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She explained in. Of course the (almost) definition of a well written song is that it can be understood on any number of levels- compared , say, to the ‘yeah-yeah-yeah’ songs of any of the generic teeny bands. Beau Hooker: Interesting take, especially given other Vega songs. But I’m probably in a worse position to see them objectively than literally every other person alive. This was Vega's first single. Vega really did have a poster of Dietrich on her wall. It topped the Hot 100, AC, R&B and UK charts all in the same week.

Of course right then the picture came on and there’s Marlene Dietrich’s beautiful face in close-up. I think so.

It’s super easy, we promise! [1] She is likely referring to the 1931 film Dishonored, but she misquotes it. Dietrich was 90 years old when she died in 1992. Is that better? Also, it would seem, she only really exists when she is alone. For the first time, its meaning became clear. Yes, you can pick the most obvious and say that is it. Variations include: Marleen.

Although I must say that that “early love” doesn’t really give me a clue as to what you think the song means. Over the weekend, I happened to hear the song again. And her answer, of course, which is the only proper and logical one “Give me a kiss.” So right from that moment I was just hooked. Thanks again!

I picture them as co-workers & he is married (perhaps she is also married). The reader (viewer, listener) is the final arbiter of the meaning of a work of art. [2] Note that Vega is incorrect in the video above when she talks about the POV of her song. Vega, who is from New York, found success in the US 2 years later with her album, Bauhaus lead singer Peter Murphy included a song called ". Suzanne puts herself in Marlanas eyes looking down at the situation. Add to my Namelist. Regardless of the kind of violence, this opening verse clearly says that the singer is unclear about whether she wants to be in this relationship, even apart from the violence she is subjected to. Guilt, regret, and a feeling he has committed a ‘crime’ (‘finger prints’, ‘evidence’, ‘resist’ etc) against her by not really loving her.

Don breaks down "Hotel California" and other songs he wrote as a member of the Eagles. I stumbled across this rather thoughtful blog whilst googling something and read fascinated your interpretation. I would probably be like “Oh, I’m terribly sorry, are you sure it was me? I changed your comment so it displays the video correctly. Marlene on the wall. Well sometimes a rose tattoo is just a rose tattoo (remember the 80s?).

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Interesting blog you have. It was inspired by their bass player Nikki Sixx, who claimed he had to be revived with a shot of adrenaline to the heart after an overdose. Did she gain 60 pounds for a movie role that went to Mariah Carey? I never think about meaning. That I am changing. I choose to believe that this insight is enough to change her behavior, but of course, a darker reading is possible. The truth is, the greatest artists are not in control of what they do. The first verse: She is saying that she’s unsure of why she is in this relationship, but whatever it might be, it can’t be outweighed by the violence that she suffers at the hands of her partner. Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Mila Kunis and John Malkovich are just a few of the film stars who have moonlighted in music videos. to tell us what you think this song means. I wouldn’t take Vega’s ideas any more seriously than anyone else’s. And for a split second I had this fantasy, what if someone came to my door and said that to me? I became a huge Marlene Dietrich fan. [2] The implication is that her encounters with men are at their places. He always said he would get me to skydive. As a teenager, unsure of myself, this was one of those songs I identified with as soon as I heard it, yet I didn't really try to interpret it or know why. This is a song, dating to WWI, but also popular in WWII, about a pretty girl who a soldier sees being escorted by progressively higher-ranking soldiers. And I thought that I would probably apologize. in the afternoon (ie not at work) by the butcher’s shop with the saw dust strewn (on the floor to soak up the blood-images of ‘I bled like a stuck pig’ as more than one woman has described it). Stock, Aiken & Waterman have much to answer for. Meaning: Combination Of Mary And Magdalene. Hence the third person narrative when she is away with her lovers. That’s a reasonable interpretation. So how do I understand the song? Right, I’ll stop waffling on but I hope I’ve said enough to show that the song MAY NOT be so obviously be about a violent abusive relationship. And I hear this man’s voice saying, “You have lead many men to death with your body.” I was like “All right!” because I didn’t see anything, you know, I didn’t know who the guy was, who he was talking to. I prefer to not to focus on the physical violence because the issue of loneliness is so much stronger. She’s fighting things she cannot see and she is changing she says addressing the picture. I had it framed and had it on my wall. At 80 years old, Yoko has 10 #1 Dance hits. Never seen the rose tattoo fingerprints left by a handsome fist when it has been gripping a woman’s throat then? And I would never presume to define their meanings.

