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If this was a government office, if this was a government department office it would be fixed tomorrow. It would go after the sort of misconduct we've seen from the Morrison Government - the regional grants going 90 per cent to coalition electorates, the sports rorts being sorted out on color-coded spreadsheets with political pork barrelling rather than focusing on the most needy clubs. CLARE: This is just stupid stuff. They might have got divorced, they can't afford to buy another house after the divorce or they've lost their job because of medical problems. It's not rocket science. CLARE: Terrific. PAUL: Yep, well Albo will give his Budget Reply speech tonight so we'll tune into that and it's great to have you on this morning, Jason, I appreciate it. CLARE: Marcus, if this was a politician's office, it'd be fixed tomorrow. MARCUS PAUL: Well this is great news. Here's another example: it's not women, but it's veterans. It does seem pretty strange to me, Marcus, that the Prime Minister was happy to castigate Christine Holgate for her role over the Cartier watches very publicly in Parliament, but now wants the integrity issues of his own government to be scrutinised privately behind closed doors. There he is, the Shadow Assistant Minister for Treasury, Andrew Leigh. And look again, we should be, in my opinion, looking after the investment of taxpayers right across Australia. |  All content © 1996-2020. This integrity commission wouldn't be able to do that, for example, and I think there would be many instances in which we would expect public servants to be held to a higher standard than simply not committing crimes. All Rights Reserved. The CIC would have quote ‘greater investigatory powers than a royal commission’, Mr Porter said. CLARE: This is what social housing is about, it's helping the poorest of Aussies to help them to get back on their feet.

I was talking to a bloke who runs a housing company the other day, he said that we could stop this work within two weeks. The government’s simply been sitting on their draft bill, prompted into action only now because of so much discussion around the Leppington triangle, around sports rorts, around regional rorts, the stacking of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, the stacking of the Australia Post board by Liberal Party mates. Andrew, good morning. The model that's being put forward is nowhere near as powerful, for example, as the one that independent Helen Haines brought forward. PAUL: Yeah. But 90 per cent of them don't, and should this 90 per cent of people be affected by the other 10 per cent of ratbags, who doesn't matter whether you put them in a trench or trash the joint anyway? It makes sense from that point of view. … One in 10 people before the pandemic sleeping rough in parks and streets in Sydney are people who'd march on ANZAC Day. When its original proposal was first raised a couple of years ago, these criticisms were mentioned. Grant Broadcasters has announced Gregg Easton has accepted an... Ladies hold on to your hats...look who is joining smoothfm. He grew up in social housing, grew up in poverty raised by a single mum, rose to become the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia so he knows the power of putting a roof over someone's head and how it can change people's lives. Good to have you on the program, as always, Andrew. PAUL: Alright. Veteren broadcaster joins East Coast Radio. Australia's leading site for radio and audio industry news and jobs. And we know where that's all led to, but the CIC will not hold public hearings for politicians, unlike Gladys Berejiklian’s appearance at the ICAC in New South Wales. TUESDAY, 3 NOVEMBER 2020. Richard and Kim Weekdays 5.30am-9am. PAUL: Talk soon. He denied an interview with Maria Hawthorne, the former political staffer at the centre of the Joy Burch affair was to blame. Well, I mean, he summed it in Parliament, ‘I was not going to have one public servant diverted from the task of focusing on our whole of government approach dealing with this pandemic’. Some of them do, yes. So for example, royal commissions can investigate matters that don't reach the standard of criminal conduct. PAUL: Well, I think the Housing Industry Association and the Master Builders Association would probably agree with the sentiments here. LEIGH: Well, it'll have substantially less powers in some cases. PAUL: That's right. CLARE: And you could create this work really quickly for an industry that's suffering. And the Department of Housing said, Look, we can't fix it for three years. MARCUS PAUL, HOST: Andrew Leigh is the Shadow Assistant Minister for Treasury. LEIGH: They’re kicking the can as far down the road as they can, desperately trying to avoid any integrity commission unless they have to have one, opting for that quiet little lapdog. The John Laws Morning Show Weekdays 9am-12am.

CLARE: And it's in all of our interest to keep them from running down. LEIGH: It's interesting, isn't it, Marcus? It is owned and operated by Broadcast Operations Group.The SM call sign is taken from the initials of St Mark's, Drummoyne; a church built by James Meany. Labor has been calling for a much more powerful integrity commission since the start of 2018, and the government's known about these criticisms, Marcus. MARCUS PAUL, HOST: Andrew Leigh is the Shadow Assistant Minister for …

Now, I know that a lot of people might say, well, we put people in public housing, but they trash the joint. As my colleague Mike Dreyfus has pointed out, when you hold public hearings, you carry out one of the core functions of an integrity commission, which is to build public confidence in government and in administration. Authorised by Paul Erickson, ALP, Canberra.

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