logitech mx master 3 scroll wheel noise

We deeply apologize for not providing a prompt response. I have the same issue. Have you resolved it?

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

After uninstalling Options the issue isn't happening as often, but it's still a hit and miss wether the scrollwheel works. Pity, because everything else is fantastic with this mouse.

Something to do with how the Darkfield™ tracking laser senses a change in tracking surface and somehow affects the scroll wheel. I tried two different units and had to return both and go back to my MX Master 2s. Also, I have an issue when I scroll down and stop the scroll with scroll up with one notch if this makes sense,.

I'm not sure if I 'm just being too nitpicky, but I can notice that from time to time (maybe 5% of the time like both of you), the wheel doesn't register the scroll movement. Yea I tried calling support but nothing fixed it. Any thoughts on a solution? This must be addressed through a software update and hopefully not a hardware issue. Doubt that it can be fixed with a firmware update. I am using the mouse with a Unifying receiver which currently does not have any other devices paired. I think when action is too fast, it does not get registered or impulses just merge into one. It works for me albeit not terribly smoothly but it works and reliably. Is this a known issue?

And I've seen other user posting the same problem like me. Is it worth it to try to get a replacement MX master 3 or should i return it?

EDIT** I have talked to many people and customer support many times.

Turning off smooth scrolling fixed this entirely. Maybe I'll try uninstalling options because it works less then 70% of the time for me. I only see Smooth Scrolling? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I've just purchased MX Master 3 mouse and installed Logitech Options to try and adjust scroll and thumb wheel sensitivity. Even with MS Excel App specific Point & Scroll settings I'm unable to get an acceptable adjustment.

Turned off Bluetooth, no WiFi, Smartphones, or anything 2.4GHz near the mouse or the USB Receiver, and the symptom is the same.

Please fix this, Logitech. i preordered the shroud keyboard in JULY, and then it was cancelled a month ago assuming to stock. Where is smart scrolling?

Now it's the unifying adapter as well.

So, I will now go ahead and create a new ticket for you.

So disabling smart scrolling does fix the issue? thats fin, bummer but ill get a diffrent keyboard. For a while seemed just opening the options resolved, but now it's more try different things each time and likely none of them are making a difference and it's just registering on its own in some arbitrary fashion. I'm on the verge of buying this mouse as of right now I have a G703 with a faulty scroll wheel that I can't stand anymore.

The MX master 2 - indeed every scroll wheel mouse I've ever used - never had a lag at all.

So, I will now go ahead and create a new ticket for you.The team will review your case and will be in touch via email as soon as possible.

I had Logitech Options software installed, but that made it way worse. (I'm on a mac book pro using the USB receiver). Do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions as the team follows up or in the meantime as the conversation continues there. Good thing it's not the brakes in a car. I just called Logitech and they said to use compressed air because it might be dust that is causing the sound. I upgraded from Master 2S to Master 3.

Edit: Here's the post related to this issue.https://support.logi.com/hc/en-001/community/posts/360035232153-MX-Master-3-Scrolling-delay?page=1#community_comment_360009782033.

And while talking about Options software, I should mention that I also had input delay issues when using Smooth Scrolling — sometimes I needed to scroll a bit for it to kick in and start actually scrolling.

This may not sound like a lot but it does make a difference when gaming and can be troublesome. It's a major fail with MX Master 3 from Logitech. I've now ordered a new one but the noise on that one is even worse.

Fwiw I did submit a support ticket, they simply linked me the troubleshooting document and then told me to return it to the store I purchased it from when none of those worked. If you call them they can't help you with anything but just forward your request to the "appropriate department". This way, we can avoid confusion and you can get a direct assistance from them as well. Regarding the concern of your MX Master 3, we highly recommend to keep coordinating with the support team through the ticket that was raised.

There's a video on YouTube about it.After fighting with Logitech's horrible support for a few weeks and enabling PayPal I finally got the confirmation that I can return the mouse for a full refund.

Similarly for thumb wheel I can adjust the Thumb when sensitivity to either end of the scale, but even the smallest thumb movement moves Excel worksheet 4 or 5 columns across at a time. When the ratcheting mode is disabled by button bellow the wheel, the free spin works without an issue and makes absolutely no sound. tried playing some games, and that's where i really noticed it. It seems the Mx master 3 is way less accurate at tracking my scrolling than the original MX master. In my job I rely heavily on Excel spreadsheets and the horizontal scroll is what convinced me to upgrade from a Performance MX mouse. And I also have a problem with the Vertical Scroll, when I assign the wheel to "change wheel modus" sometimes instead of changing modus it freezes the scrolling completely, it won't work anymore at all till I uninstall options. I'd relly like not to have scrolling issues if I spend 100 bucks for it now. The one stop for anything regarding computer mice!

