I believe I don't get hit as much (and as such I don't take the most advantage out of Helix special attack) but recently I saw in someone's discussion on this that Helix does the Same damage as Meowgik when his health is around 88% hp, which in other words means that if you get hit only once with helix you do more damage than Meowgik, imagine then how much you do with a lot less. And lastly, a funky side bonus is that using Sylvan removes those 4 base elementals from the drop pool of abilities, slightly improving your odds of getting stronger abilities like Multishot. Archero Heroes Level up system is Updated! However, the damage output and the fact it doesn't hit bosses dampens it a bit. it's so funny that most videos i watch on Youtube have to add these absolutely obvious disclaimers regarding the varying opinions of every individual... i guess the petulant few moron commenters continue to spew pushy opinion as fact (likely, in their characteristically usual petulant and venomous way).

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