loud bangs heard today 2020

Link, January 16 2016, USA – Residents of Fair Lawn, N.J. worried about loud noises in the sky. SUN, February 27 2017, USA – Natchitoches, Louisiana is searching an explanation for a loud boom that nearly shook and rattled 50 houses.

Forum, May 4, 2016, USA – Sonic boom rattles windows from Bucklin to Brookfield, Missouri.

BHPioneer, October 17 2016, UK – Mysterious strong bangs startled people in Thatcham. Link, September 7 2015, Panama – Earthquake boom rattles Panama during M5.0 quake. Harrisson Daily, January 24 2016, US – Second loud “boom” in South Wichita solved. Loud, booming noises have startled people across the United States, and it was unclear what was actually happening or if the separate events were even related. Link, June 22 2015, USA – Neighbors in the El Dorado County community in Swansboro are constantly hearing booms. Link, December 6 2012, USA – House-rattling boom remains a mystery. Adirondack Daily Enterprise, Loud ‘boom’ caused by meteor entering Earth’s atmosphere LocalSyr, What was that loud boom in northern York County Friday night? Link, Mystery booms 1978, USA – Beginning in December 1977, offshore detonations heard along the Atlantic Coast from Canada to South Carolina. Link, September 1, 2015, Pakistan – Loud booms and rumbles in Pakistan was sonic boom from PAF. Link, September 11 2011, USA – Loud booms perplex scientists. – Email, March 4, 2020 – Loud exploding booms in Miami Valley – WHIO, March 3, 2020 – Fort Knox army training create loud booms – WDRB, March 1, 2020 – Police investigate loud booms in New Holstein – I want the news, February 28, 2020 – Hi, I learn a loud boom on February 28 along with 2 of my other neighbors in their houses.

Another earthquake boom? Link, October 3 2003, UK – Mystery bangs plague town and baffles residents. Link, April 19 2013, USA – Loud booms shake Madison, Connecticut. I was talking With a friend of mine on the phone last night and we decided we heard the same loud bang Friday, March 20, 2020 she lives in Hampshire County. Link and here, November 19 2004, USA – Mysterious ‘booms’ continue with puzzling regularity in Richmond. Link, October 3 2015, USA – Loud Explosion in Eureka shakes neighborhood. November 7 2015, Canada – Second mysterious loud noise heard in Oakville. Lancaster Online, January 30 2017, USA – Two mystery blasts baffle D.C. Sunday night. Strange Sounds Forum, April 11 2016, Nigeria – Mystery stone meteorite crashes in loud booms on farm in small village. The News Herald, September 25 2017, UK – Mysterious sonic boom rattles St Ives in Cornwall at 11 am.

Link, July 5 2015, Canada – Earthquake booms in Abbotsford. – Patch, Fort Benning conducts weapons training throughout January 2020 – WTVM, Training Advisory for January 3 through January 17, 2020 at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia – Military, January 2, 2020 – Powerful meteor explosion rattles windows and homes in Saratoga County, New York – News10, For more mystery booms check out the If you want to go back in history, we have compiled the longest list of mysterious booms and rumblings from 1930 to 2019. Link, February 7 2016, USA – What was that boom in Codorus Township, York County? Facebook, November 4 2017, USA – Mysterious explosions heard near Bend, Oregon.

Link, January 3 2014, Canada – Ice quake blamed for loud boom heard through Dufferin County. Link, March 11 2015, Australia – Melbourne residents shaken by earthquake boom. Link, September 9 2002, Australia – Boulder-Size Meteor Almost Struck Australia?

Link, January 2 2014, USA – Mysterious Marion county, Mississippi exposions explained. Link, Loud Booms reported in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Sounded like a cannon. WTSP, September 17 2017, USA – Loud booms after meteor explodes in the sky over Maryland, Pennsylvania but also over New York, Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, Ohio and Massachusetts. Earthquakes or sonic booms? Please comment and add the loud booming sounds that I have forgotten. Eagle Tribune, May 12 2017, USA – Sharps Chapel, Tennessee residents are trying to find out who is causing the blasts that come off nearby Island F in Norris Lake and shake the windows in their homes. Link, May 18 2015, USA – Unexplained explosion rocks North Charleston, South Carolina. Link, September 4 2004, USA – Boom! – KernGoldEmpire, December 11 2017, USA – Unexplained explosion rattles homes in three counties in Tennessee.

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