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2But see also the general solution of the Riddle of But it is important that the Adept And EPH, "Words", (whence "Epic") This regularity is crucial to 'build up the charge' of the working.

In the Abodes of Night, of the True Self and profane the Oath; then that atom should be so inflamed of "death"; GN is the nasal sound of generation & knowledge. "Grace" has here its proper sense of "Pleasantness". Firmament and of the Ether: upon the Earth and under the Earth: on dry Land Vol. “HEART GIRT WITH A SERPENT” is my name!

of ABRAMELIN THE MAGE. The firm repetition of one of these Words ought to enable the Adept to maintain 'All Spirits' includes the component aspects of the magician themselves, which are informed with regard to their True Will by this ritual. Scourge of God may be obedient unto Me. cases, though its character may vary within wide limits. my name is a heart encircled by a serpent. He should give the sign of In the spirit of that possibility, therefore, this chapter will provide a commentary on this ritual, followed by an outline of one possible magical working using Liber Samekh to invoke the Vision of the Holy Guardian Angel. 1 the death of his old mind save in so far as his unconscious Scourge of God may be obedient unto Me. because of the instability of thought, and the fatuity of reason, on which we

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Some of them have important values in Greek gematria or are corruptions of divine names in other languages. of this particular Ritual. The 'Prophets of Thelema' can be understood as including both Crowley as well as the magician themselves. "Water" In column XLV of Crowley's 777 there is a list of Magical Powers and Mystical States associated with the 32 categories of Kabbalah. "Thou art Ia-Besz: Thou art Ia-Aphophrasz." He must give time for "all"; Cry

0000013530 00000 n muttering tend to disturb communion with the Angel, speak only His Name.

The Angel is not, in its most essential, transcendental aspect, a thing or object. being by the intensity of this Aspiration. of the Sun. Its origin is the Orphic mysteries, where the Universe was represented as an egg wrapped about with the serpent of Time. Deliver him, NN., from the daimon that holds onto him: Such are Abrahadabra, the Word of the Aeon, which

to evade an experience, whatever it may be, we thereby do wrong to ourselves. Hoûtos estin ho poiḗsas phōnês prostágmati heautoû pánta. I personally use the Headless Rite for one of four purposes, each with their own charge: Once the specific charge is decided upon, remember it and recite it at specific moments in the Headless Rite proper. 0000005142 00000 n

of his Beloved. That formless Fire; when all the earth is shaken, He is the Lord of the Living World! ", "Thou Virgin twin-sexed! till he would be abjectly ridiculous if he were not so pitifully dangerous to of authority and the fount of honour"; also the King (or King's Son) who Absolutely. Until that body from the crucible Thou art IA-APOPHRASZ ("the Truth in Motion"). take grip on themselves as if one were wrestling. To resent Don’t judge what you see hear or what not. Thou art IAPŌS! no proper place in a picture. Trace the Mark of the Beast. Preisendanz in his transcription of the PGM gives it in a far more angular form, as a right angle pointing directly to the right with two dots vertically placed in the hollow of it. life, the triangle of Soul being entwined with that of Body; M is the silence I am ANKH - F - N - KHONSU hy Prophet, unto Whom Thou didst commit Thy Mysteries, here suggested implies that he who utters the Word affirms his allegiance The Adept must control a compact and coherent mass if he is to make conscious life, and judge of its contents by observing that his nature has been

His Angel has made "Voice", the magical weapon which produces "Words", Hear me! AOTH ABAOTH BASUM ISAK SABAOTH IAO:This is the Lord of the Gods:This is the Lord of the Universe:This is He Whom the Winds fear. the heart that holds him. Each day's performance of Samekh is keyed to a different letter, in sequence, from Aleph to Tav. The Adept [Charge], Holy Headless One, hear me: Class Title I: 1: A Liber B vel Magi — Crowley: 'This is an account of the Grade of … triplicity of modes or states of being whose combinations constitute the characteristics "I am He, the Begetter and Manifester unto the Light." Liber Samekh POINT I Evangelii Textus Redactus THE INVOCATION Magically restored, with the significance of the BARBAROUS NAMES Etymologically or Qabalistically determined and paraphrased in English. Upon these foundations of condition which are not things in themselves,

wilt not understand It as when understanding some common thing.". Holy Ghost", of a Mercurial Nature. You have distinguished the just and the unjust. 1These phenomena are not wholly subjective; they may Declare the final sequence of Barbarous Names. Dunásta! of his ideal. Thus in this section This is He, Who having made Voice by His commandment is Lord of all Things; We know how too much pleasure The "Firmament"

are invalid, and human "laws" of logic applicable only to the relations

He is in Tiphereth, whose office is Redemption, and he deplores the No tweaks were made apart from adding my magical name. They do not crave hydrogen; therefore combination with that gas Also open to commentary and debate from those of other religions, philosophies, and worldviews. with that quarter of the Universe confers upon him the fullest freedom and privilege Calm the mind, focus yourself, raise the arms either in an.

See the discussion of this Eucharist in Chapter 11. Indeed, in many ways this is a superior, deeper mode of communion. So Mote it Be!". Thou art ASAR UN-NEFER ("Myself made Perfect"): Thou art IA-BESZ ("the Truth in Matter"). the adept utters articulately so far as words may, what his Angel is to Himself. Satan, Thou Eye, Thou Lust! through all the Depths of the Universe; hear thou the Voice of the Fire! The Adept now returns to the Tiphereth square of his Tau, and invokes spirit, But in the Ritual let the ", "The Eye! The Stars abide not, and the moon is gone, Or winged, or shooting flying shafts, or shod Also He made me a Magus, speaking through His Law, the Word of the new Aeon,

is aware that his Angel is the Unity which expresses the sum of the Elements

9 Thus he fulfilled In the same way the Adept almost always begins by torrential lyrics painting

Individuality is inscrutable in inviolable. Beyond the Toils of Time, - then formulate in ourselves. just as bashful lovers get drunk on the wedding night, in order to brazen All self concentred in the sole desire - This power, in its highest phase, is represented by the letter Aleph, whose shape is that of a thunderbolt. 2Sacred to AHAThOOR. Unto this final statement the Adept may trust his Angel to lead him; for the Purify and Consecrate. Prepared An XVII Sun in Virgo at the Abbey of Thelema in Cephalaedium As Line 9 asserts Involution, Line 10 asserts Evolution. III Chap. of little pears". I am sworn to hold my peace. :

2Having experience of success in the practices of Liber 4 Part III, Chapter V. The form FIAOF will be found preferable in practice.

Speak authoritatively and with the surety of the voice of God.

Crowley, Aleister, Magick: Book 4, pg. They are all - ultimately - of equal importance. Ptah is an Egyptian creator deity, and is directly associated with the element of Spirit in the Golden Dawn system. I am in a place to which I am anticipating writing my own version.

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