I think this is wrong. It always reminds me of Brel’s "Madeleine." And that’s why this song continues to interest me, whereas “Luka” was not that compelling even on first release — not that it isn’t a good song, I’m talking theme and meaning here. I don’t claim that my interpretation of the song is right, except in the sense that meaning is something that comes from the reader (listener, viewer) and not the writer.

“Don’t give away the goods to soon’ needs then no further interpolation. During World War II, she put her movie career on hold in order to entertain US troops, a move that won her the Medal of Freedom, the highest military award a civilian can receive. This contrast tells her that she should not be in this relationship. Marlene Dietrich was a German actress who became an international film star in the 1930s. You are absolutely right! If she leaves a lonely relationship, she likely ends with solo loneliness. Your email address will not be published. Below is Susanne Vega in 1996 doing Marlene on the Wall with an introduction about how it came to be written. The story is a little confusing, because Vega merges how she came to admire Dietrich with how she happened to write the song. Thanks for pointing that out! It is easy to conclude that the “danger zone” that she is talking about refers to the violence of the first verse. When she repeats the refrain, Vega changes the word “soldier” to “men,” to make it concrete. The photograph on the wall I’m singing about in the song, is one that someone had given me, back in the days when I was hanging out at Folk City. I imagine a large male hand grasping a thin female wrist. But the only soldier now is me I'm fighting things I cannot see I think it's called my destiny That I am changing Marlene on the wall. Other interpretations are also just as valid -even the one I heard about it being about an abortion. It is usually a mistake for artists to talk about their work. Suzanne Vega’s Marlene on the Wall was one of the great pop songs of my youth, but its meaning was always murky to me. It did well in the UK, but didn't get noticed in America. The song is written from the point of view of the photograph of Marlene Dietrich looking down into my bedroom at that point when I was in my early twenties.[1]. She moves beyond her dependence on dysfunctional relationships. So thats it, and while all the Queens worship her, as do I, I’d always imagined the Marlene on that Wall was a identity-non-specific one, a name given to an anonnymous generic portrait of a non-specific entity that hung, unchanged for years, in at some Immunolgy Resistant Waiting Room Clinic as its gaze remained unchanged for many years as it records the rise and fall of every soldier fighting, but the only soldier now is me, I’m fighting things I cannot see, and jealously I thought it was about me somehow, or at least the relationship I had with an imagined Marlene on the Wall at an unknown clinic somewhere.

Either Marlene Dumas or Marlene Dietrich fits Suzanne Vega’s song. But if you are saying that your meaning of the song is right and mine is wrong, then you are wrong. When a song describes a wedding, it's rarely something to celebrate - with one big exception. We have pictures of trees at London’s Mortimer Clinic, less controversial I suppose, but trees rarely speak to me. In the song, “Marlene” is simply a symbol of accusation — to me more self-accusation than anything, because how can some inanimate object have an opinion or attitude other than what we read into it? She’s been singing in the second person to her lovers, but here she switches suddenly to an introspective third person through the vale of Marlene Dietrich. It was one of those old sets that take a while to warm up. Because I have written extensively about the fact that it is the reader (viewer, hearer, etc) that defines what a piece of art means, then of course you are right about what it means. Novartza, edited by daan8336, hyperides, anban, karen81963, Marlene on the Wall Lyrics as written by Suzanne Vega. I stumbled onto this looking into the song, and it struck me that the references to soldiers ties in a third Marlene; Lili Marlene. The song means what it does to you and it means what it does to me. First, it reinforces the violent subtext of the song.

Mostly, however, she is speculating about the advice that Marlene Dietrich would give her, but which she (as we see shortly) doesn’t follow: don’t give yourself away to these awful men.

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