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Which of the following best describes "scat singing"? Singing nonsense syllables while improvising.

A seven-note scale (also known as a diatonic scale) that progresses in whole (W) and half (H) steps according to the following pattern W W H W W W H is what kind of scale? Lester Young was one of the true jazz giants, a tenor saxophonist who came up with a completely different conception in which to play his horn, floating over bar lines with a light tone rather than adopting Coleman Hawkins' then-dominant forceful approach. It's got to be sweetness, you dig? Lester Young was influenced by the lighter, vibratoless sound of which earlier saxophonist? The two most often used scales in the Western European music tradition are the major scale and the: According to the text, the most common clefs are: The placement of the notes on the staff indicates duration. Who was known as the "First Lady of Swing". Lester Young and Herschel Evans were the 'dueling tenors' for the Count Basie Band. A pioneer in the emerging swing style of jazz; his charts featured a call-and-response that would pit the reeds against the brass, which became a model for most of the swing bands that followed; "Wrappin' It Up" was one of his band's notable pieces: The first great tenor saxophonist, he developed a warm, full sound that was emulated by many who came after him. Coleman Hawkins. All of the following describes the career of Fats Waller EXCEPT: Was able to record all the songs he composed. Count Basie composed the landmark tune 'Mood Indigo' false. A 12-bar blues chorus normally consists of what formal scheme? a Gypsy guitarist of stunning originality. The Billie Holiday recording was a powerful commentary on Southern Lynching: Strange Fruit. Kansas City. 1939. Which one of the following is NOT a characteristic of Young's solo style?

1923 moved to nyc and joined fletechers band. Lester Young foreshadowed. Music 102 (Ch. had a lighter sound, and used melodic paraphrase improvisation. The leader of one of the few white bands regarded as "hot" by black jazz musicians, he popularized swing for the broader American population. true. Lester Young's light lyricism foreshadowed. Django Reinhardt's virtuosity was all the more remarkable because. had a light sound, played rhythmically unpredictable phrases, and spoke a special slang. "Body and Soul" Jammin' the Blues was. Which saxophonist recorded often with Billie Holiday? altered a melody in such a way as to make it extremely personal. An early important white trumpeter, his improvisations conveyed an advanced harmonic conception. Lester Young.

Kansas City swing. During World War II, the Nazis promoted American jazz, claiming that the Negro-based music demonstrated the inferiority of Jewish culture. Which of the following was NOT influential to the origins of jazz? Which does NOT describe Lester Young's early musical experiences. Coleman Hawkins's most famous recording, the 1939 ______, was a pinnacle in jazz improvisation and a tremendous commercial success.

Several different rhythms sounding at the same time. Which statement accurately describes this organization? The distance between any two adjacent keys on the piano is called a: The function of the clef is to indicate the range of pitches to be played.

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