liandry's torment vs morellonomicon

:44 Damage Calculator and proof 6:14 Syndra vs Gragas 8:10 Oblivion Orb vs Haunting Guise 10:30 Test vs rest of team. Summoner School is a League of Legends subreddit dedicated to helping others learn/improve.

For instance, I get it on Orianna sometimes because she lacks damage before her Dcap Void if I don't get ahead. There's a reason why a certain caster called LS aka Lost Sanity can't stop talking about it. If you value mpen in any capacity, Oblivion Orb is one of the best components you can buy in the entire game. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, this subreddit's tank lover hivemind disgusts me. This is a subreddit devoted to the game League of Legends. These two items together are good on people with high base damage but low-ish AP ratios on low-CD abilities. What type of champions benefit the most of these items ? Morello's gives you a fair bit of mana regen as well as AP, which every AP mid loves. Against 100 Magic Resist, that denies the 50% of dmg taken.

elise being a prime example due to her more %based damage and having low ratios. Apparently 90% of the Pro players have a hard on for Morello's still. Some examples of champions who can benefit from Liandry's would be Ziggs, Karthus, Singed, Orianna and Cass although these champions can be built as good (if not better) without Liandry's, instead going for a bursty AP heavy build. As I was making this list, I had to re-do it because I wasn't testing the real power of the items, I realized that the only way to achieve a reasonable comparison was to test the items itself, because of this I had to do again the maths and the test. Well first of all liandrys torment is kind of a core item on vel u always buy it second item or third but most od the time u buy it as a second item And about morello its preety simple u buy only if enemy has stuf like: vlad, yummi, soraka, mundo, and if u feel that u need morelo vs irelia yasuo and stuff like that ask ur team to buy exc or thornmail Yes o know liandry does some percent max hp dot.

It's core on Rumble, but it's amazing for Elise, Zac, even Shyvana honestly (I rarely get it but you do so much damage it's honestly crazy). You might think you should get liandries because the enemy team has mundo, but you should really only build it on someone who is able to apply liandries burn consistently (someone like leblanc who gets her burst out in a short burst wouldn't fully benefit from the slow burn of liandries).

Being able to apply a constant CC helps a lot for this. 9 comments. It serves as a potential alternative to Athenes, it's cheaper and gives more AP, but less mana regen and no magic resist, so combining it with Armguard can be a good choice. Champs with short bursty trading patterns cant make use of Liandry's passive. Since when did Harvard Math profs started playing league. When fighting teams that are not ad heavy or have the big sustainies you can just build a athenes, tl;dr bad ap ratios and short cds=liandries.CDR+decent AP+AD heavy enemy team with sustain=Morellos CDR+decent AP+AP heavy team=Athenes, What is your opinion on Morellonomicon for Vlad? I'm European, any grammatical mistakes, you can say it I will try to improve it, as well thanks to Grammarly for the help. Please read over our rules section before posting! Well why not buy Bramble vest for 1100g or executioner for 800g?

The question then changes to "Will Liandrys damage be higher than the negated healing?". 1,407L - 1,440 = 33 Hp heal. It can help fizz if you go fit a bruiser ap build instead of assassin. It's an especially good pick up if you have to lane against an AD mid (Riven, Zed, etc.). Since when LS owns Bitcoin, and knows machine learning? So we assume the enemy has 20%, he attacks from 9 to 18 times, during 8 seconds, and the healing he will take from the 20% is 1,440 and 2,880 but applying the Grievous Wounds will be 864 and 1,728. At enemy 1S, 2 Auto. And using Morello 9 * 96 // 18 * 96 (Applying Grievous Wounds). I guess I have to do some reading upon AP Pen and AP ratios! This Laptop has NO Laptop Inside - What?? The 15 mpen is completely negated by something as common as Merc Treads, so you end up wasting 1400 gold and an item slot when you could be building towards literally any other AP item and get MORE damage or utility. At enemy 1S, 1 Auto. The other instance where you would get Liandry's is for AP champs that don't stack AP. (10k hp in dummies). 1,121M - 1,728 = 607 Hp heal. +15, ((75 + 75) * 3) + (10% = 160) - 300 = 310 L. This composition was from the Mad lions vs Misfits game from today If there are some numbers you guys don't understand just post it in the comments, If you guys need more explanation I can do a video about it. In this video we answer 1)When to build each. It has given me great insight that just building AP isn't what every AP champ needs. morellonomicons passive is not an item difining trait but simply a bonus. For anything sustained or raw damage throughout you will nearly always want liandries. so if we assume that each auto of healing is 160 the 40% of it it's 64 will be denied, which in total will be 96 hp instead of 160hp of healing. Let's apply Time but remember, it's relative xdxd, jk. His abilities set people ablaze for 4 seconds, and liandries burn lasts for 3 seconds, meaning you are getting liandries burn for a total of 7 seconds (in addition to the blaze damage). Comboing Rylais with Liandrys for the health on certain champions that utilize both items well like Brand, Cassio, and certain situational builds on people like Mord/Kennen/Vlad/Rumble. (Actually I will clarify this, because maybe people will not realize that the hp is 10,000), These are situational purchases used for different reasons... and does the % hp dot on a 10k hp bot really seem like a fair/real game statistic? Wouldn't CDR be more valuable on casters with long cooldowns? (If the other team has nobody you can assassinate for example). Katarina is situational, but I would only get a Liandry's 6th item after my GA is down, I don't need banshees, and they have 5 tanks. Liandry states as L, Morello states as M. Clarification: This was tasted in dummies, which they have 10,000 of hp. Numerous pros, academy players, twitch streamers, twitch chatters, and randoms on twitter. If you did this in the practice tool and did this on target dummies, of course the liandries is gonna do massive damage, it deals a percentage of the enemy's max health, which in this case is 10000.

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