I had the same problem, but after using the logitech connection utility software to sync with a different receiver the issue seems to be fixed even with the original receiver.

There have been some reports of copies with defective scroll wheels though, so I'd try returning it until you get a good one. I'm having the same issue.

Also having the same issues with my unit. The team will review your case and will be in touch via email as soon as possible.

I would say around 3-5% of the time i scroll the wheel, nothing happens and i have to scroll again to get it to pick up. Or at least, it’s the best mouse that I’ve ever used.

3-5% sounds way better than my experience. Reminds me a bit of the first MX Master. Would love to know. I just bought the mouse, and it's the exact same for me. It's just making that noise because it doesn't go to free spin mode and it just scrolls in ratchet mode. Very interesting. And a few minutes later, it happens again.

Actually, it's a known fault with these mice. With options I have to open options and try changing settings to try to get it to register. If I lift the mouse from the table and scroll while holding it in the air, it works fine... Maby a "battery save feature" thats bugged? In MS Excel I'm unable to adjust scrolling sensitivity to move just one row at a time.

I have the same, and am really hoping Logi can still kinda fix this with a software update.

Tried different unif.

Hmm... mine doesn't seem to have that issue and neither does the demo unit that a nearby store has, despite people literally abusing the wheel daily to the point that the mouse is probably going to fall apart at any moment.

Issue is not persistent. Shame because I love everything else about it! If that doesn't solve they said to send it back to where I purchased it.

or do i have a defective unit? I think I have found a workaround within Logitech Options: Select the thumb wheel from the diagram. Change the assignment from 'Horizontal Scroll' to 'Keystroke Assignment'. Same thing here. The rest of the mouse is great, but quickly scrolling up and down is just a basic function that I can't miss. It happens more often when I enable smooth scrolling. The freewheeling is super handy for some 3D software I use, but fine and quick adjustments are just too unreliable now. We'd love to keep the conversation going directly with the Support Team.

having the same issue here, on two different MX3 units. With 3 I notice if you scroll few times fast, only one scroll action is registered, sometimes not even one.

Now I am almost regretting my decision as the horizontal scroll on the MX Master 3 is so unreliable. Its also super apparent when you scroll up and down quickly. Maybe you can use the utility to sync with the same receiver to fix it. As a user who has been using mx master 1 and 2S for a long time,I don't think I made the wrong settings.And there was no problem during using master 1, 2 at the same desktop and labtop. If someone hears something about this or knows a fix (doubt it, since I assume it's a hardware thing) I would really like to hear! There's a video on YouTube about it.

We'd love to keep the conversation going directly with the Support Team.

Could this really be software related?

I thought that was a malfunction, but I soon realized it's just that in the Options software the sensitivity of the SmartSwift was low, so it just didn't engage free spin early enough. You can try suggestions here but I found none of them worked. Not acceptable. SAME, so annoying. Yeah, i have the same problem. First of all, thanks Carolyn for replying and sharing! After one day of using it the scroll wheel started making noises.

My MX master 1, has the same issue if I enable smooth scrolling in the logitech app on my mac.

Then when you place the mouse down flat, it lags again and picks up scroll response. When Options was installed, the scrollwheel failed to work like 70% of the time.

Horizontal scrolling might be a niche feature but still, it's pretty disappointing to have a physical wheel on my (kinda expensive) mouse that I don't even want to use because I don't know if it'll work this time.

I work a lot in Excel and fast scroll reaction is a must. Just got the MX Master 3 and I tend to play games that require me to actively scroll while moving the mouse around. The issue is with the way scroll-wheel functions.

Regards,Jennifer. I've noticed something as well, try this, lift the mouse off its surface and immediately after, scroll the wheel, it lags for milliseconds before it picks up reception.


And when lag happens, I scroll down one more, This lag immediately disappears.

Had this mouse for couple of days, and everything was fine until today. Really frustrating because it's so helpful when it works.

Immediately noticed scroll issues. I will keep testing but seems it is working now.

Best I can achieve is to scroll 2 or 3 rows at a time even with ratchet mode turned off. Logitech’s MX Master 3 might be the best mouse ever made. I initially thought it was an intermittent problem but realized right now that if I scroll simultaneously and lift the mouse up and down from the table (so that the laser becomes active / inactive) it will stop scrolling just when it will go inactive for the second time. You did however resolve my major concern with the scroll wheel - whenever a new window would pop out of my browser, there was a 1-2 second hesitation before being able to scroll.

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