megasquirt e30 turbo

Input for flex fuel sensor – switch between E85 and gasoline on the fly! You just need to run a vacuum hose from the port on the MSPNP to the intake manifold. If you don't have a copy, download it here: Power up the Megasquirt and connect it to your PC. Set the following under Ignition Options / Wheel Decoder. The ECU does get a 12 volt signal which can be used for idle up input. Second Generation MSPNP; Easy to Use and Install! The IAC valve is a 3 wire IAC design. Thank you, In have a m30b32, would I have to swap a harness from a b35 for it to work.

Alternatively, you can use a built in high current coil driver: Connect the crankshaft position sensor to main board pin 24 and a ground pin. There have been several ways to install MegaSquirt on these engines. GM type IAT sensor, for bypassing the air flow meter. Check our catalog to see if we have what you need.

The car was an Improved Touring build with minor bolt ons, so the base tune should be considered an approximate starting point rather than a final map to run.

The factory sensors do not support sequential injection, but it is possible to modify the distributor with a one tooth trigger wheel and cam position sensor to allow sequential injection You will need to change the trigger wheel setting to Dual Wheel with Missing Teeth. Some E30s had ECU controlled tachs and some early ones did not. Jumper TachSelect to VRIN and TSEL to VROUT for a V3.0. Typical installation takes around an hour. Note that you may need to add 360 degrees to the Tooth #1 Angle setting if adding a cam sensor. Yes, you just need the IGN-6, the IGN-6's connector, a QuadSpark, and suitable spark plug wires. The air conditioning operates separately from the ECU. Get the latest news on our products, see who's winning with MegaSquirt & more!

If using an MSD box, you can use the MS3X tach output to control the coil by connecting the tach output to the MSD white wire. *Note: This does not fit BMW 325e models with the eta engine (except the 1987 “Super Eta”), or the 1992 E36 chassis 325i with the M50 (in 1992, the convertible used the E30 chassis, while coupes and sedans received the new E36 chassis). The tach is sometimes ECU driven – this seems to depend on production year. The DIYPNP connectors are not the exact same version as used in the BMW ECUs, but are a slightly narrower variant to fit in the DIYPNP case. If you need a lot of I/O, an MS3 may be a better option, although this is not plug and play. ). These engines use a pulse width modulated (PWM) idle air control motor. Built-in 2-step rev limiter / launch control with flat shift, Internal 4-bar MAP sensor reads up to 44PSI of boost, Knock sensor input with adjustable sensitivity. These used a different ECU design. Tune it right. Typical installation takes around an hour. For an MS3, connect this to the MS3X nitrous output if you wish to use this feature. If you have any further information, contributions, or questions about this article, please contact us.

Tune it right. The instant fuel mileage gauge is one of the few things we were not able to keep working. These engines use a pulse width modulated (PWM) idle air control motor. Note that many of these sensors need a 10K resistor inline with the wire to pin 24 to avoid having the crank signal break up at high RPM. On a turbo car, you'll want a wideband with an external control unit, like an Innovate LC2.

We will also need a high current driver output. Get the latest news on our products, see who's winning with MegaSquirt & more! We recommend installing the stepper IAC outputs for use for tach output and other functions, but these cars should use an, Build the ECU up to trigger from the VR Input. Fully Plug and Play Installation – No wiring required for basic functionality. Innovate Standalone Gauge Kit with LC-2 & Blue DB Digital GaugeInnovate Motorsports introduces their newest digital gauge option for those looking for affordable wideband monitoring. Set the following under Tach Input / Ignition Settings. Use pin 19 for ground and pin 37 for the 12 volt power supply. Set up the ECU up to trigger from the VR Input. Does the kit come with the harness adapters for the stock e30 sensors to the gm sensors as well a... Running it in wasted spark just requires adding an external ignition module and coil pack, like o... Hello, I was wandering what version of firmware the pnp gen2 for a bmw e30 is running. This electronic boost control solenoid can be used with the MS3-Pro/MSPNP as well as any DIY Style MegaSquirt EMS (with the appropriate mods), or with other electronic boost controllers to control boost by adjusting the pressure to a turbo wastegate. See the MSPNP2-B8793 installation directions for how to install this kit. On the MSPNP, the MS2's two spare analog inputs are being used for knock input and barometric correction. The wiring supplies a 12 volt signal to tell the ECU to increase idle speed. You can upgrade to later firmware if you wish. is the base tune for 91 or 93 octane fuel? Note that you may need to add 360 degrees to the Tooth #1 Angle setting if adding a cam sensor. Internet connectivity is not required, but you may need to use a USB thumb drive if we need to share files over email for support reasons. Automatic equipped E30s using a hydraulic transmission will work without issue. Table switching input. Spark for if using a Vortec ignition module, Tooth #1 Angle: 97 (this may need to be adjusted slightly due to production tolerances). Products » MS3Pro & Plug-Play Solutions » MSPNP Gen2 » MSPNP Gen2 ECUs » BMW E30/325i/E32/E34 1987-1993 MSPNP Gen2 Plug and Play ECU, BMW 1987-1993 E30 / E32 / E34 MSPNP2 Plug and Play Standalone Engine Management System. 12×12 Air Fuel Ratio Target Tables for use with wide band O2 sensor for precise tuning and table trim. – optional. O... Can I use it with my stroked M20B31 with 10.5:1 without changes? I have seen older M30 motors swapped to the later 55 pin wiring harness and crank trigger; the MSPNP could be used in that case. You will need to change the trigger wheel setting to Dual Wheel with Missing Teeth. Is this all that I need to get started tuning my BMW? Average install time is under 1 hour!

EFI Analytics sells a Bluetooth dongle that plugs into the MSPNP's communications port. It will not plug into an M106 wiring harness; the connectors are different. Change fuel and spark maps on the fly for different fuels, nitrous activation, etc. You can use FIDLE to open the valve (pin 7) and connect the closing coil to ground through a 30 ohm 50 watt resistor. Jumper TachSelect to VRIN and TSEL to VROUT. It supports most broadband Bosch knock sensors, although we currently do not stock these either. There are two ways to control the coil. DIYAutoTune Engine Management Systems. M20 base maps is pre-loaded to help your engine start on the first turn of the key (other model base maps included on CD), Real time tuning and data logging with a laptop connection, Supports most aftermarket wideband sensors, 16×16 Fuel Tables allow high resolution tuning, Multiple Acceleration enrichment strategies, Bank to bank fuel control with stock wiring, or 3 channel semi-sequential fueling with minor wiring changes. Tune it for less. I would recommend adding the following. It’s ready to run this engine out of the box, with no modifications required. What's the deal with the MAP sensor? The MS3 can run the tach through the its dedicated tach output on pin 24 of the white connector. To prevent sync loss at high RPM, you will want to install a, If using the stock ignition coil, you will need an external ignition module. You’ll want to take a 330 ohm resistor, solder it to a length of wire, and wrap the resistor with heat shrink. Connect JS10 to IGBTIN (if there are any wires connected to JS10, remove them. We typically use 93 octane for tuning unless we specifically wanted to tune the engine on something else (the 4.8 LS base map was tuned on 87 octane, but that's the only one I am aware of where we used a different fuel). It’s ready to run this engine out of the box, with no… To use the A/C idle up function, wire Digital Switched 12V In (gray connector pin 19) to the factory A/C input. The MicroSquirt, like the MS3Pro, does not require any internal modifications to run this engine.

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