marlin a1 disassembly

* The safety catch was moved to rear of the tubular receiver. For 150 years, it's been your passion that's driven us to build the best lever action rifles we know how. What is the significance of the stamping 'smokeless greased'? If anybody was wondering how to disassemble/assemble the Marlin A1 for cleaning I have a posting at the Marlin-Collectors Forum. A forum community dedicated to all firearm owners and enthusiasts. Additionally, 50's have a toggle lever safety on the LH side of the receiver while to my knowledge all A1's have the safety behind the receiver.

I hope this helps. I am just copying what the book(The blue book) says. by leon » Mon Feb 01, 2010 6:40 am, Post In recent years, Marlin, along with its subsidiaries Harrington & Richardson/NEF, are now owned by Freedom Group Family of Companies. The reciever is designed sort of like a Winchester model 74 except the bolt stop has a large slotted screw plug with a set screw. The Model A-1 was not serialized as Marlin did not serialize many of their less expensive guns. I have a Marlin A1 made in 1941. Sorry, i meant to post this in the technical info, not values. Step — To reassemble, first insert the recoil spring and spring guide into the hole at the rear of the receiver. I currently own three early versions of the A1. Ruger P97 DAO. But, the original magazine is there. * "Old Style" clip with some minor modifications to the clip. Ruger Red Label Shotguns N.M. Ruger Red Label Shotguns O.M. For those curious though, it is somewhere between poor and fair. Official site for collectors of Marlin firearms, Moderators: Regnier (gunrunner), JohnK, Sure-Shot, Post Either way, they're interesting old rifles. Old info is so confusing. It is ny understanding that the mod 50 ('36-40) was modified to the A1 in '41, and was only made in '41. Biggest telltale as to 50 or A1 is that the 50 fires from an open bolt while the A1 has a firing pin and fires from a closed bolt. Just looking at some of my old posts.

The millions of Marlins in America's gunracks are the greatest vote of confidence we could ever receive. After that came the A1 with the letters.

What was I thinking. Thank you very much.

There is a fine line between paranoid and prepared. First modification of the A1 was in '41 (2nd varient). by Kentucky Gunone » Mon Nov 09, 2009 9:09 am, Post My two model 50's have 22" barrels and the later one of them does say "22 LONG RIFLE ONLY-SMOKLESS GREASED" but it's on the barrel not receiver. The mags that work in the Glenfield 20 and Marlin 25 series can easily be modified to work in the A-1 and 50 series. "Let there be Welders,to attach metal things to other metal things", ... 522#p24254,, ... 522#p24265, ... atid=11791,

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