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An air-conditioned USIS (United States Information Service) library was set up on Lahore’s The Mall. What a performance, I say! These "letters," which Manto says he cannot send as he lacks money for postage, are opportunities for Manto to comment on the strangeness of his new country, as well as on the surreal aspects of American life as discerned from magazines and newspapers. I am ready to serve my three-month term but this fine of three hundred rupees I am unable to pay. Here neither there are the pleasures of the seven freedoms of your master, nor Hollywood. Just think about it. Manto’s Last Letter to Uncle Sam – A Faithful Parody, (Which his nephew Saadat Hasan Manto sent to the addressee by hand from Heaven a few days after his passing away). It would have spared me a funeral and no headstone would have marked my last resting place. Such a grin can have a thousand meanings. God knows whether you even comprehend the meaning of passing away or not; since by sheer good luck you remain immortal. Where poor people like me and those even poorer live, that is my country.

Our foreign publicity leaves a great deal to be desired and our government, in any case, has no interest in writers, poets and painters. Smith had no problem with that.

My friends are so mad that they do not know how I have all the high quality ebook which they do not! Perhaps he should go to England so that its residents learn to laugh heartily like Americans. In undivided India, I was tried thrice, in Pakistan so far once. But I am digressing. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. That section of my country’s population which rides in Packards and Buicks is really not of my country. For instance, "You are an ass." He is then buried ceremoniously and floral wreaths are placed on his grave. It is possible that your physical appearance may not receive the attention it deserves after you have passed away. Those wretches neither have your whiskey nor the million dollar legs – haven’t you been a student of history? The American topcoats are also excellent and without them our Landa Bazar5 would be quite barren. Why would you have heard his name? What it adds up to is that your dogs are better off than us. May I beg you that like the more farsighted ones in your country, you should make arrangements to witness your funeral while you are alive.

"You are a casual-wear shirt made in America." He of course comes from the country of your friends. According to our poetic tradition, the treatment for illness lies in what is called the elixir of joy served by a slender temptress straight out of the quatrains of Omar Khayyam from a long-necked crystal jug. Sell all your old condemned arms to the two of us, the ones you used in the last war. Ghalib was not afraid of being disgraced while he was alive because from beginning to end that remained his lot. By then I had read brother Evelyn Waugh’s book and I read an Urdu couplet to your countryman that he did not follow.

So I have the audacity to say that if possible do fix some stipend for my wife and children. My appeal to the higher court won me an acquittal but my government believes that justice has not been done and so it has now filed an appeal in the High Court, praying that the judgment acquitting me be quashed and I be punished. I say this because you are not only wiser, you are also my uncle. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. Had this whiskey been distilled in your country, you would have destroyed that distillery with an atom bomb because it is the sort of stuff guaranteed to send its user to kingdom come within one year. My father is buried there. He was told by the USIS staff to allow time for the first one to appear. Where else would one find a sympathizer  and friend like you in this age! On no account. I was narrating the incident of my sorrowful death before you.

In his first letter, Manto begins with a note of rancour over the absurdity of the Partition, (de-)development in post-colonial Pakistan and US role in these affairs: This letter comes to you from your Pakistani nephew whom you do not know, nor does anyone else in your land of seven freedoms. Smith said the articles would be published in Urdu. While I have survived because I am used to a hard life, I see little hope for him. Just enjoy yourself in your seven freedoms. But what of it! 31 Laxmi Mansions, Hall Road, Lahore. These letters not only tell us a good deal about Manto and his concerns but even more about his political views. There is no country even, which you could grant military aid or you could blow to smithereens with your hydrogen bomb. Convey my good wishes to brother Erskine Caldwell and to the judge who acquitted him of the pornography charge. During his controversial two-decade career, Manto published twenty-two collections of stories, seven collections of radio plays, three collections of essays, and a novel. The excellence of the finished product is guaranteed. My country is not your country which I regret. In a few days, by the Grace of God I will die and if I do not kill myself, I will die anyway because where flour sells at the price at which it sells here, only a shamefaced person can complete his ordained time on earth. One had heard of the living being operated on and beautified with the help of plastic surgery – there was much talk of it here – but one had not heard that the dead can be beautified as well. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, Though I was famous as a pornographer in my own country. This is not that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani who had declared prophethood at one time (and whose sign I could not find here even after much search) This is another Mirza. A lower court sentenced me to three months hard labour and a Rs 300 fine. In a way, it was unfortunate that my country missed an opportunity to rid itself of a man like me, but then had I croaked, I would not have been writing to you, uncle. We also learn a good deal about his friends and foes. Do kindly ship us some experts because while a nation can manage without a national anthem, it cannot do without a constitution, unless such is your wish. In spite of the monetary difference between Manto and “Uncle Sam’s” world, he expresses no animosity towards those who have so much more than him. If I need to go somewhere, I rent a bike. If the High Court were to punish me, there is no newspaper in my country that would print my picture or the details of all my trial. My judge thought that truth and literature should be kept far apart. The last one is dated 26 April 1954. They do not get any relief from publishing the nude photos of girls with million-dollar legs; how and why would they have been attentive towards it! Chacha Jan, by the One God who Has no partner, I alone was only your nephew in the world; even now I am only your nephew alone indeed. Dear Uncle, Greetings, I write this after a long break. Since I write to you as a respectful youngster, I should remain that way from start to finish. You can’t leave it to others; they can always make mistakes, being fallible. Willy-nilly, your time will be wasted. Audio Archives from July 2011 to Sep 2013, India Faces a Two-Front Security Challenge, Farce for Old Pakistan, Prophecy for the Naya. eBook includes PDF, ePub and Kindle version. It was published in Akhtar’s Adamjee Prize-winning collection Khoya Hua Ufaq (The Lost Horizon), published in 1968. Maulana Daryabadi spontaneously became agitated over the sorrow and mourning which occurred over my passing and he expressed strong surprise at this in his journal ‘Sidq’ in that why is the death of an ordinary pornographer being mourned to such an extent. There is a sage in India Maulana Abdul Majid Daryabadi. Much of Manto's nonfiction writing is witty and sharp, though he also has a dark side that comes out in … download … Chacha Sam ke Naam Khat: Saadat Hassan Manto’s Letters to Uncle Sam posted in General; on August 21st, 2017; by admin; 0 comment; Saadat Hassan Manto is deeply admired across the subcontinent for the gruesome scenes of partition that he portrayed so poignantly in his prose. And what is this I hear about Charlie Chaplin having given up his U.S. citizenship? For more information, please see our Comments FAQ. For others, it may offer a healthy antidote to the relentless diet of Diriliş: Ertuğrul and piety induced by Maulana Tariq Jameel (discerning readers may note the resemblance to another irksome Maulana in the letter itself, which is of course entirely fictional and coincidental) favoured and advocated by our own Prime Minister of Naya Pakistan during the current Ramazan season as it winds towards its conclusion this year.

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